When is World Cancer Day in 2020? That is the question, which canโ€™t be answered by a great number of contemporary people. And in fact it is not a bad thing, as it means that they have never met this disease in their life.

Today, the World Cancer Day is the date, which is necessary to remind everybody that in principle no family can escape this disease. Not all contemporary people that the disease can be prevented, avoiding contact with such well-known carcinogens as tobacco smoke. The people should remember that in many situations there is a high chance of cure in the event of early detection and proper treatment.


Of course, we understand that it is almost impossible to give the detailed answer to the matter concerning, what day National Cancer Day in 2020 is without the discovering of the historical background of this special occasion.

The World Cancer Day is celebrated annually on February 4th. The special occasion was established under the Cancer Act, adopted at the First World Cancer Conference on February 4, 2000 in Paris. However, for the first time the event was held six years later, in 2006.

The organizer was the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), that was founded in 1933. Currently, it brings together more than 900 organizations specializing in the fight against this disease. There you can find the representatives from 155 various countries.

Cancer Day

The substantial support for the Day is usually provided by WHO and IAEA. These both companies are considered to be the main ones, however, other international organizations are involved from time to time.

The goal of the regular annual activities is to pay attention to oncological disease ย and to promote preventive measures. During the Day, a specific topic is selected on a regular basis. Theme 2016-2019 – “We can. I can”.

In order to draw the attention of the governments of the countries and sponsors to the problem of disease, in 2008 the World Summit of Leaders of anticancer struggle adopted a declaration defining the goals to be achieved by 2020. Among them – a decline in tobacco, alcohol and obesity, vaccination against human papillomavirus and hepatitis B virus, providing access to accurate disease ย diagnosis, adequate treatment, supportive care.


What does Cancer Day mean? That is the question the answer to which canโ€™t be given by somebody from aside. It is up to you to decide whether to be involved into this activity.

All in all it is believed that over 30% of all cases can be avoided if you refuse tobacco and alcohol, adhere to a healthy lifestyle and immunize against cancer-causing infections. Some cases of diseases can be detected in the early stages and cured. And thanks to proper care, it is possible to ease the suffering of patients even in the last stages of the disease.

An oncological illness is always a tragedy. It’s no secret that this kind of disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and about half a million people develop cancer every year. Just think: annually about 500 thousand people find out that they are sick. And, perhaps, incurable. But experts say that the causes of this kind of disease are well known in our time, and this makes it possible to prevent about one third of new cases.

When a cancerous tumor is detected in the early stages, a successful treatment is possible. In addition, the methods of controlling these kinds of disease ย are improved annually, and maybe after some time there will appear vaccines and treatments for all types of this terrible disease. And while it is worth remembering the main thing: when detecting a cancerous tumor at an early stage, the disease can still be defeated. Therefore, doctors advise not to neglect prophylaxis.

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Trying to give the wide answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Cancer Day?โ€ we would like to inform our readers about various details related to this special occasion of world significance.

As it has been already mentioned above this date was announced by the International Union Against Cancer in order to disseminate information on cancer and that the risk of developing a malignant tumor can be reduced by about a third, simply by avoiding carcinogenic factors.

All in all disease is a common name for hundreds of different diseases that can affect the lungs, stomach, liver, intestines, mammary and other parts of the body. The typical feature of all these diseases is that in that case abnormal cells quickly begin to multiply in the human body.


When is Cancer Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and all in all there are no reasons for being worried about. February 4th is the day, when you can be involved into various occasions devoted to this event. The date is fixed, so you can join any year you like.

As a rule, being prejudice, people donโ€™t like to discuss this direction and it is their choice to behave like this. In our turn we want to tell you about some important facts, concerning this theme.

The level of oncology diseases in the European Region continues to grow, causing tremendous physical, emotional and financial damage to citizens, families, society and health systems. In spite of all efforts in the field of prevention, early detection and treatment, from 2000 to 2015, the mortality in the Region grew by 6.6%.

At the same time, a number of countries, including Belarus, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, the United Kingdom, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden, were able to reduce the mortality from disease, which says that this task as a whole is feasible. For example, in Luxembourg mortality rates have fallen by 16%, while in Norway and Turkey – by 11%.

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together we can do something

National Cancer Day Facts

As you, perhaps, understand the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of World Cancer Day 2020?โ€ needs a great amount of various clarifications and explanations. That is the reason, why we are going to give our readers as much proper information as it is possible.

According to statistics, about one third of the deaths from disease are due to malnutrition and bad habits. Each person can significantly reduce the risk of developing a cancer if:

  • will avoid obesity
  • will eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • will move actively during the day
  • refuse to smoke
  • will refuse alcohol

In addition to these preventive measures, it is also necessary to regularly undergo diagnosis for the presence of pathologies – to give even a banal blood test. The victory over disease discovered in the early stages is more likely than success in the treatment of a tumor at a later stage of development.

It is important to understand that disease treatment costs a lot of money that few people can afford, especially in low-income countries. That is why taking care of your health should not be the case when the situation becomes catastrophic, and then, when there are the very first signs that a person has fallen ill. If it does not, then the forecasts of the International Union for the control of cancer will be true: in 2030, there will be 13 million deaths from cancer, and already in 2035 – 24 million.

Remember that you only live once. Therefore, consciously choose your food, do sports, do not abuse alcohol and smoking, and also undergo a medical examination once a year!


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