The modern world is ready to propose us a great amount of various holidays, which are considered to be unusual, amazing or even a bit strange. For example, are you able to reply the question “When is National Eat A Red Apple Day in 2022?” Frankly speaking, only the representatives of some social groups are. They may be mostly farmers, cooks or confectioners. Why? – The matter is that for them the shade of the fruit is really important.

And for the rest people we would like to investigate the theme in details. You see, this holiday seems to be really interesting.


When is International Eat A Red Apply Day in 2022? That is the question, the proper answer to which needs the close discovering of the historical background.

It’s a pity, but we haven’t been able to find out much about this notable date: neither about its main establishers nor about the reasons to celebrate it on December 1st annually.

The huge apple development in the USA started after the well-known travels of famous Johnny Appleseed. Thanks to his adventures and hard work by 1800 the apple trees had been all over the country. That fact caused the appearance of a great number of commercials, as the locals started to sell, to purchase, to transport and to make various treats from this kind of fruit.

Eating A Red Apple

As it is known well there are many sorts of apples nowadays, but “Ben Davis” is considered to be the most famous one. The secret of its popularity is quite simple indeed. – These apples don’t need special conditions for growing up and storing them. Even those who have rough climate and poor cellars are able to cope. But the taste of these apples is really unforgettable.

“Red Delicious” is another sort, which was appreciated in 1980s especially in Washington. But in the course of time that popularity declined. Now everybody knows that in the American State of Washington the producers of this sort of apples earned 75% of all the region money and even today they occupied 1/3 of the world apple market.

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What does Eat A Red Apple Day mean? This question can be answered only by people themselves. All in all in the modern world there are men and women, who have never heard about this special occasion in general.

The specialists are sure that apples are not only the most affordable, but also extremely useful fruit containing useful fiber, necessary vitamins like A, C, E, K and B, as well as requested for the whole body minerals such as iron, potassium, etc.

Unfortunately, red apple varieties are considered much less useful, as they, unlike sour ones, contain greater quantity of sugar and fewer vitamins. In addition, red apples are advised to exclude from the diet of people suffering from allergies and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In contemporary cooking such apples are used on a par with other varieties of these fruit and are well suited for the preparation of different jams, sweet desserts and summer fruit salads.


So you have already discovered that the answer to the question “What is the date of Eat A Red Apple Day 2022?” sounds like December 1st, however this theme contains a lot of various amazing facts.

Which apples are more useful: green or red? What apple to eat: the red or the green one? Which fruit is more useful? What about the vitamin content?

The contemporary specialists are sure that red items are always much sweeter to taste than the green ones. And that is a scientific fact. – The matter is that the sugar content in the first one is higher than in the last. But green apples contain much more vitamins and  by the way more iron. The doctors are sure that all hints, except the red one, are not able to cause allergies, so if you are especially sensitive to various food allergens, please be careful.

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Apples of green color help the stomach to digest fatty foods. Therefore, by the way, the fat duck and goose, which are usually stuffed for preparation, contain these items.

The acid of green ones prevents the formation of caries.

No red apples are useful for people with diabetes, as well as ladies and guys, who have low stomach acidity.

Scientists say that green food does not allow cancer cells to multiply in the human body.

Hence the conclusion: apples that have green color are much more useful than red apples!


When is Eat A Red Apple Day in 2022, calendar will remind you for any reason. However, unfortunately, some contemporary guys and ladies don’t know how to spend December 1st properly.

All in all there are no any rules to do it. And the first day of winter doesn’t usually dispose to long walking in the open air, does it?

The people, who want to be in trend but do nothing in the same time, just prefer to post the pictures with tag #NationalEatARedAppleDay in their accounts in social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Why not to be involved either?

You can also include this bright fruit into your office menu or put it into your kids’ lunch box.

By the way, in 2022 December 1st will be on Friday, and this simultaneously means that you can bake an apple pie and prepare compote. They will be much appreciated by family, relatives and friends. You can even organize a small but cozy gathering, sit near the fireplace and play various games, including the board ones.

Red Apples

You can also visit any agricultural museum or exhibition devoted to this matter. As a rule, the organizers are able to introduce you a great quantity of various details.

The good idea will be to watch documentaries or read periodic as to this direction. In the contemporary world there is a great amount of them, so you can always choose something special just for yourself.

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World Eat A Red Apple Day Facts

In attempts to discover, what day Eat A Red Apple Day is, we usually want to discover some additional and at the same time really amazing pieces of information as to this matter.

Most people are accustomed to notice mainly the positive side effects of fruits on our body. But do not forget about the negative consequences that can occur when you use these items. Are you surprised? Although the harm of apples is not so great, in comparison with their benefits, we always need to know about unfavorable qualities, don’t we?

Apple diets are widely used due to their ability to burn excess fats in the organism. If you follow this diet for a long time, you should know that the coarse fiber, which is found in large quantities in apples, can cause harm in the form of disrupting the full functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, colitis can also become worse. Those who are sick with a duodenal ulcer and gastritis, too, should not get involved in such diets.

There is an opinion that red apples are less useful than green apples, as they contain fewer vitamins. People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system should preferably exclude them from nutrition.

Harm can be brought to the tooth enamel, so after eating them in food, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with water. The doctors explain this by the fact that fruit acids when interacting with sugar, badly affect the tooth enamel.

Damage, caused by the apple pits, is also known quite well. Cyanic acid, which is contained in the pits of this fruit, is a potent poison for our body. If you still decided to eat apple pits, to replenish iodine in the body, then do not abuse them especially, 5 things will be quite enough for you.


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