In the modern world there are questions, which can be answered only by the representatives of the definite circles and professions. And “When is National Winston Churchill Day in 2020?” is among them. It is a real pity, but only the historians as well as some politicians know the reply for sure. We have found this situation to be an unfair one, and this is the main reason, why we are going to investigate the matter in details.


Talking about the theme what day Winston Churchill Day in 2020 is in details we would like to touch the historical background of the holiday and to explain our readers the most important stages of its establishment. However, under these conditions it would be quite difficult. All in all we know nothing about the establishers of this data, however, we have concluded why they chose April 9th as a day for its celebration.

The matter is that it was just this day, but in the distant 1940, when Germany escaped the British blockade and as a result invaded the part of Norway. Some specialists are sure that it was nothing more but a real start of World War II.

Winston Churchill


What does Winston Churchill Day mean? All in all, it is only up to you to decide, whether this holiday is important for you or not. And the explanation is quite obvious in fact. – The matter is that we don’t know you personally, that is why for us it is impossible to predict whether you like and appreciate this leader.

However, there are things in this man’s behavior, which seem to be rather curious. For example, one day he said: “Trust your intuition and be selfish”. What do you think about it? Do you agree or disagree? – In general, in accordance with the specialists’ points of view, the famous man was sure that it was impossible to succeed in business, as well as in politics, without cynicism and intuition. And by the own example, Mr. Winston showed that it really works.

Now, a quarter of a century after the crushing defeat of the former Soviet Union in the Cold War, few people remember that it was Churchill who was its first and consistent apologist. Becoming a fierce opponent of Bolshevism as early as the beginning of the twentieth century, he always stayed with them, making only a brief tactical respite for the Second World War.

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However, less than a year after its end, he uttered the famous Fulton speech, which is considered the beginning of the Cold War. And this was, perhaps, the last case in world history, when its main trend was designated precisely by the representative of Britain, which soon turned from an empire, over which the sun never sets, into a very ordinary European country.

No wonder Mr. Winston was on his father, the third son of the seventh Duke of Marlborough, a descendant of the noblest British family. He behaved like a real duke – cynical, clever and very selfish. “Of course, I’m selfish. Otherwise, will you achieve anything?”


Discovering the question “When is International Winston Churchill Day 2020?” we would like to introduce our readers as many facts about this world-famous leader as it is possible.

There is a quite popular point of view, that the true leader should be a modest person. For example, nowadays the press writes much and emotionally about the founder of IKEA billionaire called Ingvar Kamprad, who flies exclusively with the economy class, or Bill Gates, in whose house the lights switch off automatically in the empty premises.

However, Mr. Winston is well-known for his unreasonably ambitious character since his youth. He never was a particular modest man. And he did not need it at all. Why? – The matter is that he possessed the most important leader quality, called charisma. At the same time, we can’t but mention that the most interesting and the most instructive thing is that this charisma was partly artificial.

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Churchill spent his entire life suffering painful bouts of depression, accompanied by self-abasement. And in his youth he did not even know how to hide them. And when in 1924, Churchill lost the parliamentary elections, the secretary of British ex-prime minister Lloyd George said: “Churchill looks so lost that he can hardly speak.” There were the moments without any masks.

However, in the course of time he learnt to overcome his inner complexes. Over some periods, the great commander came up with his own visual style – self-assured fat man with a cigar, fingers folded with the letter V (victory). In public he got the honor of an internally vulnerable politician.

And we can only guess what efforts it cost him not to show his depression, a disease that, according to modern science, has a chemical nature, and therefore no psychotraining is treated.


When is Winston Churchill Day in 2020, calendar will remind you for sure and there are no any troubles with this matter usually. The only thing you have to do is to remember that you are always free to celebrate this holiday on April 9th. The date is considered to be fixed, that is why you can do it regularly and annually.

As you perhaps understand this special occasion can’t be called an official one, so there is no need to expect to any events, holidays and celebrations organized on the state level by local authorities. Of course, some museums, libraries or public organizations can create something special, but this is not obligatory.

You can spend April 9th in a many various ways. However, we would like to recommend you to devote it to this famous person. Nowadays there have been a great amount of different books, films, Internet articles and documentaries, devoted to this personality. Your choices are really endless, and you can always find something to your own taste and preferences.

Winston Churchill's quotation

National Winston Churchill Day Facts

So you have already known that the answer to the question “What is the date of Winston Churchill Day in 2020?” sounds like “On April 9th“. However, today we are going to tell you something really interesting and amazing about this person. Here is our list of the most curious pieces of information.

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An integral part of the image of Winston Churchill was a cigar. His biographers claimed that he smoked from 8 to 10 samples a day. At the same time we can’t but mention that this famous politician hated cigarettes. Even restrictions on public smoking, which took place in secular and formal receptions, did not apply to him.

He had his personal store of cigars. there were several thousand pieces. All of them were stored in a separate room next to his office in a mansion in Kent.

25 pounds is a price, for Winston Churchill’s head set in 1899. At that time there was an Anglo-Boer war. So the future British prime minister landed in captivity to the Boers. In a freight train he reached Whitbank and stayed in the mine for several days. His escape was noticed by enemies, and they proposed 25 pounds as a reward for this life.

This person has been famous for his speech, which became a well-known sign of future Cold War.

Winston Churchill loved to swim. Once, traveling by train across Egypt, he demanded to stop the train, so that he was extracted hot water for a bath from a steam locomotive. When this was done, he took a bath in front of astonished Arabs.

Churchill possessed a phenomenal memory. Even at school age, he recited 1200 lines from a book about Ancient Rome by heart and knew almost all plays of Shakespeare in memory.

In 1953 he received the Nobel Prize in the sphere of Literature. What for? – The matter is that the man demonstrated the high skill of works of a historical and biographical nature, as well as for the brilliant oratorical art with the help of which the supreme human values were upheld. By the way, it is noteworthy that Churchill’s rival was Ernest Hemingway, who received the award a year later.


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