Emotions play a huge role in our lives, but not all people pay much attention to them. During any minute, any moment of our day and night we use emotions to react the world, which surrounds us. Though emotions may be rather different, from very light and warm to dark and bad. But it is the truth that we can not survive without any of them. All they are necessary for our communication not only with nature but with each other. Nevertheless, we all should pay attention to what we are doing and try to do more good than bad. And there are many people, who try to pay otherโ€™s attention to it because it often grows into a big problem. That is why the day when we should be extremely kind, has been invented. Further, we will know, when is National Kindness Day in 2020 and speak about this holiday closer.


So, if we decided to know as much as possible about this day and holiday, we should certainly touch upon many aspects of it all. And one of the most important is its history, as you could guess. All this began from the background of the day that is why it all is really necessary to be discussed. We will touch upon this thing right now and later will have the opportunity to move further easily.

National Kindness Day Card

So, now speaking about the history of the holiday, we should obligatory say that it all keeps rather formal sense if it could be said so. And it is understandable: this one holiday is not so serious. It is just to make as many people as possible be kind and try to be more polite all year round and to make as many good things as they can. That is why people are not obliged to participate in it all, and only those who are willing to become better may follow the traditions of this day. Due to all the reasons, mentioned earlier, it is hard to say something about concrete facts from its history. The only facts, which is known for sure is that it all began only in 1998, not so long ago. There is no some concrete person, who could be named a creator of it. But it is also known, that all movements of kindness around the world tried and agreed to create it all together. From that time we all know, what day World Kindness Day in 2020 is.

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What does National Kindness Day mean, we will decide in the further paragraphs. Though you all might have guessed it from the name because it is not that difficult and rather obvious even for a child. Nevertheless, we would like to deep into the topic and to make sure that all of you firmly understand the meaning and sense of all, which we are speaking about here.

That is why letโ€™s move further and right know give a little, but a full explanation of it all. So, as you have already understood or at least guessed, this day is dedicated to kindness. In other words, during the day the organizer’s advice or ask, as you like best, all the people be as kind as possible and do different acts of kindness. The sense is that the better things you do, not for getting something from it, but just because, the happier you are and the better thing you get later. After trying to do like this you will really feel that it is easier and happier to live when you do good things and forget about anger inside of your head and body.


So, as in the previous paragraphs, we have decided about what does the holiday mean, we can move further and get into this topic a bit deeper. For many people in the modern world, full of nerves and stresses, kindness is something rare and even difficult. But the sense of the holiday is to show people, that it is not difficult at all to be kind. Moreover, your total condition, mood, and state of thing, all in all, will go better if you will be just kind, sincerely and usually.

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There are special kindness organizations all over the world, which count rather a huge number of members. They all work with the problem of lack of kindness, that is why they always have what to do,ย  and besides it all, they try to develop their movements all the time and involve more and more people into it all. To understand it all better, we would like to define fully the holiday especially for you. Kindness day is one day a year when people are made to be as kind as possible not only to each other but to animals, for example. This is not an official reason, that is why people do not have a day off, though they usually know beforehand, when is International Kindness Day 2020. It is November 13.


Now it is high time to discuss one more point of the question, and it is all about what do people do during the holiday itself. You can call it all traditions, but maybe we can hardly name it like this, concerning not such a serious day. Nevertheless, there are some things, which people traditionally do or re made to do in order to reach the main goal of the holiday. Though they are certainly not obligatory and every year people are free to create something new, make their own ideas come true to live and share them with the other people.

Be Kind Always

Moving closer to the concrete ideas, we can say that the main thing is to make kind things or show your kindness to the others. It is your choice, how you will show it and in which way will you be kind. We have some ideas, but you may choose also something different. The easiest things, which are not difficult to do at all. For example, you may just smile to strangers on your way, or say thank you to people, who are standing in a queue in the shop with you. It all may seem silly or useless, but in reality, you will raise the mood of other people, you will see. That is why try to think over your actions after you know, what is the date of National Kindness Day 2020.

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International Kindness Day Facts

So, finally, we have moved very close to the very ending of your discussion. We have observed all the main points, which make sense concerning this holiday and everything, you should know about it. We tried to give you full information, which will suit both people, who are already involved in it all and those, who are just planning to try some of these things. You can also find some ideas in social media, certainly, where every year people, participating, share, what they have done and how it all resulted in them personally and others too.

What else can you do during this day? Let your seat to somebody in public transport, give some money to a homeless person, take part in some charity actions, etc. there are plenty of ideas around you, just choose, what is better for you personally. You will see, how the world around you changes with the help of kindness and how your personal state and life change too. You do good things for one person, he feels better and does a good thing to another person. And this line is very-very long. You just need to think and feel wider. So, find out, when is Kindness Day in 2020, on the calendar and take part in it.


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