When is International Skeptics Day in 2020? Can you answer this question without any prompts from our side? What is closer to you: gullibility or cynicism? Frankly speaking, neither one nor the other will make your life easier. The best idea is to become a skeptic, although many do not understand the difference between skepticism and cynicism. That is the question, which are going to our readers today.

If you know exactly what to do in a particular situation, people tend to act the same regardless of who they are-cynics, skeptics or gullible people. But sometimes we do not know the answer to the question that has arisen in our life and we doubt the decision. It is in this case that the situation is better assessed from the point of view of the skeptic.


Discussing the matter, what day National Skeptics Day in 2020 is, we should tell our readers something about the historical background of this event. Frankly speaking, we have been trying hard, but, unfortunately, in vain. As there are no answers available about the establishers as well as about the reasons to celebrate it on October 13 exactly.

In general, the meaning of the word skeptic is similar to the Greek “skeptikos”. Greek skeptics represented a philosophical trend, according to which they raised doubts about the real possibilities of thinking as well as about the reliability of truth.


The ancient philosophers of skepticism knew how to find the weak side in the theories of cognition and the logic of different philosophical directions, and also to find the vulnerabilities of these teachings and criticize them.

Skeptics of ancient times argued that comprehension of the sensual side of the world is not objective, because everyone who tries to explain the world on the part is an individual who has a subjective perception, because of what such explanations are often contradictory.

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What does National Skeptics Day mean? Of, to tell you the truth we are not able to answer this question for you. Why? – Because only the people, who are in this philosophy or have the definite surroundings are able to understand everything properly.

All in all, skeptic is a person who does not trust rumors or any spreading information, as well as any dubious ideas, that haven’t been checked for truthfulness by himself/herself.

The contemporary meaning of the word skeptic in the modern interpretation speaks of a man who constantly doubts the reliability of everything around him/her, so his/her attitude is riddled with distrust.

This is a person who will never say that he/she knows exactly the correct answer to anything. The man or the woman never rejects anything and does not immediately take it for granted. Initially all the arising questions are explored, the incoming information is checked, the arguments are looked. And only after careful analyzing of all the things mentioned above, the person becomes ready to expresses the own judgment and conclusions.

Naturally, it is impossible for one person to fully study all the information, taking into account all the circumstances and aspects, but he/she does not need it.


Talking about the question “When is International Skeptics Day 2020?”, we should explain and clarify to our readers some amazing pieces of information.

A guy or a lady with this philosophical point of view requires a stock of knowledge exactly such that it will allow coming to a single preliminary opinion. As long as the judgment is in accordance with the facts, it will remain in force. But with the arrival of new arguments and additional information, judgment can change.

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The opinion of a skeptical person is hard enough to influence. He/she is constantly exploring new beliefs and not too new principles that the person has, meditates, re-checks and evaluates to the correctness.

A human being, who has a healthy skepticism, can assess almost any phenomenoncorrectly and without emotions. Evaluate current events, actions taken in the past, relationships and different theories.

The skeptic always uses a balanced approach in the actions, does not give in to emerging emotions, so he/she is able to control the own life.


When is Skeptics Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind. But in fact only some people know for sure how to celebrate October 13 properly, as there are no any rules, customs and traditions as well as official events, devoted to this occasion.

We propose you to spend this day like the representative of this philosophical direction. But do you know who skeptic is? We will explain you then. Let’s imagine the situation, where everyone is rejoicing in the pleasant news. In the case like this a skeptical person will be serious, because he/she will not believe in this information until finds the appropriate evidence or reason.

The skeptic is spoken of as a person who differs from others in that he/she does not trust the first heard informationespecially if it brings a positive attitude and promises something good or rewarding.

Or vice versa, he will not immediately come to sadness when he/she hears the sad news. Consequently, the skeptic is a person who does not submit to the first emotion, and reacts neutrally, until becomes convinced of the veracity of the information.

This person is sometimes confused with a pessimist because of characteristic gloom. However, the last one is a priori tuned to a negative result, and the skeptic tries to find the true meaning without expecting either a bad or a good result.

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Skeptic cat

International Skeptics Day Facts

Discovering the question “What is the date of World Skeptics Day in 2020?” we should explain our readers all the advantages of this type of philosophy.

Why do skeptics seem to be usually right? – The cynic, meeting new pieces of information and uncertainty, usually dismisses everything, because this person does not believe in success. A trusting man agrees, hoping for the best. The skeptic will say that he/shehasn’t known the correct answer yet. As a rule, a man or a lady with this social approach does not reject anything and takes nothing for granted. He/she examines any question, checks incoming information and only then makes the decision.

Of course, it is impossible to discover absolutely all aspects of the case, but this is not necessary. We need as much knowledge as possible to come to a preliminary opinion. While the judgment corresponds to the facts, it remains in force. When you receive additional fresh information, you can change your point of view easily.

There is a wonderful opportunity in the same way to carry out a “revision” of the own life. Explore any new and not very strong beliefs that you have, evaluate and verify their correctness. Think about it and treat them skeptically.

Healthy skepticism helps to evaluate almost everything: current events and past actions, different theories, personal relationships, etc. You can completely change your life, using a thoughtful balanced approach and not succumbing to momentary emotions.

Cynics as well as gullible people with lightning-fast decision-making temper show the predominant features of their character. The only rational and best position is not to judge the situation in advance. It is necessary to continue research until the answer arises by itself until it becomes obvious. Miguel de Unamuno, a Spanish philosopher, novelist, poet and playwright, said: “A skeptic is not one who constantly doubts, but one who studies, explores and observes.”


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