Do you like to eat? And what about cooking? Are there any products which you like best of all. Nowadays there are many cafés and restaurants which propose a great number of meals to their clients. The thing is that there is no need to visit cafeterias to taste a favourite product. You can try to make it yourself. One of the best ways to try a new vegetable or fruit is to taste it on a special holiday which is usually a funny occasion. When is National Kale Day in 2022? What are the best ways of its celebration?


The history of the vegetable insists on the fact that it was the most acceptable vegetable in the European territories. People of the Middle Ages used to eat flat-leaved vegetable as well as curly-leaved one. It was used not only as food but also a medical product. In the 1500s the product was brought to the North American continent. Russian variant of the vegetable was traded in Canada and later in the USA.

The tradition of celebrating this strange event started in 2013. The occasion wasn’t invented as the really great movement. Its goal was to attract people’s attention to the importance of greenery and green vegetables. Kale started to be considered a really healthy food. Due to the wide spread of the occasion, lots of new followers of the holiday joined the celebration.


The start of the movement was initiated with the book publishing. Its title was “50 Shades of Kale”. Its creators were Chef J.Iserloh and Dr. D.Ramsey. People accepted the book and it became the bestseller. The first celebration took place in October, 2013. The product was tried and accepted by millions of people.

Some time later people celebrated the event with great pleasure and a great amount of dishes made of this vegetable. The product raised its popularity in restaurants and cafes. Women also liked it so much that they try to follow the tradition of the event. Various popular restaurant lines like using a kale in many recipes.

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Despite its young age, the holiday is focused in mass media. Different market representatives and schools also participate in the annual occasion. Google even proposed a special $1000 prize for the best recipe with a kale. “What day World Kale Day in 2022?” It’s observed on the first Wednesday of October. It will be observed on October, 7th, 2022.


What does National Kale Day mean for different spheres of life? According to the tradition of the day, the holiday is observed in ten countries. It is noticed that schools, restaurants and other educational establishments have fun on the day and provide the importance of healthy food. These establishments usually serve kale on the holiday.

The benefit of this product is proved by many scientists who research the impact of fruit and vegetables on the human’s health. It is proved that children are much wiser if they eat meals with a kale. Teachers and medical professionals use such events for providing the topic of healthy foods. They usually create the ways of funny studying.

The day is also used by many food corporations which help medical and educational establishments in providing the importance of healthy foods. Simply 7 Snacks, Glory Foods, and San Miguel Produce always become sponsors of the occasion.

Statistics says that the whole amount of the kales’ trade is impressive. It is one of the most popular green vegetables in the USA.

The holiday is also important for every separate family. Adults are to take care about their children’s health. The best way to provide a healthy way of life in every family is to improve the nutrition. Parents are to persuade their children their health depends on meals which they usually eat.

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When is International Kale Day 2022? It’s on the 7th of October.


When you hear about the holiday, you must always know what you should eat during the holiday. Though many countries didn’t use to eat kales, these vegetables have gained its popularity in lots of countries of the world. People usually use this product in many receipts. If you hear the name of the holiday, you should buy the product and try to cook as any tasty dishes as you can. Lots of receipts are in the internet.

The modern word appeared in the 13th century in Middle English. It transferred from other words which had the same meaning. The word got its modern definition many centuries ago. The product itself also became very popular in the Middle Ages.

The vegetable hasn’t got a dense head. People eat its leaves. There are several kinds of the product. Its leaves are usually green and purple. This kind is considered to be the wild type of the cabbages. Its length is more than 6–7 feet. Some representatives of the kind can be of great quality and others are sometimes indigestible. The seeds have the similar form and size as the ordinary cabbage.

The vegetable have many differentiations by type according to the kind of a leaf. Leaves can be curly and bumpy, plane and rape. Some countries grow “hungry gap”. The name of a kale is connected with its ability to grow well during low temperatures. Different European regions use its name of the kale.

What is the date of National Kale Day 2022? The occasion is observed on October, 7th.

Kale growing


The ways of celebration of the occasion are common to many territories. It’s connected with a certain use of the product. The main way of the celebration is cooking. There’re lots of receipts with this kind of cabbage. Salads, soups and other types of meals are cooked everywhere on the date.

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If you are a fan of the culinary, you should try several recipes with the vegetable and choose the best one. The occasion is a great chance to meet relatives and friends and make a party where the main product is a kale.

The day is a reason to be a vegetarian, at least for one day. Kales are used in many dishes, so every person can make a nutritious meal. Find the most suitable recipe for your family and cook it every year. If you aren’t a real chef, go to a local restaurant or a café.

It is a tradition to change menus depending on the holidays. They include corresponding meals into their menus. Kales aren’t expensive, so every person can afford a meal on the holiday.

The holiday is a great time to spend the day with children. They adore cooking with their parents. It is high time to try several new recipes with kales. Even small children can easily make salads. There’s no need to cut the leaves. A small child can tear them. When is Kale Day in 2022, calendar of events? The observance is on the 7th of October.

International Kale Day Facts

  1. Milk has got less calcium than kale.
  2. The vegetable can give a healthy benefit.
  3. The amount of vitamins of this vegetable is huge.
  4. Kales contain antioxidants.
  5. Some groups of people should avoid the product. The amount of vitamin K isn’t useful to people who take blood thinners. If a person is a “super tester”, he shouldn’t taste kales. People with allergy are to be very cautiously.
  6. This vegetable has got more nutrients than spinach.
  7. Hypothyroidism isn’t caused by kales.
  8. This vegetable has got more vitamin C than oranges.
  9. It’s rich in Beta-Carotene which is very useful for human’s eyes.
  10. The amount of calories is low.


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