If you have a sister, a stepsister or just the best friend you love like your sister, do not forget about the answer to the question “When is National Sister Day in 2017?”, which is annually celebrated on the first August Sunday. And this article will help you keep this event in a perfect way.


Of course, like any other serious question discovering a matter “When is International Sister Day 2017?” needs the historical background explanation. Unfortunately, it has become impossible who was the establisher of this interesting and, of course, very useful notable day, but one of the studies of psychologists showed that the parents of two daughters consider themselves to be the happiest ones in the world. Positive aspects of such parenting are called greater mutual understanding between children and parents, more common games and fewer quarrels between them.

But on the other hand the parents of 4 daughters are considered the unhappiest. And unfortunately, many contemporary parents even of two daughters recognize that the friendship between the sisters remains only their cherished, parental dream.

National Sister Day 2017

All in all psychologists are convinced that a bright, infinite friendship between sisters is simply one of the most widespread myths of public consciousness. In fact, competition is more natural in these relations.


What does National Sister Day mean? Frankly speaking, each person may have his/her own reply. Sometimes we behave like with this beloved family member like the best and the closest friends, but there are the periods, when you both argue and quarrel over every trifle.

In any case the first Sunday in August is a good occasion to do something nice for this lady and the answer to the question “What is the date of Sisters Day in 2017?” is considered to be rather important.

All in all it is your best chance to demonstrate your real appreciation as well as unique bounds that only our sisters can understand properly. Of course, as a rule, all siblings usually have the odd arguments here and there, as the matters can be quite different. But, nevertheless, deep down in our souls we adore these natural connections between us. Think carefully about all your memories and make some interesting plans to create some new ones.  Forget all your misunderstandings, sisters are close souls and the best friends forever.

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In the family each child seeks to remain the most important for the parents. This will be especially acute in the case of the birth of the second sister before the completion of the first sister of the age of narcissism, when the small lady considers herself to be the center of the world and the most wonderful being on the planet. In narcissism, a child only requires a variety of benefits. Until the end of this period, she can’t be glad to take into account the interests and desires of others.


The scientists are sure that sisters can have both a positive and negative impact on our development. A new study suggests that, regardless of whether it is an old age, lonely maturity or rebellious youth, these family members ultimately significantly affect each other’s features of character. That is the answer to the question, what day National Sisters Day in 2017 is, is rather suitable for everybody.

Senior sisters, in particular, serve as original “agents of socialization”, which teach younger siblings on their own example to informal social behavior, for example, interaction with friends.

Moreover, the younger ones are always very receptive to acquiring the bad habits of their older sisters. That is why parents should be rather attentive as to the drinking or smoking.

However, in some cases younger sisters with different interests, when they are playing a dominant role, can also have an impact on their elders.


So you have already known when is Sister Day in 2017, calendar will help you to recollect about the moment you have to congratulate your close family members. But would you like to know how to do it properly?

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Here is our list:

  • Meet your sister. And let her do something unusual. This can be a spontaneous, ordinary or even stupid thing. For example, let her stay in the bathroom for five minutes longer than usual or once again share your laptop. Kiss her joyfully. By the way why not to do all these things always and not only on August 6? Allow the warm attitude to the sister be your good habit.
  • Talk to your sister. Ask her how the day was and propose to watch TV or to listen to music together. As a rule such small things like good conversation and hearty communication play a key role in the relationship.
  • Gather all your sisters together. If you have one or ten of them, it would be a good reason to spend this special occasion in their company. But, please, do not be shy, let your brothers and other family members also join the holiday.
  • Do what pleases everyone. For example, you can organize a bachelorette party or a family picnic in the park. Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide. In any case this day should be remembered.
  • Please note that you don’t have to give gifts. It’s not Christmas, so you do not need to look for something global and special. Just spend a good time with your sister and this will be quite enough. But if you still want to exchange the presents, inform your guests about it in advance.
  • Be kind. You must not hate each other again as soon as the festive Sunday ends. This day should do you good. Remember how you had fun together, and still look back at the past with a smile. This is a tradition for many years.
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National Sister Day

Sister Day Facts

It is rather interesting to mention, that a warm friendship between sisters is able to reduce the risk of depression in adulthood to an absolute minimum. Therefore, at the initial stage it is especially important for parents to reconcile the biological and psychological characteristics of the both sides, creating a favorable balance of relations for the future.

However, if friendship between the sisters is not established, it remains to accept this sad fact and to stay on formally polite relations. You see, this is really better than constantly trying to make friends, exposing one of the children to psychological violence and manipulation. Unfortunately, this behavior often forms a desire to take revenge as well as a sense of hatred.

Your children should be happy.  In fact this is the most important condition for any good relationship and family.

It is girls who often become nannies for younger children, in contrast to older brothers. The appearance of another child is not an excuse to deprive an older kid of her childhood. From this relationship the sisters will not become stronger. The child should help, when she is in corresponding mood, for the sense of importance and at first even in a certain game form.

Of course, it is necessary to involve her in taking care of the youngest child in order to help you, to be together with you and to become one team.

Communication with the younger sister should bring pleasure to the eldest. This is especially important at the beginning. Forcing an older daughter to early adulthood can lead to the fact that she can start to abuse alcohol, cigarettes and look for missing parental love in early sexual relations. And the more convenient role of a younger child can make her keep the infantility for a long time.


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