It can be very long and banal, contain well-known positions and tasks. Much has already been said about winter entertainment and leisure, traditions and holidays, planned in the advent calendar, in one’s own experience, in habits, in the family, in society.

Let the to-do list for the winter be short, but relevant every winter daylet it be useful, inspiring, motivating, warming, your personal, as private and comfortable as possible, which makes winter fabulous and decorates the anticipation of spring.

❄️ To give warmth/ love/ comfort to loved ones

❄️ Do good deeds

❄️ Take care of your health/nutrition/sleep/mode of work and rest

❄️ Start/continue physical training

❄️ Smile more

❄️ Find time for yourself

❄️ Read good books

❄️ Watch good movies

❄️ Ask questions/ look for answers

❄️ Appreciate your time

❄️ To be grateful

From our Telegram channel Artlife ready-to-print templates for festive Christmas and New Year’s checklists, for making grocery or shopping lists, letters of wishes, and letters to Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas.

Dream and act!

Prepare for the holidays with pleasure – preparation is part of the holiday!

In order for wishes and dreams to come true faster, it is advisable to place the letter with wishes in a visible and cool place for several days. For example, on the refrigerator 😉

Open the full image in a new tab (right click), save and print.

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