There are a lot of people in our world, who have a lot of opportunities to do something and to have what they want. But at the same time, there are people, whose every day of life is a struggle, who do not have simple things, which for most of us are normal. We do not think of it during our life, but these problems exist and we often are not aware of it at all. In this article, we would like to pay attention to one of these problems and gather people, who try to do this. There a holiday exists – One Day Without Shoes. If you haven’t heard about it, we will explain you and hope that at least some of you will take part in it. We will know, what does it all mean and when is One Day Without Shoes Day in 2022.

Background and meaning of the holiday

So, to begin with, we would like to say that the named holiday is dedicated to the problem of poor and developing countries.

One Day Without Shoes Day 2017

We all know, what they are – mostly they are countries of Africa, where practically all people live on the edge of poverty, suffer from hunger and lack of means of subsistence. They do not eat normally or eat very little and poor food, they do not have normal places to live, can’t buy furniture, toys, clothes, etc. A usual person can hardly imagine, how can a single person live in such conditions at all. Any of them haven’t seen at least a couple of those things, which a normal person doesn’t even notice during his everyday life.

But their different charity organizations exists, which try to deal with such like problems and try to help these people as much as they can. Their help comes in different ways, depending on the aims of a concrete organization, but here we will touch upon only one of them. As you could guess from the name of a holiday, connected to the article, we will speak about people, who deal with the problem of lack of shoes at these people. Let’s explain it more concrete further and know, what day One Day Without Shoes Day in 2022 is.

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So, a huge problem is that the people, we are speaking about, do not have the opportunity to buy shoes. They live barefoot and for most of them, at least one old pair of shoes if a luxury. Can you imagine, how is it to live like this? The ground is full of stones or such like things, which bother feet and it is very painful and dirty to walk always without shoes. But people there have no other choice and have to endure all this. The problem has been evoked many years ago, when a head of a shoe company, called TOMB, visited one of these countries. He noticed, that people there do not wear shoes and he was touched much by this fact. He decided to raise the problem among people and created a plan.

The sense was that, first of all:

  • He wanted to pay people’s attention to this problem
  • To make people in the world know, that there are people in other regions, who suffer much
  • To make people help others

That is why he made the following thing. As he owned a shoe company, he had an opportunity to help people. One day a year any person, who bought a pair of any shoes in his shop, had a second one, which was sent to those people, who are in need. Certainly, he sent shoes not by himself, but collected it all through the day and gave it to the organizations, who work with such programs. Also, if a person couldn’t afford to buy a new pair, he just could send his old ones in a good condition, to the same organizations by himself. In such a way this person made a great step in solving this important problem, to which practically nobody paid attention before. In such a way this holiday appeared and now more and more people know, when is One Day Without Shoes Day 2022.

With the help of this program, thousands of people in poor countries got their shoes and got an opportunity to live better without sufferings. It’s a good news that a lot of people from all corners of the country heard this person and supported the idea, but were not left aside.

One Day Without Shoes Day

How is the Day held

As you now know the sense of the holiday, it is maybe obvious that there are no special celebrations or something of the sort. But there is one tradition, which also helps people not to be aside important problems. Everybody during this day is offered to take off his or her shoes and walk like this for the whole day. In such a way a person will have an opportunity to feel, how is it to live barefoot and feel the importance of the problem. It’s a good news that really many people take part in this holiday ad help people from Africa and such like countries and know, what is the date of One Day Without Shoes Day 2022.

There exists a special organization, which works with this particular problem. The have their own website, where all the information is placed and any person can visit it, see the results of their work and ways to help personally. There are a lot of photos, posted after visiting these countries and giving them shoes. You can find the information, about how you personally can help, where to go and what to do. It all can be done not obligatory on this very holiday, which is, by the way, celebrated annually on the May 14th this year. You can help all year round, there is no need to wait for particularly this concrete day. It is very important to be involved in world’s most important problems and to not stay aside. Remember that helping those, who suffer and have not such opportunities as you have, you make your life better too. That is why look up, when is One Day Without Shoes Day in 2022, in calendar, and be a part of all this. They are waiting for your help – remember that it is not so difficult and you only win!


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