There are plenty of holidays all over the world, which people treat ad need time to celebrate them. Some of the holidays have been celebrated since long time ago, and some of them are invented with time. The world develops, new jobs appear and people need something new. Also, holidays give people an opportunity to have a rest a bit because usually all holidays are made as weekends. Our todayโ€™s speech is about one of these holidays and we will discuss, when is Spring Bank Holiday in 2022.

Spring Bank Holiday

Early history of the holiday

Letโ€™s begin with the history of the holiday itself. All in all, it began in 1871 when the Bank Holiday has been announced as a state holiday. Actually, it is the holiday of England, but unofficially it is celebrated in Ireland too. Frankly speaking, this holiday isnโ€™t mentioned anywhere officially, but the whole country celebrates it and has a rest. Also officially there is no some name for it, but people usually call it Bank Spring Holiday or May Spring Holiday.

At the very beginning, people celebrated the holiday the day after Pentecost. This day was also called With Day. In such a way people had not one, but several days off. Later in several years this tradition has been changed. So, in 1971 a special Act moved this holiday to the May, last Monday of the month. Before the act has been signed, the holiday took four days to have a rest. But after it, there become only one day and the question โ€œwhat is the date of Spring Bank Holiday 2022โ€ became more actual.

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May Bank Holiday

In early 2000โ€™s bank workers had their own holiday in June the 3rd. That is why in 2002 is was made an attempt to make Spring Bank Holiday on June 4. In such a way this time people also got an opportunity to rest for four days. Moreover, it was an opportunity for people to celebrate another holiday โ€“ Queen Elizabethโ€™s II jubilee of reign. It was her 50th jubilee since she came to the throne. That time it was called Golden Jubilee. And later in 2012, the holiday has also been moved to the same date because of the jubilee too, but at this time it was called Diamond.

Actually, the holiday itself doesnโ€™t have some special meaning. Nowadays it is just time to have rest, to spend time with family or doing some activities. At this time even any shopping center and organizations are closed.

What do people do โ€“ traditions and events

As it has been already mentioned, at these days people usually do not do anything special. Some just have a rest, others meet with friends or family, go to picnics or do shopping. Also, it is very popular to go to some trips and vacations, as there are several days for it, but not one and people have time to visit some places far from home. Speaking about pupils, schools also have weekends at this time and children do not need to go to studies and make their homework.

Some separate villages have their own traditions for this holiday, but such villages are very few and each of them invent their own entertainment. For example, Brockworth village makes races with cheese. They roll down huge round cheese pieces from the hill and chase them. The winner is the person, whose piece of cheese comes the first to the finish.


There are some other traditions in other small villages and they may be rather interesting. If speaking about what day Spring Bank Holiday in 2022 will be, all villagers will do their customs and traditions on the last Monday of May.

In bigger cities and areas at this day, usually many companies donโ€™t work and any activities are unavailable. There is no some common rule and if in one city a business center is closed, in another city it may be opened or work due to the holiday schedule. It all depends on the concrete area and when is Spring Bank Holiday 2022.

As the country celebrates this holiday, people try to have rest as much as possible that is why a lot of events are organized to make peopleโ€™s time better. For example, during this time in Brighton, everybody is invented to the festival on the seaside, where they can listen to music, watch films, listen to stories and just have a good time. Tourist is invented there too. Also, there is a festival, Called Hay, where different types of art are performed โ€“ poets, artists, hand-made, etc. This festival is treated as the oldest one and it takes place until the very end of the month.

So, if you count when is Spring Bank Holiday in 2022, the calendar will answer this question. As it is the last Monday of may, this time people will have rest on May 25, where everybody is welcome.


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