Do you share the point of view that the kindness is one of the principles that underlie the whole universe? What would be happening on this planet if there wasn’t a place for compassion and empathy? We’d better not find out this ever.

When is World Kindness Day in 2021 and what does it bring to us? You’re just about to learn!


The holiday marks the day when the first conference of the worldwide movement for kindness was formally opened in Japan in 1998. Comparing to the today’s number of the members, back then there were almost four times less of the countries’ representatives.

The organization itself was established a year earlier and since then strives for uniting the like-minded people concerned about the issue of the universal compassion. The volunteers of the movement diligently work all over the world and with their actions inspire the people around to perform the good deeds.

Kindness Is Free

Everyone can join this noble association. If you are longing for making this globe a bit warmer, kinder and nicer, you’re welcomed, too! By the way, the body even has the official document called the Declaration of the Kindness. We strongly recommend reading that opus of the all-embracing love for each other. Since the end of the 20th century, the movement grew up to almost thirty members. As for holiday, it is an official observance, supported by the government, in such countries as Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdome, Japan, and United Arab Emirates.


What does Kindness Day mean? It means putting the principle of being kind into the first place when it comes to the relationships between you and the people (and animals!) around.

Isn’t it true that the good person can find friends easier, handle with the stress and negative emotions quicker and improve their own self-esteem more effectively?

However, the modern belief has it that the today’s world destroys the humane feelings inside us, move the moral principles to the background, and decrease the number of the grains of the kind feelings in our hearts. The holiday was created exactly for that – to expose the falseness of this misconception, to remind us all about such quality and crucial element of the relations among the people as the kindness and to help us understand that doing the good things is not that difficult while the result of these actions is colossal.

To be kind is to perform your essential function as the human being which lets our community to live in peace. On top of that, it comes back to us in the double amount. The more frequent we perform the kind deeds the more satisfied we feel inside. According to the scientists, the ones who show their gratitude, tenderness, and other kind feelings towards the people on the daily basis are more optimistic and… healthier! It is really health-beneficial to know when is International Kindness Day 2021.

The compassionate people live in average nine years longer and catch illness lesser. Probably, that is because of the better functioning immune system and the stronger heart. When a person makes something pleasant for the others, the level of the lymphocytes increases and the blood vessels expand. Moreover, another side effect of being nice is the “generation” of the hormones of happiness. When we help someone, our brain emits the huge amounts of the endorphins, known as the wonderful pain killer. Besides, they have the sedative ability, neutralize the stress and ease the depression.

Showing the sympathy, we feel the physical relief. We feel less lonely while those around cause much less aversion. Finally, it always entails the elation and enthusiasm, almost the euphoria, which is explained by the hormone of serotonin that controls our mood.

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The kindness is not about the good deeds. It is also the respect for the elderly, help for the friends, and care for the animals. The good person is always there to extend the helping hand: to feed the birds, to take the old woman across the road or just simply lend a smile to the stranger. They will be so grateful and your heart will be so warm.

The kindness is a very rewarding quality. It provides us with the openness to many things – to the people, events, opportunities, and chances. It increases the self-esteem, boosts up the inner energy, trains out soul and let us find the good fellows everywhere.

But how can we learn to be kind? Don’t ever compare yourself to anyone. There is no ideal human, so don’t get caught in a senseless loop. Avoid the evil and envious people: try not to be near them. If you have to communicate with them daily, learn a few psychological techniques that would not allow you to catch the anger.

Regardless of what day National Kindness Day falls on, practice the following rules for every day.

Train your state of mind and learn to control the negativity. When you describe your feelings to yourself, the anger evaporates. So tell your inner “you” what you feel right now instead of spilling the fury out on the others.

Always choose the emotion which you’re going to experience. In spite of the senselessness of this, it is your emotions and you are the one who goes for being “anger on” or “anger off”. Oftentimes, we feel the fatigue, anxiety, contempt, fear, sadness, but not the ire. If the person who is threatening you is weak and unable to harm you, you’re likely to feel the contempt. If they are stronger than you, you are shivering from the fright, not the wrath. If the offense comes from your close friend, you feel the sadness. But not the anger.

One Simple Act Of Kindness

Avoid the toxic feelings as they poison us. On the first place, these are the anger and offense. They settle down deep in our hearts, worsen our health. They are so hard to struggle with, yet we have to if we want to move on.

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Don’t’ try to change the past. Adhere to the rules of the life that let us live calmer and more comfortable: you don’t owe anything to anyone, you are the one who creates your success, and – the most important – the kindness does not wait for the gratitude. So do it voluntarily and without expectation of the profit. Remember that there can’t be too much kindness; there is always the lack of it. It doesn’t empty or humble your soul; it enriches and elevates us.

What is the date of World Kindness Day 2021? It’s set on November 13.


Making the good deeds is incredibly simple. It doesn’t amount to money or takes too much time and strength. The crucial point is to begin! Even the smile can do the wonders.

Join this remarkable holiday by giving out the smiles, embracing the parents or a friend, telling the compliment to your colleague or boss, giving the flowers to your neighbor as a present, calling your group mates and telling how good they are, helping the old woman cross the road (but get sure that she really needs that first), building and hanging on a tree the feeder for the birds, caressing the homeless kitty or the dog. This list has no end, indeed.

Remember that by performing those “small” acts showing our sympathy, generosity friendliness, and love, we teach our children to do the same – to do the kind deeds!

National Kindness Day Facts

  • In Singapore, tradition has it that people give each other the daisies on that day.

Make a firm fixture in your calendar, when is Kindness Day in 2021, and show this world how to be kind and nice to the people around!


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