When is International Day of Forests 2020? โ€“ That is a good question, but unfortunately it can be answered properly only by a few people, most part of which are the representatives of some definite professions or occupations. We have found this situation to be an unfair one, as this part of our planet plays a very important role in the process of our convenient and comfortable living. So we have made a decision to investigate the matter in details.


Of course, it would be quite stupid to discover the question concerning what day National Day of Forests in 2020 is without taking into account the historical background of this event. To tell you the truth, this special occasion is considered to be rather young, so you shouldnโ€™t expect to get something from deep past.

The International Holiday of Forests changed its name and status several times. For the first time it was founded by a very influential organization – the European Confederation of Agriculture in 1970.

Nowadays International Forest Festival has been celebrated since 1971. We have a holiday on March 21st. And the date wasnโ€™t chosen occasionally.


It is known quite well that although the European Confederation of Agriculture became its initiator, the official status of the day was confirmed by the UN General Assembly. For the Southern Hemisphere, the date of March 21st coincides with the day of the autumn equinox, and for the Northern Hemisphere it coincides with the day of the vernal equinox.

In addition, we canโ€™t but mention that in the period from 2007 to 2012, the Center for International Forestry Research annually organized the celebration of Forest Day.

Since 2013, the celebration takes place annually. Its goal is to preserve forests and to inform the public about the current state of the problem.


What does National Day of Forests mean? โ€“ Well, it is up to you to decide, whether this holiday is worth to be kept or not. You see, even among the contemporary people there are a lot of those, who have never heard about this date existence, as well as those men and women, who know nothing about the role of trees in comfortable climate creation.

All in all nowadays the main purpose of the celebration is to remind to all the inhabitants of the Earth about the importance of preserving forests and any other green plantations. The establishers are sure that we have to remember about the necessity to use them rationally and reasonably.

In general, this day, most countries around the world organize mass events related to planting trees, various campaigning and information and education campaigns. And this has a very serious significance. After all, forest protection is one of the fundamental postulates of the Earth’s ecology and the guarantee of saving life on the planet.


Discovering the question โ€œWhen is International Day of Forests 2020?โ€ we would like to tell our readers a lot of amazing pieces of information devoted to this direction.

Have you ever thought that one third of the territory of the inhabited land is occupied by forests? This figure is really impressive, isnโ€™t it? The specialists consider forests to be the cradle and breadwinner of most people of the world. They are also called the “lungs of our planets”, a natural water basin, which provides rivers and lakes with fresh water.

Alas, but the area of forest plantations annually significantly decreases. Therefore, the aim of this holiday is to attract the attention of the public and international organizations.

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Our planet is a single organism, in which, like in the human body, there is absolutely nothing superfluous, and each of its elements harmoniously supports and fills with life and with its unique diversity everything around.

According to modern statistics, there are more than 1.6 billion people in the world that directly depend on the healthy state of forests, including about 2 thousand indigenous people and nationalities that inherently linked their way of life, culture and world view with unique wealth forests.

To our deep regret, the dynamics of technological and economic progress of the 20th century negatively affected this invaluable heritage of our humanity. Global deforestation, like powerful hurricanes and catastrophes, began to press and destroy this natural potential. As of the beginning of the 21st century, deforestation continued at an alarming rate and the problem of their conservation reached the international level, demanding the early adoption of urgent measures and effective practical solutions.


When is Day of Forests in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and this is not a serious problem usually. As it has been already mentioned above the special occasion is kept worldwide on March 21st. It simultaneously means that you can join this celebration any year you like or would love to.

Nowadays the date is widely celebrated in most countries of the world, both at the official and at the domestic level. Mass events on March 21st are mainly associated with the planting of new tree plantations on felling areas and areas suitable for the cultivation of new forests. This is an important matter for both official institutions and volunteers from among ordinary citizens on their own initiative.

forest at riverside

On this day, agitation, information and educational activities are greatly intensified. The most typical of them are the following:

  • Various mass media campaigns, created to inform the masses about the state of affairs in the forest sector and the importance of preserving green plantations on the planet. If you want to participate, you may ask any nearest museum or library, they usually have a wide program and a lot of work to do for volunteers.
  • Lectures are given in educational institutions. For students it is usually something more serious, however, the children can find out the important facts about this part of land.
  • Themed articles and programs are published and broadcast in the media.
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Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide how to spend this day in an interesting way. Some people prefer to watch the documentaries or read the materials devoted to this direction, other choose the more active way to make the situation better. You see, if each of us plant at least one tree on March 21st, a holiday can be considered to be held successfully.

International Day of Forests Facts

Such question as โ€œWhat is the date of World Day of Forests in 2020?โ€ needs a lot of clarifications and explanations. However, the amazing pieces of information are in demand either and here is our list.

  • Dendrology is an international science that studies trees;
  • Forests occupy the third part of the land area. It sounds really terrific, doesnโ€™t it?
  • Leonardo da Vinci found that the sum of the thicknesses of all branches of a tree at a certain height is equal to the diameter of the trunk. We have never heard about it. And what about you?
  • The jungle is inhabited with two-thirds of the species of animals and plants of the planet.
  • The tallest tree on Earth is a sequoia, which is in the Redwood National Park in California, USA. Its height is 116 m.
  • The oldest tree is a fir, which is situated in the mountains of Sweden. Its age is 9500 years.
  • The most common deciduous tree in the world is birch.


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