In the modern world there is a great amount of various holidays. Some of them are considered to be official and this simultaneously means that there is a whole line of various events devoted to it. – You may always take active participation in various parades, festivals and contests connected with the chosen theme. But there are fests, which are celebrated only by definite societies, but this is the thing, which thing makes them unique.  And what about you? Do you know some strange special occasion? For example, can you answer the question “When is National Tattoo Day in 2019?” without somebody’s prompts?

To tell you the truth, we are predicting your negative reply, so we have already made a decision to investigate this subject in details. Would you like to share our emotions?


Certainly we understand that it is almost impossible to reveal the matter concerning the theme what day World Tattoo Day in 2019 is, without paying attention to the historical back of this event. All in all it’d be quite silly and we know it. But unfortunately, the situation is that we haven’t managed to find out any facts available, neither about the establishers, nor about the reasons to celebrate the holiday July 17th annually.

All in all it’s hard to say when it was the man who first put a picture on his skin. But it is well-known that the skin decoration history is at least 60,000 years old. The most ancient tattoos are found during the excavation of the Egyptian pyramids. Mummies are about four thousand years old, but the drawings on dry skin are well distinguished.

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However, the decorative pictures appeared much earlier, with the primitive communal system actually. It served not only as an ornament, but also a sign of the tribe, genus, totem, indicating the social belonging of its owner, and, in addition, was endowed with a certain magical power.

The reasons for the custom of tattooing are also not entirely clear. According to one theory, it is a logical progression from natural skin damage accidentally received by people of the Stone Age. The wounds and bruises were merged into odd scars, distinguishing their carrier from their tribes to the advantageous side, like a brave warrior and a lucky hunter. Over time, primitive families expanded, united into small organized communities, and specially applied marks on the skin were of particular significance within a particular social group. It happened at the end of the Ice Age.

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What does National Tattoo Day mean? Frankly speaking, we can’t answer this question instead of you. Why? Well, the explanation is quite simple in fact. We don’t know your relation to this kind of body decoration. Among the representatives of the present and quite pragmatic society there are three categories of people. – Those, who appreciate it, those, who are indifferent and at last, those who hate. Which one to belong to it is up to you to decide.

But in any case you have to understand the following. – In normal (real, not temporary, etc.) its creation the particles of paint with the help of an electric needle are introduced into the upper layers of the skin, where they remain.

The more important is the choice of the tattooer. This person should ensure the complete avoidance of infection and the formation of scars caused by inflammation at puncture sites. To do this, all tools should be disposable, absolute hygiene should be followed, a closed sterilization system and really sharp needles should be used. In addition, the competence of the specialist on the part of the optical result is decisive.

At the same time, along with professional skills, the role of technology plays. Since some of the pigment after it will inevitably be removed from the body by the lymphatic system, the final result will be visible only after some time – from two to six months. An experienced tattoo with the correct dosage of pigment and the correct depth of penetration into the skin will ensure that the pattern remains clear; a possible additional adjustment should be included in the cost of the decoration. The paints themselves, too, pose a danger in themselves as they can cause allergies or contain heavy metals. A good tattoo master must know the composition of the used paints.

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Such matter as “What is the date of National Tattoo Day 2019?” usually needs additional pieces of information.

For example, not everybody knows that the it is connected with the so-called “transitional” rites, whether it is the initiation of a young man into a mature man or relocation from this life into the afterlife.

For instance, the tribes of Diac from the island of Borneo believed that in the local Paradise – Apo-Queso – everything acquired new qualities opposite to the earth: the light becomes dark, sweet – bitter, etc. Therefore, the ingenious and foreseeable diacats were tattooed into the darkest shades. Having changed after death, the decorations became bright and radiant, and this light was enough to safely hold their holder through a dark gap between the earth and Apo-Queso.


When is Tattoo Day in 2019, calendar will definitely remind you and in fact there are no any troubles in it. The only thing you have to remember is when July 17th comes.

Of course, this holiday is unofficial, that is why you shouldn’t expect for any events devoted to it. But this is not the reason for being upset. Just organize something special for yourself. For example, you can discover this matter in details. Nowadays there are a lot of videos devoted to this theme, as well as pictures and periodicals.

Making tattoo

Or you can decorate your body with new picture. To get started with, do the temporary one.

  • Painted tattoos disappear at the latest when dying and updating the upper layer of the skin – that is, after 28 days.
  • Glueing decorations are better kept (from two to five days) on skimmed skin. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the ingress of water.
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How to do this: remove the decorations from the protective film, press it against the skin, moisten with instructions with isopropanol (black one) or a wet sponge (colored one), stand for 30 seconds and then grab the substrate.

You can draw an image yourself either by a cayal or an eye contour (for one day), a pencil for painting a body, or a special pencil (from one to three days), a waterproof marker or a special marker (a few days, often difficult to remove). Templates can be used as a substrate, but you can apply special techniques.

International Tattoo Day Facts

Talking about the question “When is International Tattoo Day 2019?”, we want to give our readers as much information concerning this matter as it is possible.

Deep historical roots of skin pictures geography are no less impressive. Different types of skin pictures were practiced by light-skinned people of the world, and dark-skinned people replaced them by scarring. Everyone seemed to be tattooed: various tribes of Europe and Asia, the Indians of North and South America and, of course, the people of Oceania.

It is the Indian tribes of Indonesia and Polynesia, where the practice of skin picture creation is continuously transmitted from generation to generation, serving as the best anthropological proof of the social significance. Hardly all the sides of these people’s lives were depicted – from birth to death – and certainly there is no such part of the body that the local artist would not be bothered with.


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