Do you know, what day National Firefighters’ Day in 2022 is? – Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that the answer to this question will be negative, of course, except the cases you are involved in this profession. The mater is that this date is not celebrated widely all over the planet, but in vain, because this job is among the most noble and dangerous ones.

So we would like to inform you that this holiday is celebrated on May 4. The date is constant and doesn’t change from year to year. By the way the date was not taken occasionally. This holiday has an interesting but at the same time rather tragic history. – It was established in 1999 in memory of the terrible deaths of five local firefighters, injured in an Australian forest fire.

 Firefighters' Day 2017

The original holiday establishment

Before answering the question “When is International Firefighters’ Day 2022?” in details, we would like to mention that it also has a religious background. Why? – The matter’s that the date was chosen in honor of Saint Florian, the saint patron of all firefighters. May 4th is the very day the Catholic Church remembers this person greatly.

But let’s start from the very beginning. On December 2, 1998 in the region Linton (Victoria, Australia) there was a large-scale forest fire. Local firefighters asked for help. When five brave men, who had come to the aid, entered the fire zone, the strong wind suddenly changed direction. Fire truck was in huge flames and as a result all five of them were killed.

Firefighters’ Day was established in memory of these tragic events. This day people think about firefighters who died at work. They show their gratitude and respect for those who risk their lives every day in order to save others.

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Answering the question “When is Firefighters’ Day in 2022?” we can’t but mention that its symbol is represented by a red-and-blue ribbon, which is five ordinary centimeters long and only one centimeter wide. Two different colors’re connected in the ribbon middle part, red color symbolizes, of course, fire, and blue, as you may guess, water. In addition, these shades are widely used by emergency services in many countries of the world.

By the way, nowadays International Firefighters’ Day is celebrated not only by the people, who are involved into this profession, but also by all emergency workers.

Fire is always serious and dangerous

As you know all animals are afraid of fire and run away from it. Only people, who know how to make fire themselves, are able to use it for different purposes. They can be heated by the fire or cook their food on it. Fire helps us to produce steel and cut metal. The first locomotives and steamships were also moved with the fire power. But you should play with fire or make fun!

Unfortunately, this dangerous thing often breaks free, causing very unpleasant situations.

Everybody knows that this element is able to bring a lot of harm. – As a result the homes as well as crops and forests burn.

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To avoid these consequences or to make them not so terrible there are special people, who are called firefighters. They are brave and strong. Fighting with the fire, which has been caused occasionally or on purpose, firefighters extinguish the fire with water or a special foam, rescue people and valuables.

By the way many children all over the planet like beautiful shining helmets of firefighters as well as their bright red fire trucks. In general kids adore interesting stories about the brave people and in the course of time some small boys grow up to know the answer to the question “What is the date of Firefighters’ Day 2022?” for sure. Why? – Because they will be among these people, of course.

Some information about holiday

All in all we wold like to tell that “fireman” is considered to be a very old profession. The oldest mentioning of the professional fire brigades belongs to ancient Egypt. In ancient China, because of the density populated areas, it was necessary to build the first special channels, which are considered to be the first fire-fighting appliances. As it is known well, the first aqueduct was built in ancient Rome and now we can even see some of its parts.

 Firefighters' Day

Germans were the first lawmakers in the fire safety sphere. At the beginning of the XVII century in Germany there were the first firefighters’ teams.

Who is a firefighter?

As a rule, when is Firefighters’ Day in 2022, calendar informs with no troubles, but who are the people who are always ready to save our lives? What are their main features of character? – According to the specialists’ points of view, rescue service worker must be brave and strong and have excellent physical condition. The theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills for putting out the fire are also very important. Not everybody knows that the fire spread through the building and the open countryside is a real science, which has great importance as it affects the people’s lives and the wildlife preservation. As a rule the fire service employs people of different specialties.

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Museum of firefighters in Estonia

The Estonian Firefighting Museum is located in the center of Tallinn in the building (built in 1936-1939), which was designed by famous European architect Herbert Johanson (1884-1964).

This building is believed to be among the most brilliant pearls of Estonian architecture.

The building complex includes a 32 meter tower for drying fire hoses.

The museum is located in the building of the Rescue Board. Nowadays you can fond there more than 20 thousand exhibits, including old fire extinguishers, flags, uniform, helmets, fire-fighting equipment and other items.

The museum also stores some photos, videos, publications and scientific works.

Permanent exhibition of the Estonian Firefighting Museum tells us the story of fire protection in this country since ancient times and up to the recent past.

Visiting this amazing place you will get a chance to know more about the organization of fire protection as well as about the development of appropriate institutions, the causes of fires and their tragic consequences.


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