Nowadays it is a time when people pay much attention to relation, especially loving ones. From an earlyage, teenagers try to find their couple, with whom they would live for the whole life. Nevertheless, relations are very difficult to build; it is huge work and long process, that is why people change partners, even divorce, etc. And people, who understand all difficulties and importance of love in our lives, try to make others think more about this topic too. And a part of people created a holiday, dedicated to all couples in the world and in this article we would observe it. We will speak about this day and find out, when is National Couples Day in 2020.


So, we moved to the beginning of our speech about the concrete facts about such a holiday. We could guess that very few person still heard about this day and it is reasonable because the holiday is extremely young and has appeared only some time ago. By the presenttime, it has not spread so much that any person would know about its existence that is why in the article further we will try to tell you as much as possible about it. And, certainly, from the very beginning, we should tell about the history of it and its appearance because it is the very basis for the understanding of it all.

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That is why letโ€™s deep a bit into the beginning of the day. It is even hard to say, that some history of the day exists at all because it counts only one year. It means that the festival has been held only once and now it will be the second time. The country, where it all was born, is India, Assam state in particular. The idea of creating such a day came to a local neurosurgeon and seven other people, who later realized this idea true to life. Now they try to promote the holiday as much as possible and attract more people to take part in it and make them know, what day World Couples Day in 2020 is.

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What does National Couples Day mean we will find out in details and explanations in several further paragraphs. Actually, the sense of this holiday is rather transparent and easily understood from the name. But still, there are some things, concerning its origin, which should be discussed too. That is why in a couple of paragraphs we now will try to tell our readers as full information on this point as possible and which was available to find out in different sources. We hope that after this discussion other questions possible will become unnecessary.

That is why, moving closer to the explanation of the meaning of the holiday, we should say that it is very close or even equal to Valentineโ€™s Day, which is worldwide known by every citizen of our planet. Moreover, all generation warmly love this holiday and the creators of Couples day hope that their day will become also loved the same by people of all races, religions, ages, and genders. That is why it is so important for them to spread it all quicker and wider and make people of different countries know, when is International Couples Day 2020 and take part in its celebrations every year further.


A bit earlier we touched upon the topic of the meaning of the holiday, which we are discussing now. But now it is time to define it all more concrete in order to explain everybody, who is willing to know, why do people celebrate it and why it all has been created. There are a lot of interesting facts, which are connected with the holiday, but before discussing them we will make a good and full definition of it all in the following paragraphs, including there the main aspects, which are known by the present time.

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So, we came to the definition of the holiday right now. Couples Day is an international holiday, which has been created only a couple of years ago and is actively developing and spreading throughout the world. The origin country of it is India, in particular, the state of Assam. The history of its people is closely connected with it. The holiday was originated by a local neurosurgeon, who tried to promote the idea of love between people on the example of their own country and people. The sense of the holiday is close to a well-known and widely celebrated Valentineโ€™s Day, that is why a lot of people should understand, what is it all about and can find out then, what is the date of National Couples Day 2020.


As a usual tradition, every holiday has its own traditions. Certainly, holidays like this one discussed, have no some special rules. The organizers tried to create something for the first time, but all the next times the participants are able to create something interesting on their own and make it into a tradition for all of the rest, who donโ€™t know what to do during this day. For example, one of the simplest things to do and mark the importance of love in your couple is to go to the restaurant and have a romantic dinner. In addition, you may try to do millions of other romantic things, which you know or enjoy better.

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What is more, you should know is connected with the history of it all, which really makes sense. The creators of it all wanted others to know more about real love and about what it can be like. It is based on a real story of a reigning dynasty of India and the members of royal family, who struggled for the throne. Wife of one of the successors, when he was caught and got into prison, was arrested too and many awful thingswere done to her. Nevertheless, she struggled there for her husband for the last minute of her life and after her death, she became a kind of a sign of true and pure love and devotion.

International Couples Day Facts

Finally, we have moved to the end of our discussion, which, we hope, was really interesting, informative and useful for you. We tried to include here all possible facts, which were possible to find in various sources, though they are not so many. We hope that with time the holiday celebrations will develop and more people will be aware of it all and take part, creating new history on their own. Also, it is very important to spread this history of the country to many people, as it all rises up our development as humans, who live together on one planet.

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There are one more fact, which we have not still mentioned here, but it is not less important than another thing. We speak about the date when we should celebrate it all. You can try to know, when is Couples Day in 2020, from the calendar, as every year it is planned to be celebrated on March 27, until some changes will be made. The truth is that such things sometimes happen, because from the very beginning of holidayโ€™s creation till it becomes a well-established day, some issues make the organizers change this or that thing in order to make it more comfortable for those, who participate in it all.


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