World Brain Day

An important event is celebrated on July 22 every year – World Brain Day.

World Brain Day in history

This date was initiated by the World Federation of Neurology back in 1957. Currently, the organization includes more than 120 professional associations of neurologists from different countries. One of the goals of the federation’s work is the study of diseases that can disrupt brain activity and the search for means to preserve the clarity of the mind until the end of a person’s life.

The purpose of World Brain Day

the purpose World Brain Day is to draw humanity’s attention to this main organ of the central nervous system, to raise awareness of the need to maintain the brain in a healthy state.

It is the brain that is responsible for the functioning of all organs and systems of the body. A person’s vitality, the ability to carry out intellectual activity and exercise physical activity depends on his work. The branch of medicine – neurology studies various diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system and the brain, which is its most important organ.

We must remember that sports, proper nutrition, quality sleep, giving up bad habits and constant development are the basis of brain health.

Interesting facts about brains

  • The weight of the human brain is approximately 2% of the total mass, but despite this, this organ consumes the largest amount of energy.
  • Alcohol leads to oxygen starvation of the brain.
  • Smoking impairs cognitive function.

World Brain Day
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