In our modern world, there are some things we cannot refuse. They are the necessity for normal life operation, like water, food, air, communication etc. Todayโ€™s topic is extremely interesting and cognitive. Thus, letโ€™s find out when World Toilet Day 2022 is.

Our peculiar day is celebrated annually on the 19th of November. Yearly, millions of people gather to take part in global observance to continue the tradition. Many events and thematic parties are organized to follow the centuryโ€™s rules.


In ancient Rome, the toilet culture was highly developed which led to the appearance of public latrines on the streets. During the Middle Ages, citizens did not bother building toilets. In some castles, there are cloisters with sewerage. Most of them needed pots. The contents of pots were often poured directly from the windows. Some cottages made cesspools in houses. They were located on the floor. The smell in the rooms was appropriate. In 1183, a story both tragic and comic happened in Germany in the Erfurt castle. The floor rotted under the influence of evaporating impurities. Emperor Friedrich fell into a cesspool with his subordinates. The emperor did not suffer, but some subjects choked.

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The first toilet with a drain tank was invented around 1596 by Sir John Harrington for Queen Elizabeth I. The author gave to the invention the name “Ajax”. He described it in detail in the book “Metamorphoses of Ajax”. He took into account all the materials and expenses for them. The price for the Harrington toilet was high at that time. Yet, water closets were not distributed due to no water supply and sewerage in the English capital.

The next two hundred years, stagnation reigned in the design of toilets. Until, in 1738, a toilet with a flushing valve type was invented.

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A little later, Alexander Cummings developed a water closet. It solved the problem of unpleasant odors. In 1775, he received a patent for his device.

In 1777, Joseph Preiser designed a flush tank with a flap and a handle. Thomas Krepper was the owner of several patents for plumbing inventions. In 1778, he discovered a device for dosing water. Then, the toilet acquired a nearly modern look.

In 1883, Thomas Twyford perfected the model of Krepper. He has carried out a bowl of more aesthetic faience. Plus, he has equipped the structure with a wooden seat. Tom presented his creation, entitled “UNITAS”, in 1884 at the London International Exhibition on Health. The product “UNITAS”, the unity of aspiration and performance, received the highest award – a gold medal.

In the early XX century, the Spanish company “UNITAS” began to supply its sanitary engineering devices to Russia. They appeared to be in a high demand. Contractors installing these plumbing products called them “Unitas”. Nevertheless, the origin of the product name, so popular among all the population, is symbolic.

At the end of the XIX century, manufacturers of earthenware from Russia bought a license for the toilets production. Already in 1912, Russia produced 40 thousand toilet bowls. In 1929, 150,000 WCs were produced in the USSR. In the first five-year plan, the production of toilet bowls stood in a separate row. The country needed 280,000 toilet bowls a year.

Before the pansโ€™ introduction, the maintenance of sanitation with a crowd of people in one place has been a problem. In Deuteronomy of Moses, commanders instructed soldiers to carry not only weapons. They also took a scapula. Thus, soldiers were grafted with elements of sanitation. Epidemics in the troops often has more damage than enemy weapons.

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For a better understanding what day National Toilet Day in 2022 is, letโ€™s check some stuff about the US.

In the US, the pan introduction was slower. In the museum of Seattle, they presented the first toilet constructed in the USA in 1890. Until then, the pans were imported from Europe by the same Spanish company UNITAS. They produced their own licensed pans.

Sou Fujimoto is a Japanese architect. According to his project, they built a public toilet with transparent walls. The toilet room is set right in the beautiful garden. The goal is the full unity with nature. The construction of this miracle cost almost 10 million yen. NHK TV interviewed Fujimoto. The architect confessed: “We wanted the visitors to enjoy the surrounding scenery from the soul in the toilet.”

A platinum-made pan studded with diamonds is the most expensive. The miracle was created by the English designer Jemal Wright. It happened at the year of the 100th anniversary of the first modern pan appearance. According to rumors, the designer created the “masterpiece” for the date. The cost of the product was $5 million.


What does Toilet Day mean for the global society? It indicates people gather to continue the observance by arranging meetings, conferences, and public parks. There, you can communicate and socialize the way you want. Moreover, social media are overcrowded with hundreds of thousands of posts made all over the world. Donโ€™t miss an opportunity to take part in the rejoicing when is International Toilet Day 2022. You have to navigate the location where it will be held and register on the following site.

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The issue What is the date of World Toilet Day 2022 has been found out earlier. What is the main purpose of a pan? So, it is a sanitary and technical device for the dispatch of people. Builders install it in toilet rooms. The manufacturer equips it with the automatic or semi-automatic flushing system. It is made of sanitary ceramics. The design was first invented in China around the 1st century BC. It looks like the modern toilet.

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Yearly, the topic of the observance differs. Still, the sanitary crisis captures our world. The global community is called on to fight against it. Thus, there are some campaigns to follow, like โ€˜Raise A Stinkโ€™ or โ€˜Urgent Runโ€™. So, you can offer your policy supporting this event. Be ready to raise the biggest stink when is Toilet Day in 2022, facilitated by the calendar.

National Toilet Day Facts

  1. 2.5 billion of the global population has limited access to normal improved sanitation.
  2. 5 of 8 billion people have mobile phones. It is more than people having access to toilets.
  3. In the Middle Ages, in such big cities as London or Paris, there were no toilets at all! There is documentary evidence proving monks and court gentlemen made it everywhere. For example, in parks or between a ballet room and bedroom in palaces! Actually, therefore, it was somewhat problematic to get from one palace place to another. It was due to a strong unpleasant smell.
  4. The first toilet of a sitting kind appeared in the second and a half millennium BC. It was designed by the order of the Sumerian queen. It is noteworthy that you can still admire it while in the British Museum.

To sum up, support this event by visiting locations and following yearly campaigns. Finally, donโ€™t neglect to make it in a right place.


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