The word “adventus” is translated from Latin as “coming, approaching”. So an advent calendar is a calendar for tracking the countdown to Christmas (traditionally consisting of 24 windows or cards).

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    Examples of tasks for the advent calendar

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The first mentions of the Advent calendar appeared in the first half of the 19th century. This tradition originates from Germany and quickly spread in Europe, and then in the world.

The educational purpose of the advent calendar in German families of that time assumed that the child, before opening the next window, should remember what good and bad he did on that day. In religious families, this rite is connected with daily prayer.

The modern advent calendar has undergone significant transformations in form and content, but fulfills its main purpose – to emphasize the significance and charm of the pre-Christmas period.

Today, the advent calendar is…

✅ preparation plan for Christmas/New Year (also for any event or holiday – birthday, wedding, vacation, vacation, trip)
✅ wonderful and interesting tradition
✅ fun and entertainment
✅ organizer and assistant

Advent calendar…

✨ helps in organizing the holiday
✨ creates a festive mood
✨ gives positive emotions and joy every day
✨ fills the period of waiting for an event or holiday with euphoria and “magic”

Advent calendar can be from…

📝 tasks
💌 wishes
💡 riddles
🎁 mini-gifts
🍬 sweets
🎞 movies to watch or songs for every day

You can buy a ready-made calendar (thematic, branded) or make it yourself. It can be children’s themed and for adults (they often offer cosmetic ones, with decorations, etc.).

Prepare an advent calendar and start the countdown to Christmas or the New Year with excitement and joy.

Examples of tasks for the advent calendar

❄️ Read a book about Christmas
❄️ Bake festive cookies
❄️ A walk in the winter park/city/forest
❄️ Winter photo shoot
❄️ Make a paper snowflake
❄️ Make a list of gratitude for the passing year
❄️ Viewing old photos
❄️ Distribute unnecessary things to the needy
❄️ Decorating a room/apartment/house/yard
❄️ Dream and write a letter to the future
❄️ Make ice decorations for the Christmas tree in the yard
❄️ Make/buy postcards to relatives/friends and send them by mail
❄️ Write a letter to Saint Nicholas/Santa Claus
❄️ Decorate the Christmas tree
❄️ Go ice skating/sledding/skiing
❄️ Prepare mulled wine
❄️ Light candles and listen to fun songs
❄️ Make a snowman
❄️ Play snowballs
❄️ Make a bird feeder
❄️ Watch a New Year’s or Christmas movie
❄️ Wrap gifts
❄️ Make a Christmas tree decoration
❄️ Make a wish card for the coming year
❄️ Visit the Christmas market

Choose and add to this list, fulfill with pleasure and enjoy the anticipation of the holiday! And look for new ideas for inspiration on our Telegram channel – Artlife – create your life 🦋.

Ready-to-print tasks for the advent calendar

Below you will also find links to download these images in high quality.

Download files (high quality)

Advent calendar 6 Download
Advent calendar 5 Download
Advent calendar 4Download
Advent calendar 3Download
Advent calendar 2Download
Advent calendar 1Download
Advent calendar 1-2 Download
Advent calendar 2-2Download

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