When is National Talk Like Shakespeare Day in 2020? Well, to tell you the truth, we are almost sure that you are going to be rather amused now. It seems like in the modern world only a few people have ever heard about this holiday existence in the calendar. Are we right? – Frankly speaking, it is not a surprise. However, today we want to clarify the situation and share the facts concerning this holiday among our readers. We are sure that this day is worth to be celebrated worldwide.


We know quite well that the matter what day Talk Like Shakespeare Day in 2020 is needs the introduction of some additional facts. Unfortunately, we don’t know the names of the holiday establishers, but we know that the date of April 23rd was chosen not occasionally. On April 23rd the English speaking world celebrates the birthday of this talented person.

All in all the origin of the English language during the writing of the epochal works of Shakespeare underwent changes: the stage was called the period of “lost endings”. Verbs and nouns became similar to each other, the meaning was picked up depending on the word order in the sentence. Old English has its own morphological features, they must be studied before reading such works as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, sonnets.

An important feature of the author’s old English language is the presence in the texts of the long-forgotten and practically not used currently pronoun “you”.



What does Talk Like Shakespeare Day mean? Well, we think nobody can give you a universal reply to this question. Why? – You see, it is only up to you to choose what holidays should be celebrated and which ones not when it concerns your personal life and traditions in your family or just circles.

First of all we would like to remind that William Shakespeare is considered to be a well-known English playwright and poet, one of the most famous playwrights in the world.

All in all the art of this person is rich and multifaceted, like his life in general. Shakespeare was not only a master of creating multilateral characters in art. He himself was apparently a multifaceted man.

The language of this terrific Englishman is one of the most expressive indicators of his unusual outlook. Linguists have calculated that people of low culture are treated with a dictionary that barely exceeds a thousand words. An educated person uses a vocabulary of three to five thousand words in his speech. Let us explain: it is not about how many words everyone passively knows and understands, but about the number of words with the help of which people express their knowledge, passions, experiences and needs. Speakers and thinkers seeking accuracy of expression, have in stock from ten thousand words.

Shakespeare’s dictionary was calculated on a different system by two scientists. German linguist M. Muller determined that the poet and a play-writer used fifteen thousand words. American professor E. Holden counted twenty-four thousand words in Shakespeare. Even if we accept the smaller number proposed by Muller, it is obvious that the mind of this terrific person contained a huge number of concepts. After all, every word hides some kind of reality: an object, an action, an image or a feeling. And all this was in Shakespeare not a passive turn of concepts, but the words that he, as a writer, needed to express all the richness, multicolor and variety of life.


Investigating the question “When is International Talk Like Shakespeare Day 2020?” we concluded that there are many pieces of information, which can be interesting for our readers. Taking into account the fact given above, we would like to add some things.

In 1916, celebrating the three hundred year anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, English scientists of various specialties made up the fundamental two-volume book “Shakespeare England”.

The basis of this work was created on the bases of a simple principle. The book was divided into chapters covering all aspects of state, public, cultural and private life. The story of all areas of activity is accompanied by indications of how they are reflected in the works of Shakespeare. It turned out that there was no such type of activity, such phenomena of everyday life, in politics, economics, industry and personal life, which the talented person would not have touched in any way.

In his works, a vivid picture of life, full of dynamics and human passions, is revealed to viewers and readers. Joy and sorrow, majesty and baseness, the beauty and horrors of life are fanned in his tragedies and comedies with genuine poetry. The plays are perceived not as a reflection of reality, but as a true reality. His heroes have come down from the villages of books and from the scene, having entered real life, and we treat them as if they were actually living people.

Interestingly, the original source of this famous person’s words are the writings of the Roman writer Petronius. His line Mundus universus exercet histrionain (literally in Latin: The whole world is engaged in acting) decorated the gable of the building where the Globe Theater in London was mixed, for which he wrote his plays.


When is Talk Like Shakespeare Day in 2020, calendar will remind you of you don’t forget the date of this holiday celebration. To tell you the truth, it is not difficult to memorize it. It is held in specialized circles on April 23rd, just on that very day when this famous person was born in 1564.

Many professionals as well as ordinary men and women who have been studying English for years are willing to read this author in the original. Why not to use this date for starting something amazing and unusual. You can do it alone, in the family circle or in a noisy company of friends.

Shakespeare's quote

This is also a perfect and unique opportunity to learn old English, to evaluate its morphological features. To implement this idea it is necessary to have a level of proficiency in this language above average, to be familiar with the syntax. With the help of the dictionary comprehended the deep meaning of the works of the great playwright.

Shakespeare’s English is a pun that allows solving the subtext, while reading between the lines. The author introduced colloquial words into a literary speech, filling them with new shades. The type of language is early New English, with its inherent prepositions and pronouns, grammatical features.

National Talk Like Shakespeare Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Talk Like Shakespeare Day?” needs some significant clarifications and explanations. And here is the set of the pieces of information, which we found to be the most amazing ones.

All in all the origin of the English language is connected not only with the constant changes in its rules, but also the contribution of world-famous authors to the development of modern literary speech.

The playwright’s speech abounds in many archaisms, which he used to immerse readers in the historical flavor of the era, its cultural and social characteristics. Because of this, a modern translation may be ambiguous, depending on understanding the literary critic in English. Very often he used archaisms for emotional color of thought, ridiculing the words and actions of the main characters or chronicles of events.

This type of the language is distinguished by its semantic richness, it was important for him not to use as many words as possible, but to give each of them the maximum number of shades. Prepositions and pronouns were raised to the level of nouns and verbs, every detail was of great importance and an excerpt of the work can be understood only in context. The origin of the English language in the works of the great author can be attributed to the artificial, he independently formed new word forms, which were subsequently fixed in literary speech.


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