There is a huge amount of holidays which are devoted to different kinds of food. It is a tradition to taste a concrete meal or to cook it at home. People usually adore such holidays as they let feel calm and satisfied. The truth is that these holidays are set all over the world. Thereโ€™s no person in the whole world that hasnโ€™t got his favorite food or product. So, why donโ€™t wait for a concrete observance and follow the common cooking tradition. One of the most popular meals is meatballs. People of different nations have got their own variants that include different ingredients. When is National Meatball Day in 2020?


The tradition of celebrating the day isnโ€™t new. Nevertheless, people canโ€™t recollect when the first holiday happened. The Chinese people were the first to invent these tasty edible balls. They were cooked in 200s B.C. the Qin dynasty was the first to make and eat small balls from meat. Later the recipe spread through the whole China.

The tradition of cooking meat in such a way was taken for granted by the Roman. They used many new recipes with many ingredients. They even made a cooking book โ€œApiciusโ€ which contained several variants of that meal.

Arabic cooking tradition also includes several recipes of the meal. The first and the most popular variant to cook the meal used the lamb as the main ingredient. People also used much greenery and different kinds of grits. Besides, the Arabic people use to season their food. Nowadays they follow this cooking tradition.


The size of meatballs varies from very little to unreasonably huge. Some variants are almost 20 cm. People have given different names to this food. The most appropriate is โ€œa meatballโ€. The Turkish variant is called โ€œkofteโ€. The ways of preparing them were always various. People used to bake and braise, boil and fry them. Ingredients are chosen according to individual likes and preferences.

โ€œWhat day World Meatball Day?โ€ Itโ€™s on the 9th of March.

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What does National Meatball Day mean? The occasion hasnโ€™t got any official value. Nevertheless, it has been accepted by a great amount of people throughout the world. The start of the holiday wasnโ€™t exactly noticed. The observance has been followed for several years. The occasion is a great occasion when every person can let himself some meatballs for dinner or supper.

Girls and women can propose their families their usual variant of the dish. It can be made from many variants of meat. It is a good opportunity to make a festive dinner. It is time when the whole family can gather and talk about many important things. They may discuss their problems or share their happy moments with each others. There is no need to wait for other holidays. This occasion will suit everybody.

The meal isnโ€™t very difficult to cook. It is a good variant for girls or other people who have never cooked anything. They can show their patience and new skills. The experienced cooking masters can confirm their talents making the best meatballs.

The holiday is a great time for restaurants and cafรฉs to promote their menus and chefs. They can attract guests by standard variants and special financial propositions. It is a good time to prepare some special recipes with unusual meat or unusual seasons. When is International Meatball Day 2020? Itโ€™s on the 9th of March.


The first use of the word took place in the 40s of the 19th century. It was used as a name for the concrete dish, though the meal itself was prepared many centuries ago. The popularity of the meal is obvious due to the spread of the meatballs in many variants.

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There are many recipes throughout the world. They have different names. You can eat tatarsko kfte in Bulgary and frikadeller in Danmark. The Polish variant is klopsy. It is served there with puree. Ask a servant for Fleidchlaberl in Austrian restaurants.

If you visit Sweden and Finland, you must taste the meal with cucumbers, jam made of lingoberry and mashed potato. In Albania the recipe also contains feta cheese. In Armenia the dish is always served with vegetable stew. It is usually served with rice.

Many cuisines prefer beef for the meal. Onions, carrots and tomatoes are usually added to it. It can be fried or steamed. The choice of seasons usually depends on the peculiarities of the national cuisine. The Greeks add mint leaves. Paprika and garlic are added in the Hungarian variant. Olive oil and parsley are famous in Italy. The Spanish eat meatballs with pasta, potato and pears. Tomato sauce is also a popular adding. What is the date of National Meatball Day? Itโ€™s on the 9th of March.


The holiday is a day when everybody can show his or her culinary skills. The occasion is usually used to spend it with relatives and friends. People meet at home. They serve meatballs with different sauces and fixings. The only difficulty is to find an appropriate recipe to please and surprise friends and relatives. You may use a national recipe which is habitual to you and your guests. If you are a curious and brave person, it would be better for you to choose an unusual recipe from any other cuisine of the world.

Meatball Spagetti

The Internet is full of recipes. If you like a spicy variant, you should pay attention to the Asian cuisine. Itโ€™s up to you to choose the course of the dish. It can be an appetizer or the main course. If you plan other meat dishes, you can serve meatballs as a side dish.

If you want to spend more time together, you can cook together. Itโ€™s the time when you can make the common deal and communicate. Thereโ€™s no need to ask every guest for help. Everybody can choose the dearest or the most interesting friend or relative. You can also spend the time with your children. The dish isnโ€™t very difficult. If your child is very small, he or she can help to make balls from meat. It will be very interesting.

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Make a competition with a funny prize. You can propose your guests to make as many meatballs as they can. You can also set a time limit for eating these meaty balls. Make a video and share it in the Internet. You can also attend any culinary shows or competitions on the date. When is Meatball Day in 2020, calendar of events? The observance is on the 9th of March.

International Meatball Day Facts

People usually use the most known recipes to make different meals. Nevertheless, they should know the tips which can help to improve their dishes. Meatballs also are to be made with the common secrets. Thereโ€™re some tips that are able to make your food better.

  • The meat is to be of the best quality. Donโ€™t think that it isnโ€™t really important. Bad meat can spoil the whole dish. Culinary masters advise to mix different kinds of meat. It is said that pork and beef is the tastiest mix.
  • The mix mustnโ€™t be lean. You should put some fat to it. You use bacon. The result will surprise you. The dish will be moist and tender.
  • Donโ€™t be aggressive to the mince. Thereโ€™s no need to beat it. You should add seasons just before frying the balls. You can crumb them in flour or crumbs made from bread. Youโ€™d better take dry bread.
  • The meaty balls wonโ€™t stick to your hands if you oil them before formation. This action will let you form balls without any problems.


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