The huge amount of devices has made human lives simpler. People can communicate, search information and use all benefits of the computerized system. The simplicity of use is nowadays obvious. Nevertheless, it is important not only to get new information but also to serve individual data under control and secret. Lots of harmful programs have been designed during the last two-three decades. The high danger of breaking privacy has led to the necessity to secure personal data. The specialized group has even made a special day to attract the people’s attention to the problem of computer safety. When is International Computer Security Day 2017?


The origin of the occasion is known across the world. The day was initiated on the 30th of November in 1988. The situation could be explained by the rapid increase of the use of computers not only at homes but also in governmental and business organizations. It was also the time when the internet started tightly entering the people’s lives.

The humanity faced real problems. The system suffered greatly from hackers. They brought viruses into the common system. Nowadays the threat stays real for the international computer system. Hackers all over the world try to interfere the working process of many banking and governmental systems.

The rising threat was so obvious in the 80s of the 20th century that the Association for Computer Security tried to involve various developing IT groups into the process of opposition. Time passed and ordinary people also faced computer viruses. The occasion tends to be a serious process of warning people. From the very beginning it was raising awareness to the issues of computer safety.

Computer Security

People had to start protecting their own information. During the next several years different computer organizations observed the occasion only on the working days using the possibility to solve their business issues.

The start of the event was given by the real cyber problem. The existing system faced the “worm”, a so-called program which aim was to isolate and break it. There was no strict program of fighting with the harm which was made by that “Internet worn”. The US governmental organizations were started to fight with the problem. Other international IT groups were also initiated. Later they began working in coordination with each other to fight the problems of hacking the computer systems. If you write “what day National Computer Security Day in 2017?”, you’ll get the information about the 30th of November.

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What does National Computer Security Day mean for the international cyber system? The date carries an important value due its aims. It means that the computer systems all over the world are under control due to the cooperation of many IT groups which act in different countries.

The amount of offenders who try to destroy the whole system is threatening. They try to get data of many governmental and banking systems. The harm is sometimes so great that ordinary people can’t get the needed service. It is obviously difficult to control military systems when there is always a threat of breaking them.

The process of security must include the coordinated work of various groups and organizations. It is necessary to involve specialists from every country of the world. They are to find a common decision and to develop various ways of solving the problem.

Ordinary computer users have to be involved into the issue. They are to understand the seriousness of it. Every user has an access to the internet and can broad any virus throughout the world. People can share files through the internet and get them from their friends. Computers without a certain secure system carry a real danger to other systems. One of the main aims of the event is to attract the people’s attention to the problem and let them know about the ways of security implementation into the common net.

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When is International Computer Security Day 2017? It’s on the 30th of November.


There are several special terms which explain the same meaning. People use the terms “IT” and “cyber” security to explain the same meaning as computer security. It is the means which are used to protect the computerized systems from various “worms” and viruses which lead to a great damage of the system.

The protection is set from the harmful impact of hackers’ actions. They make a great damage to the whole system and separate parts of it. They don’t only get secret and personal information. They also damage software and hardware. Safety systems provide the disruption with these harmful services.

Special security programs control access to the hardware at ordinary homes and various organizations. They protect and control code, data and network access. It serves to hide secret information from the public spread. The methods of IT security are various.

The term is also used in relation to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as two these opportunities carry a certain part of danger in itself. Hackers can interfere the system easily. They can make certain harm to gadgets. Wireless networks need a great part of attention because of the simplicity of the access to the system.

What is the date of World Computer Security Day 2017? The event is always set on the 30th of November.


People are always to be concerned about their hardware and software. They should understand that it is very important to set various programs which may secure their computer. There’s no matter whether it is a local computer in an ordinary house or a network in any organization or company. The problems must be considered in a short period of timeCyber Security

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People should use passwords to access their accounts. Besides, these passwords are to be rather serious. Specialists advise to use only complicated passwords and to change them time by time. It is obligatory for saving information and data.

The event is a good reminder to renew the systems which secure computers. They save them from the harmful interfering of worms and other viruses. Photos and other kinds of data are to be backed up. It should save them from deleting.

It is high time to explain co-workers and colleagues the importance of cyber security. They must know about new strategies of saving data. The best way to follow the occasion in the office is to lead a seminar.

Various organizations propose a number of seminars and online-talks on the topic of the problem. They propose different solutions. Every person or organization can choose the most suitable way of saving the system.

Computer technologies develop rapidly. The day is always should be used to search for new methods to serve data. Careful people usually don’t have any problems with this point. They usually follow general recommendations and their computers are free of viruses and spy programs.

You should find the schedule of seminars in the internet “When is Computer Security Day in 2017, calendar of seminars”.

International Computer Security Day Facts

  1. The most expensive international virus was MyDoom. It made harm to financial groups for almost 40 billion dollars.
  2. The most number of computers damaged by viruses are in China. The amount goes to ¼ of the whole number of computers.
  3. The most targeted internet browser has been Internet Explorer.
  4. A new device isn’t always safe.
  5. If you store your information on a cloud, you should know that it is not very secure.


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