The world majority loves listening to music. This process encourages creating, innovate, and cultivate. A music of any direction can kindle personโ€™s interest. Today itโ€™s hard to count such styles. Someone likes classical music; other is crazy about ethnic one, and the rest start dancing as soon as rock’n’roll begins to sound. The direction doesnโ€™t matter, as the main thing is it unites us to globalize. Today we will discuss extraordinary music holiday. So, when is National Record Store Day in 2020?

The global observance is held yearly on 18th of April. The main purpose is to support small business to be competitive with the piracy, as it seized the whole world. The author became well-known after 2008 when the first R.S.D. was held. Chris Brown made this day to develop the art of music in our world.


Record Store Day is an international event that takes place every third Saturday of April. R.S.D. was conceived by an employee of one of the independent retail outlets, Chris Brown, and set out to celebrate the “art of music” in a broad sense. The accessibility of music on the Internet devalued the ritual of acquiring new records, which previously included a trip to the store, communication with sellers and other buyers, listening to disks etc. The idea was picked up by representatives of more than 700 independent music stores in the US, and since 2008, the Record Store Day has become an official holiday, celebrated annually all over the world. It is widely supported by musicians who specially prepare special releases for this day – limited copies of CDs, albums on vinyl, new recordings – anything can attract interest to these very out-of-the-way shops. Since 2009, Day has its Ambassador, this year it’s Ozzy Osbourne. Now, you have a type of representation what day World Record Store Day in 2020 is.

Record Store Day

As reported by Gigwise, the record company Parlophone Records will republish a seven-inch vinyl single of the 1964 Liverpool four with the songs “Paperback Writer” and “Rain”. The circulation of the plate will be limited to 1000 copies.

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In addition, The Rolling Stones also plan to publish a limited edition of 1000 copies of seven-inch vinyl with a rarity composition “Plundered My Soul”, according to Rolling Stone. This song, recently found in the archives of the “Rollings”, will later be published on the reissue of 1972 classic “Exile on Main Street”. A remixed version of the track “All Down the Line” from this album will be presented on the reverse side of the collection single.


R.S.D. was coined in 2007 to support small independent music distributors. The festival is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of April. By this date, many well-known musicians organize charity concerts and release various collector’s releases.

On April 16, 2011, specifically for the event, timed release of Panda Bear, The Flaming Lips, Phish. Gorillaz was presented in the limited edition of the new album “The Fall”, which was officially released two days later. Foo Fighters presented an album of cover versions. Rolling Stones released a special edition of “Brown Sugar” on 7-inch vinyl. The vinyl also featured tracks from Metallica, U2, Soundgarden. The Beasties Boys, Beck, Arctic Monkeys, Tracy Thorne, Franz Ferdinand and many others also expressed their support for the holiday. Furthermore, one of the most anticipated releases of the Day, perhaps, was the EP from Radiohead with two new songs – “Supercollider” and “The Butcher”. So, understanding when is International Record Store Day 2020 will bring you more interesting information and releases.


On this day, concerts, master classes and meetings with musicians are held in hundreds of stores, exclusive records on physical media are sold, most often on vinyl records, but also on compact discs and audio cassettes.

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In addition to fans of performers participating in the action, it attracts special attention of collectors and audiophiles, since releases are issued in a limited edition and contain new, rare, or previously unreleased material. On the eve of the holiday, some musicians present these records for free, and subsequently rarities appear on Internet auctions at a price many times exceeding the original price.

But why does the music influence people so much? Firstly, this is the emotional state that everyone experiences when they are immersed in the atmosphere of the sound of different voices.

Modern psychology assures the treatment of a person’s spiritual wounds by music is one of the most effective ways. After all, a favorite melody can significantly improve the mood, return you to the past and relive those pleasant moments you will never return. Music allows a person to be free from negative emotions. This is important because stressful situations and all kinds of overloads are much reflected in the general state of the body. When there is nobody to talk about your failures, listen to music, it will be able to heal your wounds.ย  So, keep in mind what is the date of National Record Store Day 2020 to relax and listen to masterpieces on this day.

People in Record Store


About 500 exclusive releases appeared in 2017 on the shelves of 214 independent music stores in Great Britain and Ireland, and sales were increased by 60% compared to the previous festival; each buyer spent an average of 45 pounds sterling. A year earlier, the British Official Charts Company began to publish a special chart, reflecting the sales of albums in independent stores.

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The main tradition is to visit as many stores as you can, purchasing any types of vinyl you like. Grab your friends and relatives to delve into the music atmosphere and capture wonderful moments.

International Record Store Day Facts

  • Music can revive drooping plants. If we put the speakers and turn on the light music next to the fading flower, then it will come to life, filled with colors.
  • The researchers argue listening to pleasant music can increase the taste of a product by 60%.
  • In 2016, the number of sold vinyl in the US reached $1.000.000.
  • It is important to know music reduces pain. By a virtue of classical melodies, sensory ways are activated, which noticeably muffle extremely unpleasant and painful sensations. Music allows you to get rid of anxiety and stress.
  • Since 2009, the ambassador of the holiday has been appointed; his functions were performed by Ozzy Osbourne, Josh Homme, Iggy Pop and Jack White.
  • The first event was officially opened by Metallica group at the Rasputin Music store in Mountain View on April 19, 2008.
  • By a virtue of R.S.D. and various actions taking place on this day, vinyl sales are increasing significantly yearly. This is indicated by the data of analysts from Nielsen Music in the United States.

To sum up, listen to music and live an active life. Also, keep in mind when is Record Store Day in 2020, with the calendar.


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