When is National Fragrance Day in 2020? – It seems like to be a very good question, however, we are almost sure that you can’t answer it properly. The matter is that only a few people are able to do it and almost all of them are representatives of the specific professions. We have found this situation to be an unfair one and that is the reason why we have decided to discover the holiday in details.


Investigating the matter concerning what day World Fragrance Day in 2020 is we would like to tell our followers something amazing about the historical background of this event. We understand it quite well.

However, unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find out any information available about the establishers of this special occasion. And we don’t know for sure why we have to celebrate it on March 21st exactly. In accordance with some specialists’ points of view, initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision.

In the modern psychology, the pioneer of the study of odors was the American psychiatrist A. Hirsch. He found that certain smells cause specific actions and behavior of a person. He started with a simple, but very profitable business. The man distributed a specially designed essence in the retail department stores and found that there is a dramatic increase in the sale of goods compared to the “dust-free” sections.


Then he recruited 3,000 volunteers who were overweight and forced them to lose weight on average by 12.7 kg in six months. It was very simple – as soon as people felt hungry, Hirsch allowed them to eat, but offered to smell a special flavor. The more often the subjects smelled it, the more weight they dumped. Some were losing weight so intensively that they had to be taken out of the experiment.

Hirsch also found that smells affect productivity. With the help of them, he learned to raise or to lower blood pressure, to slow or to accelerate the heartbeat, to entertain, or vice versa – to make a person sad. It was found that some aromas relieve depression in patients and to improve their mood.

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What does National Fragrance Day mean? – To tell you the truth, we can’t answer this question instead of you. Why? – The matter is that it is only up to you to decide what holidays to celebrate and which ones can be quite forgotten.

In the modern world, there are many people, who are able to live without any perfumes on their bodies. However, nobody can stay indifferent when, for example, the gardens are in blossom or when the favorite dish is being cooked. These scents are not usually called fragrances; however, we can’t live without them.

Overall, it is believed that the sense of smell in the modern human’s life plays a much smaller role than, for example, vision or hearing. That is what makes us different from animals for whom smell is the main regulator of both sexual behavior and behavior in general.

Nevertheless, we are all children of nature. Therefore, the fact, that the world of smells in terms of managing our behavior is often underestimated, can be considered like a strange one.

For example, it has already been established that the olfactory impulse reaches the brain much faster than pain. Women, who are brought the other people’s newborns in the hospital, determine the fact by smell. Likewise, newborns who do not see or hear a mother distinguish her from any other person. In what way? – By smell, certainly!


Discussing the question “When is International Fragrance Day 2020?” we would like to demonstrate our readers a great amount of amazing information.

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Unfortunately, very often a human brought up in the European rational traditions does not pay attention to the role of smells in people’s behavior. We know how some flowers and fruits smell. We can also estimate the fragrance of the perfumes of a beloved woman/man, which causes erotic fantasies in us. And, of course, a sharp unpleasant smell makes us disgustingly wrinkle our nose and quickly move away from its source. Usually this is everything we know about fragrances. But in vain.

Because of such childish naïveté, we sometimes do not notice the whole scope of techniques, which is considered to be a means of manipulating our behavior. Behind the screen of this naivety, special studies have long been conducted. Today there are powerful industries, represented by perfumes and cosmetics, tobacco products and beverages. In them, the smell plays a key role, as it is responsible for the formation of the notorious “buying momentum”.

Sometimes the specialists literally design the smells of restaurants, hotels, airports, shopping areas. For what? – In the human brain, the departments that provide the perception of odors are closely related to the zones responsible for the occurrence of emotions. Certain aromas have the ability to evoke specific emotions that are beyond our consciousness. Therefore, using smells to influence people, they hit the weak point of their psyche. Figuratively speaking, the odor is eternally open gates of the soul, which can not be controlled logically. Having learned to open these gates, transnational corporations derive huge profits.



When is Fragrance Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind. The date is fixed, so you can join the celebration every year on March 21st. Of course, this holiday is unofficial one, so you shouldn’t expect any events, organized on a state level.

However, it won’t be a serious problem for people with the perfect imagination level. Devote this day to something special.

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By the way, the recent clinical experiments have showed that the scents of lavender, chamomile, lemon and sandalwood weaken the activity of the brain faster than any depressant. Would you like to check it out on March 21st?  And jasmine, rose, mint and cloves excite cells of our brain more powerful than strong coffee. – Well, this is cool news and you can organize a real tasting on holiday!

Today this discovery is widely used, for example, by Japanese firms. At certain hours through the air-conditioning system, strictly reconciled combinations of aromatic substances are pumped into the service rooms. This allows the bosses to increase employee productivity by 50% and to reduce the number of mistakes by an average of 20%.

All in all, there are many ways to celebrate this holiday. In fact, it is up to you to decide what manner to choose. Some people prefer to stay at home and to make a cup of tea. Others go to the nearest shop for new perfume.

International Fragrance Day Facts

In general, we can’t but mention that the question “What is the date of National Fragrance Day in 2020?” requires a lot of clarifications and explanations.

Now everybody knows that smells are widely exploited not only in business, but also in politics. The fact is that not only the immediate aromas, but also the words about the smell are able to affect the imagination significantly.

Under the influence of words, a person feels a certain odor. Therefore, the language of politicians and journalists is always full of metaphors: “the smell of fried”, “the smell of betrayal”… One of the strongest metaphors is the “smell of blood”.

Letting it out into the mass consciousness, you can easily cause the appropriate mood in society. Using this metaphor, politicians and the military often organize a small bloody performance, sacrificing a certain number of lives to cause psychological shock among citizens.


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