World Tuberculosis Day

Every year on March 24, the world celebrates an important event – All-Ukrainian Day of Fighting Tuberculosis, which was launched by the World Health Organization in 1993. The date of the celebration was chosen in honor of the discovery of the tubercle bacillus by the German biologist Robert Koch in 1882.

Tuberculosis called a chronic infectious disease, the causative agent of which is the tuberculosis microbacterium (Koch’s bacillus), which is spread by airborne droplets and, less often, by contact and household contact. The causative agent is characterized by stability and the ability to stay in the body for a long time while waiting for favorable conditions (poor nutrition, transmission of serious diseases, poor sleep, stress, unsanitary conditions, smoking, alcoholism, etc.).

World Tuberculosis Day aims to increase the awareness of mankind about the tuberculosis epidemic, drawing attention to the global nature of the tuberculosis problem, as well as to the importance of early treatment and adherence to prevention.

Obligatory preventive measures include:

  • Fluorography
  • Compliance with sanitary standards
  • Regular cleaning
  • Physical activity
  • Outdoor walks etc

World Tuberculosis Day
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