When is International Valentine’s Day in 2024? Well, frankly speaking, we are sure that there are hardly any people, who have never heard about the existence of this special occasion in the modern calendar. In practice, when February 14th is going to come, everybody seems to be involved into its celebration. And it happens not in a particular region, but worldwide. Today we want to investigate this holiday in details and to represent you some amazing pieces of information you have never learnt before.


Investigating the matter what day Valentine’s Day in 2024 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of the event. As a rule, this direction is in the list of the most amazing ones among our followers.

Following the well-known legend, the ancient tradition of sending (and receiving) the cards with are full of positive emotions on this holiday originated to the former times and people, who were living in the Middle Ages. The historians discovered that the very first item on the planet was sent by the famous authority called Duke Karl of Orleans. Actually, to be more precise it happened in 1415, when this person wanted to send a small but at the same time pleasant note to his lady. Being in severe captivity in England after the Battle of Agincourt, that beloved man allegedly sent love beautiful poems to his wife from the distant London prison. By the way, some of those unique “valentines” have been still kept in the British Museum. Thus, it is quite available to see it, if you like.

Some years later after the very first card was sent, another person King Henry V decided to do the same. For this purpose he hired a particular writer, whose name was John Leidgate. That talented person managed to write a card for Catherine Valois.

In the course of time, the beautiful tradition to present tine souvenirs and card on February 14th for beloved partners spread all over the planet. In particular, it became popular in France and England. Subsequently, it was introduced to the residents of other continents. The numerous emigrants brought it to the lands of the New World that are now the territories of the contemporary North and South America. Nowadays we can find these sweet sheets of paper in any corner of the planet.


What does Valentine’s Day mean? – Frankly speaking, we are not sure that we can answer this question instead of you. The matter is that we don’t know you personally, so we can’t even predict your attitude to this special occasion.

However, in our turn, we would like to tell you that despite the very mysterious holiday origin, millions of men and women do not miss their particular opportunity to be involved into the romantic holiday celebration together with their loved ones and relatives. After all, it is not only a celebration of the first spring flowers, warm-hearty cards and pleasant gifts. This is also a symbolic occasion for showing a little more appreciation, attention, love and passion to those people who are near you.


You have already got the answer to the question “What is the date of Valentine’s Day in 2024?” and know quite well that it will happen on February 14th. However, there are some details, which are really ready to make it not only unique, but warm-hearty as well. For example, not all modern men and women know that the very first valentine cards looked like a piece of art. Talented artists wrote romantic poems on sheets of paper later and then it was possible to buy one and to send it to the beloved partner. Some rich people ordered a small card especially for their part.

In the course of time, in the UK the local businessmen began to publish collections of poems. The residents could choose the best and copy into any valentines they liked. Following the specialists’ points of view, somewhere from this time began the mass production of the so-called valentines on an industrial scale.

Not everybody knows that this special occasion has had an amazing history. Actually, Roman Catholics have already had many people, whom they can call Saint Valentines. Among them there are sixteen men and two women. Well, the amazing this is that last century, in 1969 to be more exact, the well-known patron saint of all lovers from all around the planet was taken away from the ordinary calendar of saint people. Why did they make this decision? – It was done due to dubious historical justification. Well, it is a sad thing. But that it is. Up to the present moment, on February 14, the followers of Roman Catholic church celebrate another special occasion. It is organized in order to commemorate St. Cyril and Methodius. This day was declared by Pope John II, in order to commemorate the well-known European patron saints.


When is Valentine’s Day in 2024, calendar will surely remind you. However, we are almost sure that the assortment of the contemporary shops and malls won’t let you forget about it, even under the condition you would like to do it. On the eve of the holiday they are usually ready to provide you a lot of various things from the cheapest and up to the most expensive ones. Following the shop owners all of them can be presented as a gift for your beloved partners. So, you are always free to buy something special or to create a present at home.

Well, on February 14th you may participate in many different kinds of public events. As a rule, they are organized by various cafes, bars and restaurants, which are always ready to involve as many guests as it is possible.

By the way, have you ever heard that the first valentine cards were created by people with their own hands? – What about following the tradition and trying to make a postcard at home? It may be something simple or huge. It is only up to you to decide. However, we are almost sure that the handmade presents are usually appreciated much more than the usual ones. Why? – The matter is that only they are able to demonstrate the real depth of your feelings. 


Valentine’s Day Facts

As it has been already mentioned above the question “What is the date of Valentine’s Day in 2024?” is not as easy and obvious as it may seem at the first sight. It contains a great amount of the terrific facts, which are hidden from the majority. Today we are going to represent you some of them.

By the way, have you ever heard about the connection of this character and church? – The amazing fact is that up to the present moment the Roman Catholic Church officially considered St. Valentine to be a patron of those men and women, who are suffering from various kinds of mental diseases and nervous disorders. That is the reason why this character is often depicted dressed on the clothes usually typical for priests or bishops. On the icons St. Valentine is treating the young man. There is a belief that a person on the icon is suffering from epilepsy, which existed even in the former times, when people didn’t have any medicines for its treatment. There is a legend that preying on St. Valentine’s grave can cure from epilepsy.

In addition, we would like to mention that the first person, who managed to sell $ 5000 cards in a year was an American lady called Esther Gowland. Today, following to the statistics of the sales number, “valentines” take the confirmed first place. The second position is given to Christmas ones.


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