Youโ€™ve probably met the people who stutter. Some of them are not afraid to speak freely without feeling ashamed of the faltering; the others struggle to simply ask for a favor when they really need it.

In both cases, the stammering is not the thing to laugh at or rib the person about. To show support for those with the speech disorder and to educate the public on the issue, there was a special holiday created.

When is National Stuttering Awareness Day in 2022? Letโ€™s find it out!


The very first records of this phenomenon date back to the 5th century BC, when Hippocrates described the symptoms similar to those of the stammering. He claimed that the causes of the disorder were hidden deep in the brain of the human and the speech impulses that come from it.

There are also other ancient descriptions of the faltering. It is known that the Pharaohs suffered from the ailment; the Aztecs looked for the way to cure it; the prophet Moses is believed to stutter, and Aristotle made his own reasoning on the problem. It might be assumed that the stuttering appeared together with the humanโ€™s speech development.

Stuttering Awareness Day

In the end of the 20th century, the national groups all over the world responsible for helping the people who falter united into the single body called the International Stuttering Association. It has a noble mission of supporting the individuals with the communication disorder and educating the society on its importance for those peopleโ€™s normal living.

Three years after its foundation, at the initiative of Mr. Sugarman and in collaboration with European Association, the ISA came up with the theme observance weโ€™re talking about today. He also set the official color of the holiday which is a sea green. Together, they symbolize the calm and the liberty which might be interpreted as the way to the peace of people who stutter run across the understanding and awareness from the others.

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What does Stuttering Awareness Day mean? It means showing respect and sympathy to those who suffer the speech disorder.

The usual person speaks with around 7-8% of the interruptions, repeating the certain words or phrases. Yet when the stumbles make up for more than 10% of the conversation, then it is considered to be the stammering. While for the most of us, the speech is something quintessential of the human nature, the stutterers experience the really hard times when they need to talk. The minutiae of their lives turn into the big issue. What time is it? How can I get toโ€ฆ? Whoโ€™s the last here? โ€“ every question feels like that on the exam!

It is difficult to live with the stammering. Thatโ€™s why all of us should be aware of when is International Stuttering Awareness Day 2022, to let them know that itโ€™s perfectly okay to have that sort of difference from others.

The children who stammer avoid the conversations and dialogues with the peers and adults, narrowing the circle of friends and therefore slowing down the overall development. They feel the mistrustfulness, vigilance, exclusion, inferiority, and the chasm between them and people around. They grow the irritation and fearfulness inside that may lead to the depression and deterioration of the stammering. It can also result in the poor progress at school because of the awkwardness, shyness, and reticence of the child. In future, it can interfere with the professional choices and building a family.

Is stammering curable? The success of treatment mainly depends on the timeliness of diagnosis. Because of the little effect of the traditional psychotherapeutic methods โ€“ like hypnosis โ€“ the modern medicine prefers the explicitly therapeutic approaches. Thus, the treatment of the speech disorders is performed through the speech therapy.

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The childrenโ€™s neurotic stammering is easily curable at the special kindergartens and groups. There, they are focused on the collective play therapy, learning to speak in time with the rhythmic movement of the fingers or monotonously in a signing voice.

The way of self-control implies that stammering is the specific behavior that can be changed. It offers the drug treatment that alleviates the fears, worries, and depression. In addition, the experts recommend the physiotherapy and massage sessions. In fact, the prognosis for stuttering treatment is good in more than 70% of the cases among the children.

What day Stuttering Awareness Day in 2022 falls on? Itโ€™s fixed on October 22.


Do you know what the common feature of Marilyn Monroe and Isaac Newton is? They both were the stutterers!

The stammering is the disorder of the rhythm and smoothness of speech. It is caused by the cramps of the vocal organs added with breathing problems, changes in the voice and the like. Around 1% of the adults and 3% of children suffer from stammering and the boys are more prone to this disorder. Oftentimes, humans start to have problems with the speech in the early childhood when the latter forms. Any impairments of the nervous system can entail the speech breakdowns.

Today, the experts mark out two kinds of the stuttering. The first one occurs among the children with the nervous system disorders. The causes are the hereditary predisposition, birth trauma, frequent illnesses during the first years of life. The second type is found among the children with the initially normal nervous system. They become the stutterers because if the neurosis caused by the fatigue and stress: a cat suddenly fell down from the wardrobe, overstudied learning by heart the extremely long verses, got upset at the grandpaโ€™s disease.

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Stuttering Awareness Day

Of course, not every child would stammer after watching the horror movie in the midnight, but the impressionable and nervous could. For that type of stammering, it enhances at the emotional overdrive and neuropsychic tension. There are also the exotic reasons for having the speech disorder such as the violent retraining of the left-hander to the right-hander.

Now, that we know, what is the date of Stuttering Awareness Day 2022, letโ€™s find out the ways to celebrate.


As this day is about speaking freely no matter the stumbling, the ISA stages the online conferences lasting from October 1-22 since 1998 dedicated to the issue and how to deal with it.

Usually, on the eve of the holiday, the numerous talk shows are filmed where the famous persons with speech disorder discuss their way to conquer the stuttering and how to live free of the othersโ€™ prejudices. The simple people film the encouraging videos making the boost of not being afraid to talk and laugh and live with stammering.

In certain countries, the national enthusiasts organize the various workshops and master classes; publish the newsletters and educating brochures.

International Stuttering Awareness Day Facts

  • There are lots of the well-known individuals who suffered or suffers the stammering โ€“ Demosthenes, who was a brilliant orator, Dickens, who grew into the classic of the English literature, Napoleon the legendary commander, and Bruce Willis.
  • There are around sixty millions of the stutterers in the world.
  • The ISA consists of thirty-six national groups from the different countries.

Tick off in your calendar, when is Stuttering Awareness Day in 2022, and encourage those people to live to the fullest and speak freely!


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