What if we ask you a question โ€œWhen is National Zoo Lovers Day in 2020?โ€, are you ready to reply it without any prompts given from our side? Unfortunately, in many cases people donโ€™t know about this holiday existence. So this is an explanation why we have decided to discuss the holiday in details.


As a rule, discovering the next holiday (the todayโ€™s matter concerns the direction what day World Zoo Lovers Day in 2020 is) we have to tell our readers something really special about the historical background of the event. However, unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find our any information available about the holiday establishers. And at the same time we know nothing about the reasons to celebrate the event on April 8th annually.

The first institutions of this kind were opened outside the cities, when the owners of the farms organized separate aviaries for pets and birds and conducted excursions for local kids.

Zoos of the new format began to enjoy great popularity among visitors. A few years later, innovation reached the towns and the cities and has turned from the possibility of additional earnings for farmers in the main and profitable business of private entrepreneurs.

kids watching polar bear


What does National Zoo Lovers Day mean? All in all it is only up to you to decide what special occasions to hold and which ones can be quite forgotten.

However, we canโ€™t but mention that among the contemporary children and their parents, so-called mini-zoos are becoming more and more popular all around the planet. They are also called rural or contact ones.

The main difference between the rural zoo and the usual one is that all birds and animals represented there are allowed to touch and to feed. However, the number of them, as a rule, is small. Basically, these are rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, goats, pigeons, turkeys and pigs.

In addition, if the budget allows, you can also involve several cages with small wild animals, aquariums with tropical fish, terrariums with reptiles. In some urban mini-zoos, certain species of exotic and rare birds and animals are even represented: ostriches, foxes, arctic foxes, peacocks, monkeys, crocodiles, parrots, scorpions, etc. Although, as the owners of theme parks note to keep large and predatory animals, is an unprofitable type of business. Why? โ€“ The matter is that they require special care and particular conditions, besides they are not allowed to touch and to feed from hand. Experts say that one should not have a large number of “exhibits” and, especially, on rare specimens.

Preference is given to those animals from which it is possible to obtain additional income (for example, to sell ostrich eggs, rabbits, knitted products from sheep’s down, etc.), and also to those who can be picked up or touched (for example, from reptiles, such as iguanas, maillots and lizards).


Discussing the matter โ€œWhen is International Zoo Lovers Day 2020?โ€ we also like to mention the negative effect, which can be caused by the popular nowadays contact zoological parks.

Of course, there is some risk in visiting these sites. What are the dangerous points for children? Here is our list:

  • your kid can be frightened if the animal is too active or large. As a rule, the most terrifying creatures are a donkey or a llama;
  • an animal can bite a child if it is very disturbed;
  • certainly, there is a risk of catching an infection or disease from an animal carrier;
  • visit to the zoo is contraindicated for little kids suffering from various forms of allergy. Before your first visit, the specialists usually recommend to know more about a specific place and to ask in what conditions animals are contained there, whether they are examined by a veterinarian and who is in charge of training.

In order to reduce risks to minimum, parents need to constantly be near their son or daughter, to monitor his/her behavior and animal manner.

At the same time adherence to hygienic rules will reduce the likelihood of getting the disease, and joint games with funny and cute little animals will give the child a new positive experience.

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When is Zoo Lovers Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and this is not a problem in fact. The special occasion is a fixed one. It means that it is kept on April 8th annually. Actually you may be involved any moment you would love to.

In general there is no a universal way to spend this day. Everybody is free to invent something really special. However, we are sure that it is really recommended to visit this funny place. As a rule, nowadays there are a lot of zoological parks all around the planet. Sometimes they are available even in the small towns or in the countryside.

By the way, not everybody knows that the main sources of income for a mini zoo are paid entrance and additional services for visitors: sale of souvenirs and feeds for animals, photographs for memory, holding children’s events on the territory of the zoo, sale of animals.

You can donate some money if you like or discover something new about the world famous samples. Up to the present moment there is a great amount of materials devoted to this theme.

people feeding giraffe

International Zoo Lovers Day Facts

Investigating the matter โ€œWhat is the date of National Zoo Lovers Day in 2020?โ€ we want to introduce our readers some amazing pieces of information.

Have you ever heard that in the contemporary world there is a great amount of people, who do not like zoos? It sounds rather surprisingly, however, it is really true. They find these sites to be suitable only for children or are sure that it’s sad to observe animals suffering in cages. It means quite obvious thing, these men and women visited the zoological park a long time ago. Today we are going to explain you, why it is necessary to go to these places from time to time.

  1. First of all, this visit will help you to improve the feeling of observation. โ€“ You see, here is an elephant. Its trunk is like a hand, which gently touches the carrots arranged on your palm. In such an easy way, you can understand that trunk is a unique device for manipulation with the smallest objects, for example a thin match. In the zoo you can have a perfect opportunity to note a crocodile in water, which is almost invisible, resembling the log. This place is a real box of wonders, which contains a lot of new thing every time.
  2. Watching animals we investigate the surrounding world. People can learn the evolution of the naturalness, as well as the laws of nature. Would you like to know what the planet was like thousand years ago? โ€“ The zoo will help you, of course.
  3. Under certain conditions the institutions can be something like the rehabilitation center for animals. They can present the creatures a new life. It concerns the small fauna representatives, who have lost their parents or have been injured. In this case the cage turns out to be the only home for them.
  4. Most part of modern zoos is the places with the services of high-quality. They promote good food, real cleanliness and exclusive soundproofing.
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Taking into account all the information given above we can come to the conclusion that these sites are worth to be visited from time to time. In accordance with some specialistsโ€™ points of view, this leisure activity will help you to understand the surrounding world better. Sometimes, they are able to turn a person from a predator hunter into an observer photographer.


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