When is World Asthma Day in 2022? Frankly speaking, it is not an easy question. Immediately it can be answered only by people, who are dealing with this disease. But let’s discover it together. Chronologically it is celebrated every year on the first May Tuesday.

Have you ever think why this disease has its special date? – There’s a definite explanation. The matter’s that asthma’s considered to be among the most common chronic diseases in the planet. According to the contemporary statistics, 5% adults and 10% children suffer from it worldwide.

The history and traditions of the holiday

All in all nowadays when is World Asthma Day, calendar will tell you without any problems, but the history of this date is not very long indeed. World Day against bronchial asthma was firstly celebrated in 1998 in about 40 countries. This event was timed to the International meeting on asthma, which was held in the city of Barcelona (Spain).

World Asthma Day

It is known well that World Asthma Day was established by a decision of the World Health Organization. The main task is to increase greatly the awareness of physicians, patients and, of course, the public in general about the illness, to draw people’s attention to the matters associated with this trouble and to improve the quality of care for asthma patients.

The purpose of the memorial day is to inform people about the symptoms, consequences and proper diagnosis.

The occasion is celebrated in many world countries. Various activities and events are organized in order to draw attention to the patients’ problems. They also make the government, society and clinic staff to provide valuable assistance to patients with asthma. This day you it is recommended to visit different conferences, educational lectures and seminars. Best chest physicians of the planet are awarded with diplomas and certificates of honor for significant achievements. Public funds are collected money to assist the sick people. Contemporary media broadcasts about asthma symptoms and the ways of its prevention, as well as about advances in the treatment and scientific inventions.

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Some interesting facts to remember

Human lung releases 18 liters of carbon dioxide and 50 g of water for an hour.

Bronchial asthma is the most common chronic illness on Earth. It affects 5% of the adult and 10% of children of the planet. That is why the question “When is World Asthma Day 2022?” is considered rather popular and relevant nowadays.

The illness is provoked by strong emotions, physical exercises and cold air. The particular risk is because of allergens, caused by mites, dust on household items, pets, smoke, mold and chemical compounds.

A person is able to get rid of asthma (especially in childhood) suddenly, without any serious therapy.

80% of asthma deaths come to poor developed countries.

What does asthma control mean?

More than 300 million people worldwide have such disease as asthma. However, getting the proper treatment, most of these people have a good control over medical problem.

Asthma is considered to be under control in the following cases:

  • You are living productive and physically active lives. You can work and go to school. You can do exercises and any physical activity.
  • There are no symptoms in the daytime as well as at night. There are no problems with breathing during the day. You never wake up at night due to asthma symptoms.
  • You almost don’t have asthma attacks or they are rather rare.
  • Proper asthma control means you don’t call a specialist or get into hospital with attacks.
  • You usually take a small amount of drugs to relieve symptoms.
  • There’s normal or near-normal lung function. It’s possible to understand the proper lung function, using every day a peak flow.
  • There’re no any side effects from asthma treatment.
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Four easy steps for asthma control

Take all medication, which is prescribed by your personal doctor. As a rule most people with similar problems require two types of drugs: fast drugs, which are needed to be taken when you’re having attacks and controlling drugs that you have to take every day in order to prevent attacks.

World Asthma Day

Know and mind the factors that provoke your attacks and try to avoid them. Pay attention that each person with asthma reacts to different triggers. If it’s possible, avoid the asthma provoking factors like:ย  animals, dust, pollen, odors and sharp cigarette smoke. The specialists will tell you what medication you need to take before physical exercises if they cause an attack.

Ask your doctor about illness control. Remember that doctor’s your reliable assistant in achieving good results. Visit the specialists twice or three times a year in order to check the situation properly, even if you feel fine and have no breathing problems. Ask all questions you want to know. You must be sure that you understand how and when to take the required medication.

Act as fast as possible to relief a sudden asthma attack. Know the symptoms of incipient attack and remember how quickly to stop it.

After even the slightest attack, consult your doctor about the possible review your treatment plan and new asthma attacks prevention.

Mind what day World Asthma Day is and visit different meetings and conference. You can find out and discover a lot of useful information there.

Some causes of the disease

Unfortunately some disease causes are not completely understood and researched. The most typical ones are genetic predisposition, polluted environment, improper diet, often allergic reactions in childhood, any kind of obesity, smoking (even the lite one), parasites, which are arranged in the liver and intestine, bacteria and other diseases. As a rule risk factors for disease developing’re a combination of genetic and environmental causes. The respiratory track irritation can be provoked by such natural allergens as pollen, vehicle exhaust fumes, smoke, various chemicals in the workplace, house dust mites that live in carpets and pillows. In any case it’s recommended to know the answer to the question “What is the date of World Asthma Day 2022?” as the information given at that time may save your life as well as the health or life of another person.


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