Animals have become a real part of our life. It’s not only about domestic beings but also about wild fauna. It is obligatory to say that people can’t protect them with their whole strength. There are lots of extinct kinds. Many species have expensive parts of bodies or fur. They are included into a special list. It was decided to initiate a day when everybody can think over the problem and follow the rules set by the initiative group. When is World Animal Day in 2022?


The problem of extinct species is so great that there are many species which representatives have almost disappeared. The situation got worse during the technical progress. It became obligatory to control hunters and other people who kill animals for their benefit.

The situations when people took wild creatures as their domestic creatures became very often. It was strange to have a jaguar or a crocodile at home. Nevertheless, more and more rich people used this kind of fun.

World Animal Day

Another thing is acceptation of animals like living creatures. People usually get rid of them. They are cruel to these beings. It was necessary to attract the people’s attention to the problem of animals’ defense. Everybody should think over a problem of saving extending species. Thus, the problem was taken into account and a special occasion was organized in the world. The International Congress initiated the event in 1931. It took place in Italy. It discussed the modern problems of preservation of rare species and the ways of saving them.

The date wasn’t accidental. It took into account St. Francis of Assisi’s Feast date. He is considered to be the animals’ patron saint. Despite its religious patronage, the occasion isn’t considered to be a religious event. The day was decided to spend with lots of scientific congresses. “What day National Animal Day in 2022?” It is a frequent question in the internet. It’s on the 4th of October.


What does Animal Day mean for every man and animal? It is always necessary to think about wild nature. They are the living creatures and need to be under the human care and concern. They can’t advocate and defend themselves.

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Sometimes people consider their pets as their own property without accepting their importance. The owners do not always pay much attention to their animals and respect their right for life. Neighbors don’t also pay attention to the attitude which is given to animals.

In many countries several animals are considered to be sacred. That’s why they are under the society’s control and concern. Other species can be killed for parts of bodies which are very expensive. There are nations which make various rituals with animals’ murder. They don’t even think about these species as living creatures.

International organizations and groups involve people into observing the tradition of saving animals not only on the date but also during all the year round. They insist on the importance of such approach. They try to persuade the community that it’s not difficult to pay tribute to animals and make the youth more educated in such a question.

The event is very important for any animal. It can be saved through people’s concern, knowledge and care. Nobody will stay apart of the problem if a good international program is accepted. When is International Animal Day 2022? Let’s follow the tradition on the 4th of October.


The meaning of the occasion is rather understandable. It has got a certain goal and reasons. Every person understands the real direction of behavior on the date. The holiday isn’t an official day-off. Nevertheless, it is internationally accepted. Various nations can propose their own programs and activities for saving the animals. The main aim is to be explained to every child. Thus, they can continue the work which is made world-widely.

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The word itself appeared in English in the 14th century. It derived from the Latin equivalent. Its meaning was the same though the form slightly changed. Every language has its own variant of the word. It’s necessary to explain the meaning to foreigners.

The word is defined as a natural creation which has certain differences from plants and humans. Every animal needs a complicated food complex which includes proteins. Animals can move spontaneously.

Scientists also use this word to distinguish a creature which has a lower mental development. The term is often used by the society to determine a male or a female who isn’t considered to be rational.

Latin word had the meaning of a creature that could breath, had a soul and was alive. Nowadays scientists include insects, jellyfish and sponges into the term. What is the Date of World Animal Day 2022? People make various events on the 4th of October.


Various natural organizations and groups propose their own ways of celebrating the event across the world. Every person can choose his own way to celebrate the date:

  • Educating the youth and children. There may be various lectures and lessons describing ways of life of animals. People need concrete knowledge to y=understand harm which is made to these creatures.
  • Avoiding meat food on the day. The main reason is to save life to a creature for a day. If the majority of population of the world gets rid of the habit of eating animals’ meat for several days per year, the amount of animals will raise.

World Animal Day

  • Reading books and watching educational movies is another ways of observing the date. Every human can choose his favorite animals and get additional knowledge about it.
  • Involve other people into the day observation. It’s better to make a post with brief information and some photos. A smart motto is desirable.
  • Donating charities can greatly help local animals. It can provide them supplies and food.
  • If you are not afraid of dogs, become a volunteer for a day in a local shelter.
  • Give food to a homeless animal or take it to your house. Let it be your pet.
  • Say lots of thanks to real devoted persons. They give so much attention to animals.
  • Make a birdbath in your garden. Children like making bird-houses. This act can develop their attitude to these creatures.
  • Spend more time with your pet and give a delicious treat. Play with him in the yard. If it’s a dog, give him a training session.

If you want to participate in the festivals and other events of this day, find them in the internet “When is Animal Day in 2022, calendar of occasions”.

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National Animals Day Facts

There various curious facts about animals:

  • Don’t be surprised if you see a gorilla that has got a cold. Human diseases are available to them.
  • A male can make a lion-like roar.
  • An ostrich can be very fast. A horse isn’t so fast.
  • If you think lions are real killers, you shouldn’t. Every specimen kills not more than 20 creatures per year.
  • A male lion is a “housewife”. A real daily-breader is a female lion.
  • Many water creatures can drown. They need a breath for a while. These species are whales, alligators, crocodiles and turtles.
  • 50% of total number of pigs live in Chinese farms.
  • A human creature is a mammal and he can’t fly. The only representative of this species is a bat.
  • A male songbird is a real singer. It does it for 2 thousand times a day.
  • Humpback whales and elephants also have menopause, just as a woman does.


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