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🕯📖 When is World Book Night 2020

When is World Book Night in 2020? Can you answer this question? – Well, to tell you the truth we predict your answer. Most probably you will tell something like this: “Are you serious? We do really have this holiday in the contemporary calendar. What a surprise!” Are you interested in something unusual or even terrific? Are you going to celebrate the holiday this year? – If you reply is positive, it means that this article is for you.


Talking about the matter what day Book Night in 2020 is, we should inform our readers about the historical background of the event, as this direction is usually considered to be in the list of the most demanded ones. First of all, we would love to mention that the holiday belongs to the more or less young ones.

Initially, the similar holiday, but devoted to Day, not the Night, was celebrated on the territory of UK and in Ireland. The first time it happened in 2011, but the date of its celebration differed from that we have now. It was on March 5th. Frankly speaking, we don’t know for sure why the establishers chose that spring day, perhaps, they had their own reasons to do it. The situation changed in 2012, when the International Day of book was moved to Shakespeare’s birthday by the UNESCO decision.

books and candle

World Book Night, in its turn, was proposed by Jamie Byng, the active representative of famous publishing agency called Canongate. It happened in May 2010 on the background of a round table discussion, organized during the Book Industry Conference. The main purpose of that meeting was the finding of ways, which would be able to encourage adults to read. The chair of that discussion belonged to Julia Kingsford, and that lady obtained the post of World Book Night’s Chief Executive for the next two years. Ursula Mackenzie, as an active participant of the meeting, became a trustee. Why did they choose it? – The explanation is quite simple indeed: if the day is actively celebrated by small readers, then dark period is thought to be a perfect decision for adults.

In the USA this holiday was celebrated in 2012 for the first time. It was counted that during that celebration a million of books was given away by 50,000 people.

Nowadays Book Night has been a significant part of The Reading Agency activity. It is also an important charity’s program, which inspires people to share reading as a good hobby, which is able to differ our lives.

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What does Book Night mean? Well, perhaps, we will surprise you saying that we can’t answer this question instead of you. And nobody can in fact. You see, in the modern world it is only you, who can choose what holidays you will celebrate and which ones may be forgotten without any troubles. Everything depends on your personal decision. – If you want, you can join, if not, it is not a serious problem as well.

Have you ever thought why it is so sweet to read books at dark period? In fact, there are many reasons for this activity. Some men and women just lack silence at home, and they cannot concentrate. This is one type of people. And this is more practical approach. Another type is represented by those, who believe that only at night you can be alone with yourself. You can collect your thoughts and immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of books. At night, all feelings are exacerbated. Therefore, some people like reading, when it is dark outside. No one bothers and the special atmosphere can be felt easier.

At this time you are unlikely to be distracted by phone calls, you feel that you have plenty of time for yourself. You firmly know that you can completely disconnect from the outside world.

There are plenty of people who need adrenaline, but in real life they are not so easy to get it. One of the most accessible ways is to watch horror movies or read scary books in the dark. At this time, phobias become more acute, and the person returns to his/her primeval existence. Dark period is a time of loneliness and insecurity. In primitive society, a person could become a prey of a wild animal, since at night he was not active. Fear provokes the human body to produce hormones that mobilize the physical capabilities of our body. Adrenaline is a vital necessity. If it is not enough, then the person does not cope well with difficult life circumstances. And in this case the book is an easily accessible source of adrenaline.

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Investigating the question “When is International Book Night 2020?” we concluded that this theme needs some additional clarifications and explanations.

This holiday may be celebrated actively in the libraries and it is considered to be a very important event in these institutions. Why? – Well, as a rule, it allows each library, on the one hand, to show its potential, to come up with something important and interesting, to show itself, and on the other, to feel like a part of a community, a single network that at this moment becomes more noticeable for the whole city.

In accordance with the data of statistics, on ordinary days, the libraries are attended by 100-150 people. Only under the condition of a big event, their amount may be more. It’s hard to say how many people attend Library Night on average. Every time during the action the administration of the library organizes a lot of events, the audience of each of them can be 10, and maybe more than 100 people, depending on the topic and format.

story coming from a book


When is Book Night in 2020, calendar will remind you any time you would like to know this information. All in all it is not difficult to memorize it, especially in the case you can call yourself a reading lover. The special occasion is spent every year on April 23rd, just on the Shakespeare’s birthday. If you are a real bookworm, it won’t be a problem to remember the next date.

The main advantage of this special occasion is that it is considered to be a holiday suitable for each person. Everyone is able to take part in it. April 23rd is a perfect opportunity to be involved. You can celebrate it alone or invite your friends, family members or even the representatives of local community. By the way, Book Night can be used as an ideal moment for sharing the unwanted books or periodicals. In the world there are a lot of people, who need them. As a rule, it is possible to find the special charity organizations through the Internet or asking in the local library.

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You can also organized an amazing book swaps in the office or at home. The positive emotions are guaranteed for everybody around. In addition a book-themed party will help you to understand the book preferences of the people around you. All in all the possibilities as well as the choices are endless, under these conditions everything depends on your creative thinking.

World Book Night Facts

So you have already got the answer to the question “What is the date of Book Night?’ and it means you won’t forget that the holiday is celebrated on April 23rd annually. It is on Shakespeare birthday. However, before joining you should pay attention to one important detail. – The light in your room. It should be bright enough for you not to harm your eyes.

Unfortunately, there were no experiments on the long-term effects, appeared after reading in the darkness, so the only thing we can do is to rely on research of various factors and compare the information obtained. Most part of the modern research and scientific debates on myopia focus on the effects of constant work with closely located objects on vision, rather than on reading with poor light on.

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