For so many years, the poets, writers, philosopher, and the ordinary people have been trying to describe the term of love. Even the scientists are making the statements based on the researches of the chemical reactions in our body. Yet no dictionary will give you the exact definition of what is this amazing feeling called love, although for many of us it is intuitively obvious. We can talk a lot about it and how it makes us better persons but when it comes to expressing ourselves we shut down.

When is National Crush Day in 2022 and whatโ€™s the point of love? Letโ€™s find it out!


The holiday is just eight years old and came into this world due to the online-blog of the American professional writer whoโ€™s once run several popular restaurants in Washington. Having started the blog as the way to unleash her emotions about the relationships that didnโ€™t work out, this became sort of a book that tells about her life and thoughts.

Once on a usual day of 2009, she just proclaimed it to be National Crush Day. Not being able to support the other bloggersโ€™ activity of hosting the Happy Hour of โ€œitโ€™s Just a Little Crushโ€ theme, she announced the new holiday and got the positive responses from the audience. Since then, the observance lives on, calling upon the people to express their deepest feelings for their crushes, no matter of what nature they are.

Crush Day Note


What does National Crush Day mean? It means taking the courage and saying โ€œI love/like/adore/respect youโ€ to the persons you feel like that about.

Love, or affection, or romantic tingle in your limbs, is a wonderful feeling. It gives us power, will to live, inspiration, and so many other things which our life is based on. The scientific researches show that it makes us healthier. If we fell in romance, the blood pressure in our organism decreases and we are less susceptible to the pain. Theheartgetsstrongerandthemoodisbrighter. The love contributes to our appetite, healthy body, and active thinking ability. It helps improve our memory as the certain hormone is emitted. But if the feeling is unrequited, we sink into the deep depression. The same researchers prove that in that case, the person feels the real pain.

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On top of that, the dose of romance in our life prolongs the number of years weโ€™re condemned to spend on this planet. Well, the experts donโ€™t know the exact reasons for that but it might be because of the mutual careand concern about the health issues and the like. It gives us the protection as we know that the near and dear one provides us with the emotional shield that is able to protect from the many sorrows.Now you have enough reasons for learning when is International Crush Day 2022?

It also makes us happy, obviously. Armed with the butterflies in our stomachs, weโ€™re motivated to achieve our goals and change the attitude for life. The person who fell head over heels for someone gets psychologically balanced. They build the positive relations with the people around them, founded on the mutual understanding, especially with the colleagues, friends, and relatives. Another truly positive point of love is that it preserves our youth! Yes, the love makes us young. Due to the big amounts of endorphins in the organism, it has the best effect on the skin and body overall. We have to remember that it gives so much but takes the most care of itself.


What is love?

It is the care. The Ancient Greeks called this feeling indifferent ways โ€“ the virtue, the affection, the desire. But all these had the common feature which was the care. Also, itisthesympathy. The attraction together with the chemistry creates the connections that allow people to get closer. Without that romantic component, the relations are nothing else but the lust. It is the respect. The mutual respect is one of the most important elements of the true love. You can say that youโ€™ve found yourperson if you saw their strong and weak sides and still adore them.

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It is the responsibility. Be it the parental one or thatbetween two young persons, each bears the load of responsibilities. The knowing of the fact that your partner cares about you and always protects you from behind is pleasing. Butneverimposeyouropiniononthem. The expressing of the care and concern should be unobtrusive,without infringement of the other humanโ€™s freedom. Itistheintimacy. Forthisone, youhavetoknow the person near you very well and build the emotional connection together. During the years, it only strengthens and develops to such extent that two people melt into the whole. Regardless of what day World Crush Day in 2022 falls on, the power of love in our lives is amazing.

The physicist would say that it is the chemistry. In the biological sense, it is a strong neurological condition, like the hunger of the thirst, yet more constant. We claim that the love is blind meaning that we have no control over that feeling. Passion is the temporary desire caused by the sudden emission of the chemicals such as the testosterone and the estrogen. The sympathy is characterized by the set of those chemicals โ€“ pheromones, dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin. Nevertheless, the feeling can be looked at as the mean to survive; as the mechanism which we use unconsciously to create the long-term relationships, mutual protection, and parental support for the children.


The psychotherapist would say that love has lots of the faces. Even the ancient people distinguished several types of the feeling. First, there is the deep, non-sexual bond between the friend and members of a family. It is called โ€œfriendship the loveโ€. It can happen between the soldiers who fought shoulder to shoulder in the bloody battles. Then, there is a more playful affection which is based on thesexual drive and is expressed through the flirt. After that follows the soft family love which has developed for the long period of time and consists of the benevolence, responsibilities, compromises, mutual respect, and understanding. The true love is all of this.

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The philosopher would say that it is the passionate responsibility. There is the blind, one-sided, tragic, constant, unconditional, unselfish love. Even inits best forms, it is the responsibility that we cherish and develop, although it enters our life out of a sudden. Without the responsibility, it is just the passion. Without passion, it is the loyalty.

What is the date of National Crush day 2022? It occurs on February 20.


The celebration is as simple as falling off a log. Just express yourself! Your crush might be the girl or boy from the next door, the new colleague in the office or that delivery boy from the pizzeria โ€“ whoever it is, gear yourself up and say it. Only three words but so important ones. Both way, the load will be taken off and you feel the relief.

Besides, there are always the other, less scary, ways of proclaiming the beautiful feeling โ€“ through the e-mails, texts, notes, and calls. Which is yours?

International Crush Day Facts

  • Although the blog that started the holiday has been abandoned since 2014, the date lives on and gains in the number of the supporters with every year.

Carve a space in your calendar, when is Crush Day in 2022, and find the strength to make the person of your infatuation know about your feelings.


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