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When is National Voter Registration Day 2022

As long as we live in the democratic society, it is our duty and our right – to vote. But calculating the numbers of people who get involved in the nationwide process and number of those who abstain from the elections, we see that the last number is overwhelming. To solve the problem, the United States came up with an interesting holiday.

When is National Voter Registration Day in 2022? You’re just about to find out!


The process of the election of the rulers and authorities is known to the mankind since the ancient times.

The holiday itself is not that old; actually, its origin dates back to 2012 when the National Organization of the Secretary of the States introduced the unofficial observance in order to increase the political culture of the population.

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What does National Voter Registration Day mean? It means the direct call upon the conscious citizens to register for the future elections.

In fact, the election is one of the most important elements of the truly democratic society. The establishing of the bodies of state administration and the investment of the public officials happens by the mean of the free expression of popular will. It seems logical that every citizen is ought to take part in the process if they are not indifferent to the country’s history. Yet in the last years, a lot of the countries share the same tendency of the gradual increase of the voters.

What are the reasons for that? Maybe some of them don’t make it to the polling stations in time? Or, probably, they are not in the know about their locations? Well, it’s not that obvious. The real reasons are hiding in the psychology of the people.

First, they think that the situation can’t get any better. It is the opinion of the folks that were deceived quite a lot. They have lived their lives during the different Presidents’ terms, but still, witness that none of them can provide the sufficient living conditions. For that reason, they don’t believeto the candidates and think that no one is able to change the course. Thus, there is no point in making their voice count.

Second, they might be sure that everything has been decided for them and results are long prejudged. The winner is known and the election itself can’t influence on anything. Of course, there wouldn’t be any desire to go to the polling station. Who’d want to waste their time on the issue that is obvious? Besides, the last might be located too far away from the prospective voter’s home.

When is International Voter Registration Day 2022? Not so many people know the date, actually.

Perhaps, they’d give their voice but the favorite delegate withdrew their candidacy. Considering the stubbornness of the person and their reluctance to get familiar with the other candidates’ programs, their voice stays silent. The others are sure that the life does not depend on who would be the President or the Congressmen. Why? Because the economical and the political problems are hiding in the system itself, not in the person who looks after it. Or, because they don’t see the real and charismatic personality that would perfectly fit the image of the “Father of Nation”. Finally, some people think that they are okay whoever the head of the state is. The welfare of a human depends only on their actions. If they are striving for the better, they should create the happiness on their own. No one will help, including the President. In some sense, they are right, aren’t they?

Speaking of the elections in the US, the average percentage of the folks that didn’t make it to the polls is around thirty percents. Starting from the middle of the 20th century, the level crawls up to 68%. What does it mean? Well, putting it simply, more than one-third of the population of the country does not believe that the change of the authorities would entail the changes on the economical and political development. Probably, it will improve the life of the part of the citizens, but no of the grassroots.

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That’s why the American government is so inventive about the way to draw the voters to the polls. It even made legal the voting through the e-mails, just to be okay with getting the voice through the McDonald’s wi-fi. Are these methods effective? Yes and no. There is the effect but quite a modest one.

Regardless of what day World Voter Registration Day in 2022 happens on, it’s still our duty to make our voices heard.


The elections are the essential component of the every country. The grassroots can’t just speak their opinion about the political situation in the country, authorities and the like. So the process of voting is the way to show the trust to the candidate and to perform our civil duty. The elections were created for us to solve that crucial issue. And thanks to the modern electoral system we can really choose the person who’d stand above. The only point is to make the right choice. If there wasn’t the election, we’d live like in the past when the ruler was defined by the voices of the close circle of the colleagues.

register to vote

We live in the society where the voting is one of the fundamentals of the democracy. The election is the procedure of building up the institution of the political power in our country on the higher and lower levels. Whatever the discussion about the purity of the democracy is, if there is no free and fair election, the results of which define the structure of the government, there is no democracy at all.

Nowadays, even the totalitarian and authoritarian regimes imitate the process of voting to provide the legal and democratic elements of the ruler. Is the election’s problem is urgent for the youths? Of course, it is. The communities definitely need to initiate the young public into the significance of making their voices known.

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What is the date of National Voter Registration Day 2022? It occurs the fourth Tuesday of September. For this year, it will be September 22.

Coming to the polls, people give the votes to the whole of the political structure – to the state machinery, its goals and functioning, to the national interests, political leaders and the like. On top of that, the voters are offered to make the choice of who they want to be the in the political institutions which they have to obey. Every citizen has to approach the question of the election consciously and recognizing the level of the responsibility. We can’t think that our voices don’t count. If we want the government to respect the interest of its own population, we should honestly perform the civil duties!


The ways of celebration are rather similar – just register for the upcoming elections. Join the volunteers’ movements that help all interested to register and educate the people around you about the holiday. The bigger the number of those in the know is the higher level of the political culture we get!

Find out when does the next elections come and agitate as many individuals as you can to take part in this vitally important act. And always remember, no matter what the misconceptions are, every vote counts.

International Voter Registration Facts

  • The actual number of the volunteer partaking in the event reaches the mark of ten thousand people.

Carve a space in your calendar, when is Voter Registration Day in 2022, and speak out loud your own political opinion.

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