Itoften happens that you’re seeing someone for several weeks, months, and even years… and then suddenly it ends and the person you’ve loved so much turns into the last person you want to bump into. But it is one thing when the relationships are over because it has had its day. Another thing is when one is crying in the pillow dreaming of having it all back.

Anyway, the exes are worth remembering of at least once in a year. Why? Becausetheholidaytellsso! When is National Ex Day in 2020 and how exactly should we celebrate it? Follow the lines.


As for the origin of this interesting observance, there is no even a word on this point. We don’t know who or when came up with the idea of celebrating the ex-much-loved-persons in our life but somehow people are unanimous that this exact date is for thinking of them. And not always in the positive course!

Why do we have to talk about them negatively? Once it was the man/woman you’ve dreamed of for so long. What changed today except for the fact that they’re gone? In fact, every relationship gave you something you recall of with a smile on your face. And even the sickest romantic affairs taught you a valuable lesson. Just try and think! After all, Ex Day is not about complaining and cursing.

Photo of exes


What does National Ex Day mean? It means doing your best at evaluating your previous intimate ties and finding at least one thing you can thank your exes for.

Yes, the former partners are hard to make yourself remember of because of the negative experience you’ve had at breaking up with them. Even the psychologists are sure that there is a special “break up formula” claiming that the initiator of the process feels only the one-third of the sorrow and disappointment while the other two-thirds go for the one who gets dumped. In case you’re still not over through those two-thirds, we’ll throw you some instruction on how to stop torture yourself and move on.

First, let yourself suffer a little. The ex-lover has to be mourned over. No one demands the instant recovery from the person who caught flu so allow yourself to be sick for a while. Lockyourself up in the house with the chocolate cake, sink into the melancholy under the melodious accompaniment of Adele’s songsand weep on your best friend’s shoulder. Toeasethepain, itshouldbeacceptedfirst. Yet there is an important term: after a certain period of time (a short one, usually), Adele’s tracks will be replaced with something more cheerful and the actions will be the substitute for the tears.

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Second, end it once and for all. It seems like you’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s but there are still so many moments that tell about him/her and drive you into the sorrow. Getridofthoseweightswithoutremorse: delete the history in Whatsapp, unfollow them on Instagram and buy the new bedclothes set! And don’t forget to put the contacts on the blacklist. You’re allowed to remember them once in a year after you’ll find out when is International Ex Day 2020.

Then, ask for the help. It doesn’t have to be the psychologist. Spend an evening at the manicure session with your friends, order the pizza and head to the karaoke pub. This therapy is one of the best known to the mankind – tried and tested by the millions!

Besides, beirresistible. There is a grain of truth in the saying “the worse it goes the better a girl looks”. It’s much more pleasant to be sad when your hair is perfectly done, the makeup is flawless and the shoes are new. And, of course, the universal tip – in any situation, go to the gym. Get the dose of the endorphins!

Find the new source of the happiness. It can be making the cakes, braiding the hair or rearranging the furniture in the room. On top of that, it brings more positive emotions when you create the happiness for someone. Beitthebabysitting for your friend, help with the renovation of the flat or carrying the bag with the foodstuff for your old neighbor.

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Finally, revise your goals and plans. When you two were together, there were the commonguidelines and a lot of the compromises. Now, you’re absolutely independent, and the time has come to make changes in your attitude. You’ve long wanted to travel to Iceland but always put it off because of your boyfriend who didn’t acknowledge any other places for the relaxation except for the beaches? Well, now he is you ex-boyfriend andyou’re free to go wherever you want. Get out of the boundaries that held you back and feel the freedom!


Regardless of what day World Ex Day in 2020 falls on, always remember that what’s gone it’s gone. Yet the lesson you got should be kept in your memory for long.

Well, at least the point of getting free of the previous ties’ load is worth saying sincere thanks. Whatelse? Oftentimes, theexesbringalotofgoodvibesinthebeginning. Theyteachustobelieveinourselves, take the responsibilities, eradicate most of our hang-ups and feel beautiful and beloved. Being one of the most influential persons in your life, they can inspire you to be better, live happier and know your strong points. Speaking of beauty, it also happens that once the unremarkable girl turns into the pretty woman after getting in the serious romantic relationships. Our halves, the ex or future ones, really can change out attitude, including that about our appearance. With their support, we lose the weight, improve our body shape, color our hair and try the new makeup trends.

Ex Lovers

The new person in your life means the new interests. He/she might teach you a tad of expertise in the art or Tarantino’s movies or the Labourists’ election program. In a nutshell, they do make you cultivate the taste for life and have an effect on your guidelines. Especially, if you work in the same place. Forexample, you’reasecretary, heisanaccountant. You help him draw up the reports, check the documents; he instead teaches you the basics of accounting. After breaking up, you’re strongly motivated to move on and leave your job for the better onebeating the ex and becoming the main accountant in the other company.

Sometimes, the course of the relationships is not so rosy. The people with the twisted life philosophy are the experts in making their near and dear ones sure that they are no one without them. And only with their help and support, their halves can achieve something. These individuals are so good at making us believe them. Even after they’re gone, this influence fills us with the confidence of not being able to live without them. Yet in a while, the diffidence turns into the thirst for revenge. No, you don’t wish them the worst of the worst. You just want to prove that you can move the mountains on your own. And it turns out that you really can! They are like the springboard that leads right into the life full of independence and happiness.

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What is the date of National Ex Day 2020? It annually occurs on June 12.

And finally, the most prominent point that most of the people are thankful for when it comes to the ex-spouses is children. How can you hate the father/mother of your kids?


The celebration of this holiday can be a bit overwhelming, of course. The active phase of the observance is just sending a text, making a call or leaving the note on their desk. What’s the content? Well, it’s that little thing that you’ve got from the ties you together once had.

International Ex Day Facts

  • The holiday is not so well-known outside the US but it does gain in popularity.

Mark in the calendar, when is Ex Day in 2020, and find the strength to spend this day with dignity.


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