When is World Kidney Day in 2020? Are you ready to answer this question without any serious remarks or prompts from our side? Oh, please, don’t get worried if you are going to reply negatively. To tell you the truth a great part of contemporary men and women are not able to do that. And, of course, it is not because this holiday is unimportant. In accordance with some specialists’ points, that is because they are lucky not to have problems with this part of human organism.


Discovering the matter concerning such serious direction as what day National Kidney Day in 2020 is, we have to demonstrate our followers the various details of this special occasion. As a rule, the readers are interested in the historical background of all the events we give our attention to. And this is not a great surprise, as everyone seems like to discover the nuances of the event past.

More than 10 years ago in spring 2006, the new holiday was established. It happened that World Kidney Day started its long (and we are sure about it) history. Beginning from that time it is celebrated annually on the 2nd Thursday of the first month of this season. In 2020 it will be on March 12.


Today we would like to underline the fact, that this special occasion was established in order to draw the people’s attention to the peculiar global awareness-raising campaign. The establishers wanted to raise the human awareness talking as much as it is possible about the importance of our kidneys health.

Unfortunately, we are not able to explain you why we have to celebrate this kind on holiday on the second Thursday in March as well as why it doesn’t have any fixed date.


What does Kidney Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is rather difficult for us to give you a certain answer to this question. In general it is up to you to decide whether you have to spend this day ordinary or to do something really special.

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However, we would like to underline the following.

In accordance with the data, demonstrated by WHO as well as the International Nephrology Organizations and Societies, the general amount of patients, who are suffering with diseases of the so called renal system is about 10% of the world population. The data was given up to the present moment, but, unfortunately, the figure is continuing its growing. In most cases, we are talking about severe chronic diseases, which often end in a lethal end, or about diseases that turn into the chronic category.

Many contemporary men and women have heard of the diagnosis of acute renal failure and chronic renal failure, but only a few of them know that they often cause a risk of death in other diseases.

For example, with diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, AIDS, etc. This is primarily due to the primary function of the kidneys – by filtration and removal of toxins, harmful substances and excess salts from the body. Violation of this function leads to rapid intoxication of the body, a malfunction in the operation of all systems and, in the end, a fatal outcome. The use of medications in the treatment of any disease in conditions of renal failure is a risk of poisoning the body.


As you have understood perhaps, the question “When is International Kidney Day 2020?” needs a lot of explanations and clarifications. They will be necessary to those, who are going to discover the situation properly.

We would also like to mention that the establishment itself, as well as the organization and annual celebration was the result of special joint efforts of worldwide and rather appreciated organizations. – They are called the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Renal Fonds.

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Have you ever heard about their existence? – If your answer is positive, it means one special and rather fortunate thing. – You have never met the serious problems with this organ.

These non-profit organizations designated the main goal – to attract the close attention of both international and state health companies, as well as political structures. They wanted them to support the development of the health care system in general, to show the growing amount of men and women with kidney diseases in particular.

The list of the most important  tasks includes the exchange of experience of specialists in this field of medicine, the development of a system for the kidney disease prevention, the modernization and improvement of the quality (as well as hospital service) of patient care, the development of new drugs and medical equipment to assist patients and treat nephrologic diseases.


When is Kidney Day in 2020, calendar will remind you as usually and it is not a problems, of course. However, in the situation like this you have to be rather careful and attentive if you want to be involved. Why? – You see, the matter is that the special occasion doesn’t have its fixed date. It is held on the second Thursday in March, so, please, pay attention that in 2020 it will happen on March 12th.

Therefore, the annual holding of the World Kidney Day is aimed at updating the theme of kidney diseases and drawing attention to this problem primarily to nephrologists and medical nephrological organizations. Every year a new topic is chosen, becoming the actual direction  of the event.

protect your Kidneys

Among the activities, which take place this day, are interesting seminars, various lectures, different scientific and practical conferences, symposiums as to the  exchange of professional experience, collection of information on nephrologic diseases, novelties, performed in the field of medicines, medical equipment for examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients. As a rule, the special attention is given to many kinds of educational activities. This day the representatives of worldwide organizations try to work actively with the public.

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Here a large role is assigned to participants of medical institutions, which are engaged in education in regional polyclinics and hospitals. Their task is to inform the public about the symptoms and ways to identify kidney disease in the early and late stages, people at risk, ways to prevent kidney disease.

A number of activities are devoted to people suffering from chronic kidney failure, to what complexities, including psychological ones, they have to face.

National Kidney Day Facts

Today we have discovered the question “What is the date of World Kidney Day in 2020?” in a proper way. You have got a wide and rather complicated answer.

But this is not everything, course. In conclusion, we would like to mention some factors, which have a terrible influence on the kidney health and condition in general. We are sure that keeping these simple rules you will prevent the appearance of many serious problems.

So here is the list of the most typical factors.

  1. alcohol, drug addiction and smoking, as well as other bad habits certainly;
  2. prolonged medication taking. It will be especially terrible if you do it yourself without any doctors’ prescriptions;
  3. improper consumption of ordinary drinking water. Sometimes modern people are sure that it will be quite enough to replace it with various drinks (both fizzy or still), milk or juices, but they are wrong;
  4. a sedentary and rather passive lifestyle;
  5. unhealthy diets and junk food;
  6. chronic and infectious diseases;
  7. uncomfortable temperature regimes (both cold and heat).


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