Nowadays we are living in the global world of contemporary technologies, having an opportunity to work, to communicate, to read the latest news and even to shop using the modern gadgets. However, have you ever thought whether it is good indeed or, perhaps, bad on the contrary? What about personal relations and talks face to face? Are they still important for men and women or we are able to live quite well without them? By the ways, can you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Friendship Day in 2022?โ€ immediately and without thinking? Unfortunately, as a rule people are not able to do it even after serious thinking.

That is the main reason why we are going to discover this matter in details.


Before answering the question, what day National Friendship Day in 2022 is, we would like to discuss the historical background of this special occasion as it will help to understand the situation properly.

This notable date became available because of the adoption of the appropriate resolution made by the General Assembly of world famous organization called UN. The event happened at the 65th session for about 6 years ago, exactly on 04/27, 2011.

National Friendship Day

The decision simultaneously started a new holiday appearance. The honored the United Nations representatives developed a particular declaration, included some very important ideological basis.

What was the purpose of the UN members, who created this quite important and multifaceted special day? โ€“ Initially we should mention that the holiday is intended to establish a dialogue between communities of different states. This should show mutual understanding and a sense of solidarity. After that, as a consequence, the solemn date should “work” to strengthen friendly ties between people, regardless of the language or any other barriers. And, finally, the third point is that the annual answering the question โ€œWhat is the date of Friendship Day 2022?” is very necessary for reminding to each person on the Earth about his/her current friends and their own relations with them.

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What does National Friendship Day mean? Frankly speaking there is no a simple answer to this question. It is up to you to decide whether it is really important personally for you or not.

However, almost at the very end of the second summer month, the world celebrates this interesting holiday, dedicated to the interaction of people with common interests. What we are talking about? โ€“ About friendship, of course.

The presence and relevance of personal relations in our time suggests that friendship is quite an important phenomenon in the human world. Perhaps that is an explanation why the date of July 30 appeared in 2011 in the particular list of the events socially significant for the world publicity.


Of course, in each country, this holiday is celebrated in accordance with local cultural traditions and preferences. And as a rule, various activities as well as concerts and carnivals are organized. That makes us think that the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Friendship Day 2022?โ€ is really requested and important for the contemporary society.

But, unfortunately, recently this special occasion has fallen at a time when large-scale wars are going on in many parts of the world, violence and mistrust between people are widening. People who previously lived in harmony find themselves in conflict with their neighbors. Men and women, who have no other choice but to live together, find themselves further away from each other.

Whatever the cause of enmity and armed violence is, no matter how powerful the forces are behind them, the human spirit should be much stronger. Our sacred duty is to ensure its triumph for our kidsโ€™ future.

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In these difficult and unpredictable times it is extremely important to stretch one another’s hands in order to prevent conflicts from arising and to lay the long-lasting foundation of a lasting peace.

On the occasion of this event it is usually proposed to forget about various prejudices as to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or boundaries and to develop solidarity. You see, we are a single human family, living on the same planet. And that is the main reason to strive for a real and lasting friendship.


Of course, when is Happy Friendship Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to remind you, but do you know how and why this holiday is celebrated?

Every year on July 30 the great importance is attached to the organizations working with young people. One of the objectives of the holiday is to attract young people to social activities, the main directions of which are the awakening and consolidation in the minds of individuals of tolerance to different cultures and people.

In general this special occasion is a holiday that is very important, even necessary for everyone. Modern society is almost sunk in relationships that are mostly material, in many ways consumeristic. In interpersonal contacts, one can see less and less mutual respect, sincerity, trust, patience with each other. These are the very concepts that constitute the fundamental basis of friendship.

National Friendship Day

In addition we canโ€™t but mention that friends are people with common interests and passions, views on many things. A true friendship needs to be revived, but the certain efforts should be mutual.

All in all July 30 should be spent with friends. It is up to you to decide who to celebrate this day properly. You can go to the movies, theatre or exhibitions. As it is summer and the weather is usually warm and sunny, some people also prefer to organize lunchtime picnics or even crowded and noisy parties with dancing and karaoke.

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Friendship Day Facts

What is friendship and what is it based on? Let’s get acquainted with some amazing facts related to the concept of hearty relations between people.

  • According to the results of sociological research and surveys, the city with the most friendly inhabitants is Australian Sydney;
  • Male and female friendship has serious differences. Representatives of the stronger sex appreciate their mates much, and they are often not ready to change themselves. At the same time guys are always able to forgive their friends almost everything.
  • The most common reasons for the termination of friendly contacts in both sexes are the elementary envy of the life and luck of other people, as well as the selfish goals of one of the members of a friendly union towards another.
  • Scientists have come to the conclusion that the presence of a large amount of friends guarantees better health. If you are a sociable person, it simultaneously means that you are less likely to feel tiredness and fatigue, have a good mood and do not suffer from insomnia at all.
  • In Asian countries, in particular Nepal and India, many men walk the streets holding hands. In Europe, this would be regarded by others as a hint of unconventional orientation, but this stereotype does not work in the East. In that corner of the world there is a tradition, the purpose of which is to demonstrate the warmth of male friendship to the society.
  • People are not the only living beings on Earth who know how to be friends. This ability has been seen in some animals. Scientists conducted an experiment on laboratory rats: they placed one animal in a confined space, and the other was left free as an “observer”. As a result, the second rat desperately tried to help the first one to get out of prison.


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