The newest information technologies in training allow using the scientific and educational potential of leading universities and institutes more actively, in order to attract the best teachers to the creation of distance learning courses and in such a way to expand the audience of the students. However, are you ready to answer the question โ€œWhen is National Digital Learning Day in 2020?โ€ immediately or perhaps, do you need our prompts? As a rule, people are not able to do it, that it why we have made a decision to clarify this situation in details.


All in all that is of common knowledge that such question as โ€œWhat is the date of Digital Learning Day?โ€ has some amazing historical background.

The holiday is considered to be quite young. It was started just 6 years ago in 2012. The idea was proposed by the educational leaders and professional teachers from all over the world. These people were sure that this type of education should need wide promotion in public schools, institutes, universities or even kindergartens for the youngest ones.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t found any information available as to the date itself. That is why we canโ€™t answer you why it has been recommended to celebrate this special occasion last Friday in February.

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By the way, not everybody knows that at the end of 1970, the first e-learning system called PLATO was developed for students at the University of Illinois. Its main purpose was to assist the learners in writing course papers. It is thanks to its creation that the era of online courses, forums, as well as many of our known tools began without which we no longer have the modern web. PLATO has not become particularly popular in the educational world, although it has set the necessary vector in the formation of e-learning.

In the 1980’s in England, tens of thousands of students and hundreds of teachers already used applications to study mathematics and new technologies. Computers were actively involved in student life. In universities, electronic terminals and individual computer classes were placed. In Canadian junior high school, children were already trained directly behind the computer, and California developed a distance learning project.

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What does Digital Learning Day mean? โ€“ Frankly speaking, we are not able to do it instead of you. Why? โ€“ You see, this matter is rather contradictive in fact. There are some people who are sure that all these contemporary technologies are unnecessary in our life.

At present, the role of information technology in the lives of people has increased significantly. Modern society has become part of a common historical process called computerization. This process involves the availability of any citizen to the sources of information, the penetration of information technology into scientific, industrial, social spheres, and a high level of information services.

In fact the development of new technologies causes the great changes of the modern curriculum as well. The child is already learning how to use different gadgets, get acquainted with Internet portals and install chat bots. By pushing for the study of a new, modern system of pedagogy, one needs to reconsider the choice of subjects of study.


We hope, you understand that the question like โ€œWhen is International Digital Learning Day 2020?โ€ needs a great amount of various additional facts, especially for those, who are going to discover the situation in details.

Have you ever heard about the possible individualization of the modern learning process? โ€“ The contemporary specialists are sure that the essence of this problem is that each person assimilates the material in accordance with his/her individual perceptual abilities, which means that as a result of such training, after 1-3 lessons students will be at different levels of the material studying.

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This can lead to the situation that the teacher canโ€™t continue to teach in the frames of the traditional system, as the main task of ordinary kind of education is that the pupils should be on the same level of knowledge before studying the new material. It sounds not very convenient, doesnโ€™t it?

Modern students can apply a PC in accordance with their individual needs at different stages of work and in various qualities. Due to the possibilities of implementing the functions of the teacher, the computer is often used in the process of independent and homework, in the course of autonomous language learning, in order to fill the gaps in the knowledge of the disadvantaged pupils.

In this situation, training and teaching computer programs specially created for educational purposes are used. It can be said that the computer from the “teacher” turns into an active assistant. Along with the informational and educational content, the interactive lecture has an emotional coloration due to the use of computer slides during its presentation.


Well, when is Digital Learning Day, calendar will surely remind you, but you have to remember that this date is not fixed, that is why you have to be careful and rather attentive if you want to be involved this time.

As a rule, it is celebrated the last Thursday of every year in February. So, it simultaneously means, that this year it will be on February 27th.

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The holiday is not an official one, so there is no need to wait for different competitions, quests, parades and festivals on the state level. But it is not the problem for those, who are going to share the happy moments with people holding the same views.

In this case the choices are really endless and the volume of the celebration depends just on your imagination level. Devote February 27thย to the discovering something new. โ€“ Install the amazing program to your compute or mobile and try to find out the main principals of its working. How knows, perhaps, in future it will even help you to change the carrier or improve your salary level.

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The easiest way is to start learning the foreign language. There is a great amount of various digital means combined with this direction. You can always choose something special just for yourself. Some men and women give preference to something based on pictures, others like schemes and tables on their computers.

You can do it alone, of course, but we would like you to invite some friends to join. It would be rather interesting, in fact. By the way, some specialists advise to start something new in the company of the people holding the same views. You will stimulate each other and in such a way to make the task more successful. Try and you will see the results quite quickly.

National Digital Learning Day Facts

Discovering the matter, devoted to the direction concerning, what day Digital Learning Day in 2020 is, we have to give our readers a lot of various pieces of information.

With the rapid development, IT technologies have increasingly started to enter the educational environment. In the whole world, a modern educational institution could no longer be imagined without a class of informatics.

And today, every third school in England already uses smartphones and tablets in the learning process.

Teachers teach children in digital skills, learn how to code and create applications. At the Essa Academy, young people at work have been using Apple products since 2009.

Singapore Nanyang Technology University gives each iPad its own student for lessons. Teachers, along with schoolchildren, exchange ideas for extracurricular activities in chats, use applications to learn study materials, conduct discussions in Skype. Singapore today is perhaps one of the most technologically advanced countries, but it is no exception. Schools and educational institutions in the United States, China, and a number of other countries support the introduction of new technologies into the educational process.


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