When is National Bicycle Day in 2020? โ€“ Well, we believe that you have never heard about this holiday. As the practice shows only a small amount of contemporary men and women are able to give a certain reply. And it is really a strange discovery, because this form of transport is thought to be rather popular on urban territories as well as in the countryside. People use it since childhood and enjoy riding as a leisure activity.


Investigating the matter devoted to the direction what day World Bicycle Day in 2020 is we came to the conclusion that this theme is not as easy as it may seem as the first sight.

In 1418, the scientist Giovanni Fontana constructed the world’s first device, which was set in motion by human muscle power. It was a four wheel cart with a transmission to the rear wheels through a rope between wooden pulleys.

1493 is thought to be an official date of the primitive bicycle sketches appearance. The pictures were created by Leonardo da Vinci. This theory was used until 1974. The detailed studies of the drawings showed that they were not painted by the Italian master’s hand. The suggestion that the student of da Vinci performed these sketches after the original drawing was lost is also proved false. The age test was performed, but the library in Milan, owned by the Vatican, apparently hides an objectionable result, so experts consider these sketches as invalid.

man on Bicycle

At the beginning of the 20th century the first gearshift mechanism was created. However, it was far from perfect in fact. The rear wheel of a sports bike was equipped with stars on both sides. When the cyclist wanted to switch to a different speed, he stopped, took off the rear wheel and turned it over, then fixed it again and pulled the chain back.

In 1903, switching with the help of a planetary mechanism was invented, which gained popularity only in the 30s. Gear shifting in the form in which we know it now was created only in 1950 by the famous Italian cyclist and Tullio Campagnolo.

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In the 70s of the 20th century, the designers stopped reinventing the bicycle and exclusively engaged in its improvement. Since 1974, titanium bicycles went on sale, and a year later carbon fiber bicycles. With the beginning of the computer era, in the 1980s bicycles were equipped with cycle computers. In the 90s, cyclists began to use the index speed switch.


What does National Bicycle Day mean? To be honest, we are not ready to answer this question instead of you. As we donโ€™t know you personally, we canโ€™t even predict your attitude to this form of transport. In the modern world there are those people (both men and women), who love it. However, there are a lot of contradictors, who find bicycles dangerous and as a result, never ride them.

Up to the present moment, many people argue about who invented the first bike. The answer to this question often depends on the nationality of the person being asked. The French claim that the first bike was designed by a Frenchman, the Scots think that the inventor is a Scotsman, the British consider the pioneers. Americans often attribute the merit of creating a device to an American. The current finding out of the history of bicycle transport, it is believed that the creation of the first bicycle is the merit of many people who contributed to its appearance with their ideas and developments.


Discovering the direction โ€œWhen is International Bicycle Day 2020?โ€ we would be glad to mention some pieces of information.

All in all cycling brings great benefits to our bodies. During cycling, leg muscles are strengthened and their stamina increases, cardiovascular and respiratory systems improve. Long rides in the open air are able to improve the lungs capacity. In this case, the blood is enriched with oxygen, which is supplied to the cells of the brain and other vital organs. Particularly useful cycling is for those who smoke a lot. Due to enhanced aeration of the lungs during skiing, they are released from toxic substances produced by tobacco smoke inhalation. Cycling is a great way to harden and increase immunity.

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This type of leisure activity is recommended for people, who are suffering from various kinds of varicose veins. As you know, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. When the legs make rotational movements, pressing the pedals, the blood in the veins begins to run much faster, the stagnation in the vessels decreases. Therefore, if you know that you have a predisposition to varicose veins, ride a bicycle – this is the best prevention!

The bike is also useful for vegetative dystonia, which affects many girls. Do you often have fainting, darkness in the eyes, sweated palms, quickened pulse, tingling in the chest? Bicycle – one of the most effective means of treating this disease!


When is Bicycle Day in 2020, calendar will tell you without any additional troubles. As a rule, the event is held on April 19th annually. The date of its celebration is believed to be fixed, which means that having memorized it once, you will be able to celebrate it every year. However, the specialists are sure that this is not the event, which can be held suddenly. Some preparation is always needed. There are some recommendations as well.

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If you have not been involved in sports for a long time, then before you start regular cycling, you should prepare your body for this experience. A few weeks before the first workout, start doing morning exercises, paying particular attention to the muscles of the legs and back. The rotational movements of the raised legs are especially useful.

If you are bored riding a bike alone, contact a specialized travel agency! Many companies organize cycling tours to the most beautiful places. All in all cycling tour is believed to be one of the types of outdoor activities. It will allow you to combine business with pleasure. Having made such a cycling trip, you will not only improve your figure and improve your health, but also explore the scenic spots, get to know like-minded people.

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It is believed that cycling is more suitable for female than for male the bones of the female pelvis are wider than the male, women have longer legs and weaker torso. There are bicycles designed specifically for women, whose open frame allows you to ride a bike even in a skirt!

Choose the best time for training and make them part of your life starting from April 19th. Catch the moment and ride a bike! However, do not forget that everything is good in moderation, including cycling. It applies to both men and women!

International Bicycle Day Facts

It is even impossible to imagine the introduction of โ€œWhat is the date of National Bicycle Day in 2020?โ€ without representation of some additional pieces of information.

For all the previous century, the fashion for bicycles experienced its peaks and falls. For example, at the beginning of the century, in many countries, especially in the USA, bicycles became less popular due to the rapid development of the automotive industry. It got to the point that traffic police began to regard cyclists as a hindrance to the movement of cars. In the 40s, Americans bought bicycles for their children as toys.

Only at the end of the turbulent 60s, residents of civilized countries returned to cycling transport, realizing the importance of environmental problems and trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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