Almost all of us like spending the summer holidays on the beach swimming, sunbathing, sailing, boating, playing active games or trying to built something really special with the help of the sand. However, can you answer the question “When is National Sandcastle Day in 2022?” immediately? Unfortunately, a great part of contemporary people even have never heard about the existence of this special occasion. And it is really sad and unfair, as the figures on the beach are usually appreciated both by children and by adults.

That is why we have decided to change the situation for better and discover this interesting matter in details.


All in all it is rather difficult to answer the question what day National Sandcastle Day in 2022 is, without mentioning the historic background of this event.

At the very beginning it is necessary to mention that unfortunately, we are not able to tell you much about it, as this special occasion is considered to be relatively young.

National Sandcastle Day

As you can understand, sandcastles have been around us for a long time. Believe you or not, but some specialists even demanded on the figure of thousands years. That has been quite popular leisure activity of children as well as adults. But only recently it has become so famous all over the planet.

The tradition started in 1989. That was the year when the International Sand Sculpture Festival was organized in Harrison. That is the explanation of the second name “Harrisand”. In a short period of time it also became famous in British Columbia as well as in Canada. But being started almost 20 years ago, it continues changing every year. The sizes and the way of these transformations usually depend on the state climate and personal preferences of the locals.


What does National Sandcastle Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide what this date means personally for you. Some people appreciate the idea of doing something interesting together with their children, family members, other relatives or even colleagues from work. It is a kind of team building program, which are considered to be rather popular nowadays.

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But there are some people, who want feel themselves like real Egyptians. The only amazing material, which those ancient men and women had in unlimited quantities, was sand. It combined the properties of solid stone and liquid. Due to this, sand could eliminate emptiness, “turn” them into stone. In addition to high fluidity, sand has ability to transmit pressure (hydrostatic pressure) evenly, in all directions.

In addition, we have to mention that sand acquires another quality of durability – seismic resistance. It is not afraid of earthquakes: shock waves of an earthquake are scattered throughout the volume of the core and die away!


Sometimes only sand, water, some talent, perseverance and skillful hands are enough to create a real masterpiece, which will astonish all the people, who are passing by. Have you ever thought how much time it is necessary for the construction of something really unusual and unique on the beach? – Some contemporary and skillful specialists have answered that this procedure may even take 2 or 3 weeks to be finished completely.

Do you know that in accordance with experts’ points of view, good sand sculptures are obtained from a little contaminated sand with impurities of silt or clay, which help the sand to be stronger? If you are going to take part in the competition, you also need to choose the proper ratio of sand and water. You see, dry sand usually crumbles, and the wet one, on the contrary, does not stick together. That is why the best ratio is 8 parts dry sand and one part water.

Building castles or sculptures use a shovel. However, many craftsmen prefer to take it only for the basement creation. All other parts are created with hands.

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Every year, on the beaches in quite different corners of the planet you can see hundreds of sand sculpture. Frankly speaking, it is unknown whether these creators are able to answer the question “What is the date of Sandcastle Day 2022?” or not, but as a rule they are always ready to take part in various competitions organized by local authorities. By the way, according to the rules of the contests the prepared sculptures should be sprayed with a stabilizing solution for safety, often represented by special glue mixture.


When is Sandcastle Day in 2022, calendar will able to remind you without any problems, but to you know how to celebrate this special occasion in order to remember it than for a long time? Now we are going to help you and to find the best variant to spend August 1.

Frankly speaking, it doesn’t really matter at what corner of the world you are this day, because there is one global custom to organize various  contests of sandcastles building somewhere on the beach or coast. And you can definitely visit one of them. There you are able not only to see and to photo something interesting, but to get new ideas as well as to learn how to make this construction properly and correctly. When you see that the participants are free, then politely ask them to give you some pieces of advice and they will be really happy to do it.

National Sandcastle Day

But creating your masterpiece, please, break all the possible rules. Never stop and always try something new.  Of course, in some cases sand can be very unsteady, it simultaneously means that you should be rather careful dealing with large volumes.

If it is necessary in advance find out all the possible information when there will be tides. Otherwise the huge waves can spoil your mood and destroy the castle. And, of course, be careful with all the tools you use.

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Sandcastle Day Facts

So you have already known the answer to the question “When is International Sandcastle Day in 2022?” but would you like to get some pieces of advice, which will help you to build the most terrific construction of your dreams?

Usually a sand castle is created only on the beach. But if you really want, you can bring sand home and build it, for example, in the bathroom! It sounds really terrific, doesn’t it?

But pay attention to that fact that the sand should be clean, candy wrappers and sticks in it will spoil everything. And, please, do not start building next to the water’s line. Otherwise the castle will be quickly washed off.

Soak the sand and create something like a tiny mountain from it. This will be a basement for your future construction. Pay attention that it should be wider than its “roof”, and it should be pressed tightly.

It will be even more suitable if you are going to create several towers. They can be done by putting wet sand into a small bucket, and then turning it over. But take care, as they shouldn’t destroy the whole structure. According to the experienced people point of view, it is more convenient to flatter the walls of small castles with your hands, but you should take a shovel for the large ones.

In order to decorate the castle, use various shells and pebbles of different size. You can lay sand with the help of carved molds. Patterns on the sand can also be drawn. It will turn out very nicely if you wet the sand and, passing it through a fist (like a cream is squeezed out on a cake), decorate the castle with sophisticated curls.

After the castle is built, look its appearance from different sides. If you do not like something, you can carefully finish it in any way. The sandcastles are often dug with a small moat.


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