Do you like biting or giving a hickey to other people? If the question is about you, you should be very careful. You can cripple another person. But you may follow your habit during the holiday. There are many fans of such kiss in the world. They invented a holiday which is celebrated every year on a strict date. When is National Hickey Day in 2020?


The origin of the holiday isn’t known exactly. There is a thought that the holiday is rather young. People celebrate it annually. The observation was provided several times. Nobody can say when the first event took place.

There holiday is thought to the net product. It hasn’t got any relation to public or governmental holidays which are usually provided in the world. Nevertheless, if you pay attention to people who post their photos in the internet, you will admit that the people are of different races. They are from different countries.

The first celebration of the occasion took place in 2015. Fans of the process posted the most interesting photos. The next year more people were involved into the celebration due to the rapid spread of the pictures of the previous event.

Making Hickey

The holiday was invented by people who liked the process and the results of it. Many followers throughout the whole world paid their attention to the date and actively posted it. The history of hickeys can’t be followed from the start. Different nations used to have their own attitude to the love bite.

If you want to be a person who takes part in the process of popularization of the day, just find a corresponding group in the net and sign it. When the time comes, make a love bite to your beloved person and become famous. “What day World Hickey Day in 2020?” The occasion annually takes place on April, 23rd.


What does National Hickey Day mean? The day is a great occasion for fans of the process to show their skills without any embarrassment. They also can post photos and get likes. It is also the day when girls can show their bites even when they aren’t very pleasant. There are many posts in the net where girls and women show awful bites of their cohabitants which torture their women.

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The day is a good occasion to discuss whether love bites are good or bad. Everybody can express their mind as to the problem. Some people think that these bites are very cruel. They can be the reflection of the home violence. There is a great chance to watch the results of such actions and get the answers from doctors about the role of a love bite in the human health. The occasion can be a good chance for an individual to get rid of embarrassment. They can express themselves posting their photos. 

The holiday wasn’t included into the festive holiday. It doesn’t reflect any social aim. It doesn’t seem to be very useful. Nevertheless, it is a chance to feel fun and joy. Try to follow the tradition by posting a photo. If you are too shy, draw a hickey on your neck. When is International Hickey Day 2020? It’s on the 23rd of April.


The word can be met in many dictionaries. There is a definition in a medical vocabulary. It has got the second term “a love bite”. It is used in British English. It is explained as a mark which is similar to a bruise. It can be caused by sucking or strongly kissing. This mark is usually left on the skin. The most frequent places on the human body for making a love bite is arm or neck.

There is a more precise definition concerning sucking and biting. The first term under the skin may cause the blood vessel. A hickey is more often a result of biting. The marks stay at the skin for several days, maximum for 2 weeks. They can get a treatment in accordance to medical recipes. If you made a hickey to your partner, you can treat it with ointments which fasten the recovery and get away swelling and painful marks. Warm compresses also can help in the process of recovery.

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Cambridge dictionary gives a hickey a sexual meaning. The word isn’t considered to be vulgar. The term is accepted in some other spheres. They are used to name devices which names are forgotten. The term is used in the sphere of electricity. The word is used for a device which helps in bending pipes.

The term started being used in the beginning of the 20th century. It was used in the meaning of “a defective mark”. What is the date of National Hickey Day 2020? It’s held on the 23rd of April.


How can people celebrate the occasion? What are the best ways of the observance? The event has got several ideas of its celebration. Every person can make his own list of the ways of observing the dates. The event can be a real annual tradition in every family.

The most interesting and famous way for followers is making a hickey to somebody you love and posting it in the internet. Don’t make great harm to your girlfriend or boyfriend. It is better to make a little mark. Don’t try to make the biggest hickey on your beloved person. Don’t try to compete with somebody else.

How to heal Hickey

If you are a fan of the holiday, find as many groups in the net as you can and participate in the observance. You may initiate your own competition. Propose your friends to make as many love bites as you can.

Schools and other educational establishments where teenagers study should propose some information about love bites. They aren’t to think that it’s a simple entertainment. They should know that these marks can be used as proofs of sexual acts. They can also be treated as the sign of violence.

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Some organizations make their own competitions concerning kisses and love bites. They can be provided in order to entertain visitors. Some prizes can be given too. If you want to celebrate the day, try to find the information in the internet. “When is Hickey Day in 2020, calendar of competitions?” the occasion is held on the 23rd of April.

International Hickey Day Facts

Hickeys aren’t innocent at all, though many people think that they don’t cause harm. Medical practice proves that there’re some bad effects from love bites. You are to listen to parents who try to forbid you making hickeys. There’re some facts about love bites that can attract your attention.

  1. The first research about strong kisses was made in the 19th The observation proved that animal mammals do such marks to each other.
  2. The process is described in Kama Sutra as the jewel.
  3. Time of treatment depends on the physical health. If a bruise treats for 3 days, you’re lucky. If you have 2-week period of treatment, you physical state isn’t very good. Love bites are very harmful to you.
  4. A woman died in 20011 in New Zealand from such kiss.
  5. This sucking can give you the herpes virus.
  6. You can have a scar from such love bite.
  7. A bruise appeared by making capillaries break.
  8. A strong kiss can cause a strike.
  9. If you have iron deficiency, you will have a mark. You should eat red meat and greenery to make the situation better.
  10. A nasty blood clot is usual for hickey’s fans.

If you are want to follow the holiday, think it over very attentively. The harm can be more serious than you expect.


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