The world is full of holidays, dedicated to totally different events, people, and other reasons. Part of the holidays are very serious and commemorate memorable dates for the countryโ€™s history; other holidays commemorate people, who influenced the history and life of the country; there are a lot of other serious holidays to celebrate. But at the same time, there are days, which are really fun and people celebrate them with happiness and get a lot of positive emotions. An example of such holiday is Free Comic Book Day. It is celebrated worldwide and in the further article we would like to tell you, what does this day mean and when is Free Comic Book Day in 2020. It is celebrated on May 4.

The background and what is it all about

Well, the beginning of this holiday was observed in the United states in the beginning of 2000es. It is an interesting fact that the very first holidays was not observed in the US as many people may have thought. There are a lot of other countries, which had this tradition even earlier โ€“ such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. You see that there are thousands of comic book fans all over the world and they really wait for such holiday and celebrate it widely.

Free Comic Book Day 2017

Comic book stores are popular only among the fans of such stories, that is why the celebration of this holiday ay does not evoke interest at another part of people. Also, you could have mentioned that this very holiday is rather young. It doesnโ€™t have some special history and background. It was made just like a part of entertainment program for making comic book stores more popular among the audience of different ages and statuses. It also has not got some special meaning and people shouldnโ€™t put some special sense in it. Many people may not even know that such a holiday exists and sure they are not aware of what day Free Comic Book Day in 2020 is.

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Although this holiday is spent in many countries and is treated like an international one, the dates may be different. The same thing is that totally all countries observe the holiday in the beginning of May annually. But the difference is that part of them do it on first Saturday, the others do it on the second Saturday of the months, and there are even cases when it is observed on the first or second Sunday of the month. But nevertheless, all the fans without any exceptions wait for the holiday and want to have fun together with the rest of the world at the same day.

What is happening throughout the day

So, as you could have guessed, during the day any person can visit a local comic book shop and get free comics. But a person, who would like to take part in such an event must remember that not all the stores take part in the celebrations and before visiting your favorite one or just local one, you should check whether it takes part in this holiday or not and when is Free Comic Book Day 2020 at all. You may not only find this information on the internet but also visit your shop and ask about everything there beforehand.

For many people, who are not fond of comics at all, this event may seem really strange, so as the fact, that it was made as a holiday, even an unofficial one. Nevertheless, those who appreciate it all, are happy to have such a holiday and being noticed with their interest and views.

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There are several reasons, why has this day been made:

  • First of all, we have already mentioned it, it was a kind of an advertisement to attract more customers to such shops. The more people know about it, the more interesting it is all observed, the more people would like to join this community and be its part so as spend money on these books and other interesting things.

Free Comic Book Day

  • The second reason is certainly to thanks, those, who are already comic book fans, to show them, that every such reader is very important to the whole community, that it all works thanks to and for such people, who want these things to be developed. At such events, people may meet new people, make friends, share their opinions and know much new in the surrounding, which share their views and interests.
  • There is also one more reason for the event to be made. People know, what is the date of Free Comic Book Day 2020, and those, who have never taken part in it can know something new for them. Teenagers can come to see, what is it about, people, who have children, can also spend really good time. Such books are very interesting for children of totally different ages, that is why it can become a real good and interesting hobby for them and for the whole family. It is a very important politics because the reality is that many people do not even realize, what does this comic world is and what can they get from there.
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So, you see that it all doesnโ€™t sound silly or unnecessary as it might have seemed from the very beginning. People need such events first of all for entertaining and for making something new for them and their families and broaden their minds. It doesnโ€™t require money or some other expenses, so why not just come and have fun?! If you are not still sure, there is a special site on the Internet, which is very bright and interesting. There all the information about this day is collected and any person can visit it and read everything he wants. There are plenty of articles there, pictures, information on different themes and many many other things. Maybe after reading it and seeing, what is it all about, you will change your mind. So, look up, when is Free Comic Book Day in 2020, calendar will show this information more concrete.


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