You’ve probably noticed how interesting and unknown the world around us could be. All those magicians, psychics, and indigo children… The initiated ones claim that the future depends not on the power and money but on the abilities of people to possess the part from behind the shadows. And of course, it’s no secret that these “talents” might be developed.

When is National Occult Day in 2022 and should we be afraid of the witches’ sabbath on that date?


To begin with, where did that mystic thing come from?

In fact, the orthodox church assumes that the occult appeared right at the moment when the Fall happened. Influenced by the Serpent, Eve bit into a forbidden apple longing for getting a special knowledge. The mistake of the first people hid in their perception of the tree from Eden as some mysterious symbol which could give the power over the whole world. The Fall was the beginning of the occult and magic practices and opened the search for the arcane knowledge.

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Relying on the scientific facts, all of the primitive tribes had the rites that were aimed at making the deities serve the man and protect him from the disasters caused by nature. At first, those magical ways were connected to the dominating religious beliefs. Yet being aware of the mysterious formulas and ceremonies couldn’t be the grassroots’ heritage. Thus it became what belongs to the group of the special people called Magus.

Specifically, the literature from the Ancient Egypt reached us and showed the numerous invocations and the rudiments of the astrology and occult psychology that popularized the doctrine about the transmigrations of the souls.

The further development of the practice continued as the philosophical teaching. In the end of the 15th century, the German scholar Agrippa von Nettesheim integrated mysterious studies into one whole conception and tried to bring the flair of the natural science into the magic. Putting it simply, he wanted to give a rational explanation to all the things that seemed miraculous.

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In the 19th century, when a man heard of the occult, he pictured the teachings of spiritism, spiritualism, and telepathy in his mind. Today, we take the occult as the practice that includes the magic, extrasensory perception, numerology, chiromancy, the Tarot, and card reading.

Interestingly, there is no record as to why and by whom the holiday was invented. But we know for sure that the question – when is International Occult Day 2022? – is a really popular one!


What does Occult day mean? It means getting a little deeper into the things that hide behind the stars.

In fact, we experience it almost for every day of our life. Well, you see, we come to visit the grandma and find the whole floor is covered in… rice. What is the point of that? – we ask her. And she answers that she is trying to send away the negative energy out of the house in the way that somewhat eastern belief tells to do.

Who guessed that in the 21st century we – the ones who came up with the newest technologies and promising branches of the science – would get stuck in the old superstitious ardor for the arcane knowledge? It is known that the famous singers and actors, such as Madonna, Elisabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, are keen on Cabbala and Scientology. The Princess of Norway announced her adherence to the esoteric teachings and spiritism. Even the businessmen – the most rational and prudent people – don’t miss the astrological prognoses in the mornings while the politicians and sportsmen drop by the psychics in the eve of the life-and-death events.

In the room of the “great magician”, they are greeted with the special atmosphere of the mysterious shades, candles, crystal ball, and befuddling aromas. Those deaden the first surge of the disbelief. Then, the Sir would tune them on the concentration, draw their full attention and call on their cooperation, making them feel his power over personality. Isn’t it a pure psychology supplemented with a tad of the relaxing perfume in the air? We’d say so.

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As for Cabbala, most of the followers of this practice are recognized by the tiny red thread tied around the wrist. It’s a very much-loved ritual of getting this thing right from Jerusalem and asking your closest person to tie it firmly on seven knots. Why? Because it is widely believed that the man gets protected from the envy and evil eye. The whole protection comes to the simple verbal formula and you are safe and sound for now.

The real occultists – those who know and honor what day Occult Day in 2022 falls on – don’t wear the red threads or other amulets. They don’t betray their inner talents that might be misunderstood or overestimated. But they are indeed somewhere among us.


The occult is the mysterious teachings and cults that express the intention to get into the spiritual world and get to know and possess the power from beyond.

It seems as creepy as the creak of the old door opened in the deserted barn. You are dying to see what’s there yet too afraid to find it out. The practice claims that the supernatural things are present in the humans, in nature, and in the space, and they might be revealed. It calls upon us to take hold of them and thus move on to the better life on this earth. The religion denies the occult as it tries to reach the spiritual world avoiding God.


The brightest example of this practice is the magic. Then goes the extrasensory, spiritual healing, psychotherapy that uses the hypnosis, bioenergy therapy, sorcery, fortune telling, quackery, ufology, astrology and the like.

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It is still here interwoven in the canvas of our daily lives in the shape of the charms and talismans, superstitious marks and astrological prognoses, and all those methodologies teaching us how to extend the boundaries of our minds and reveal the hidden abilities.

What is the date of Occult Day 2022? It’s fixed on November 18!


We’ll give you a bit more of the mysterious practice just so you are able to spread the word to your friends about the occult. Its main principles are the following.

  1. All parts of the world – both visible and invisible – are in constant cooperation. Everything that happens up there has an effect on down here.
  2. Every human, creature or thing can be the medium that is the mean in the hands of the divine power.
  3. Nothing can die. There is no death, after all. There is just the change of the states or the end of the certain individuality’s existence. Everything that we have in the world must return to its origin.
  4. Magic is about using the inner power of the mankind and nature. It might be white, for the common good; it might be dark, for the common evil. The will of the human combined with the unshakeable certitude in its might can make the wonders.
  5. To be the real occultist you need three qualities – the strong will, the higher knowledge, and the all-embracing love for the humanity and truth.

As long as on this holiday we are allowed to be the parody on the “masters” do something of that kind! Organize your own super secret community that strives for getting beyond the shadows. Try to make up the horoscope for your father and watch Harry Potter series with your little sister. It counts, too!

National Occult Day Facts

  • The term was first introduced in the 18th century by Eliphas Levi.

Mark in the calendar, when is Occult Day in 2022, but don’t delve too deep into all this stuff!


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