When is Accounting Day in 2022? That is the questing, which can be answered only by specialists, who are in this occupation, their friends and relatives. There are some definite professions, which are able to bring people something beautiful, for example, choreographer, artist or actor. There are also those that are considered to be purely practical and used for benefits for society. This category includes doctors, teachers, sellers and seamstresses.

Constant respect is given to people whose specialty is characterized by two simple words “solid and serious”, for example, executives, lawyers and politicians. This group can also involve the accounting profession, the main aim of which is to calculate the numbers and to manipulate them, which is very important for every company or enterprise employee.


Frankly speaking, it is impossible to answer the question “When is International Accounting Day 2022?” without the discovery of the historical background of this event. The date was selected by the experienced specialists, who had tried to find something special in history.

International Accounting Day 2017

It was found out that on November 10, 1494 people published a book under the title “Everything about arithmetic, geometry and proportions”, which became later a real foundation on which the modern accounting theory is built.

In a single mathematical treatise Luca Pacioli was able to introduce the interested audience the basic technological nuances of accounting until the panic disorder of specialists as to bills caught up with the problem of debit with credit discrepancies. He introduced the objectives of the “counters”: the proper receiving of information about the current situation, summing up the results of work for the own checking. In his book, Luke even gave examples of typical cases, appeared from the formation of the financial statements. He also gave the ways of solutions of these problems.

People, who are trying to find the answer to the question what day International Accounting Day in 2022 is, know that such disciplines as accounting, in fact, have existed since the people numeracy mastery. The first instrument was introduced by the usual fingers, not only on the hands, but also on the feet as well. And even at that time the accounting was a deal of some definite people.

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All in all the use of proper accounting appeared in ancient Egypt several thousand years ago. The representatives of the now disappeared civilization invented the method to fix all the documents in the written form. The main papers were introduced by financial materials. In that distant time the accountants were called something like “scribes”. They are considered to be important persons, almost as respected as a carrier of the Imperial vane. All accounts were made on papyrus scrolls, and the process itself was given emergency attention. At conducting accounting the ancient Greeks used special boards treated with plaster. It is necessary to mention that in the Roman Empire the accountant position was also very honorable, so it was usually given to the wealthy people. Also the candidate skills and talents were also taken into account, especially if we remember about that fact that the discipline was taught in special schools.


What does Accounting Day mean? Every year on November 10 experts of one of the accurate specialties celebrate their professional holiday – International Accounting Day. Also we can’t but mention that this holiday has a shorten name Accountant’s Day, meaning it to be an international one, of course. The necessity to introduce the international holiday of this kind was discussed repeatedly, despite the fact that many countries had established a national holiday of all the accountants.

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Sure, the accountant is a very busy person, and the amount of his/her job depends largely on the company’s turnover. Speaking objectively, the accountant is always present at the workplace and is ready to tell for every spent penny, but it is quite a versatile specialist, who is constantly updating the knowledge level in order to avoid fines and failures as well as to increase the company’s profits. In addition, his responsibilities include such seemingly routine work as the calculation of the staff salaries, the maintaining of contacts with the banks, if necessary, he/she can even give legal advice and take on a new employee, and besides everything mentioned above, this person should be a good psychologist.


When is Accounting Day in 2022, calendar will tell you without any problems. However, have you ever heard about some ancient traditions?

First of all it is interesting to mention that the name of this profession, the word “accountant” itself, was invented by the Roman Emperor Maximilian I in 1498.The decree, issued at the order of Crowned person, stated: “We order our chamber clerk, the trusted and diligent scribe, who is writing and controlling the book, to call “an accountant ” beginning from this very moment”. At that time they meant the Innsbruck Court of Auditors and a person called Christopher Steher.

By the way, the word “accountant” can be translated from German like “holding a book”, which in principle describes the essence of the activities of these people.

International Accounting Day

Nowadays this day contemporary men and women prefer to celebrate this holiday at the offices, giving small presents and gifts for their accountants. As a rule, sometimes tea parties can be organized. But you can also congratulate your friends or relatives, who are in this profession.

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International Accounting Day Facts

Fra Luca Bartolomeo De Pacioli, who was mentioned above, was not a creator of something new. Despite of the shown professionalism, in the course of time, it became clear that the scientist didn’t discover something really new and extraordinary.

In other words, the methods described in his writings, were not developed and elaborated by him. – The book called “Everything about arithmetic, geometry and proportion” was only an attempt to systematize all the information available at that time, as well as the society knowledge in mathematics and related disciplines relevant to the figures, as well as manipulation with them. It is known that the book author dedicated his work to the Duke of Urbino.

The time went on and the accounting also developed. In XIII – XIV centuries an important event happened in this area, as the double entry method was invented. It greatly eased the process of expenses and incomes accounting, eliminating the confusion possibilities. The accounting system, thanks to innovation, acquired in addition to a clear structure, a guarantee of truth produced by calculations. Then, in 1 – 2 centuries Luca Pacioli, as you have already known, published mathematical work, laid the cornerstone for the development of an intensive accounting. And nowadays all the contemporary specialists use this knowledge.

So you have already got the answer to the question “What is the date of Accounting Day 2022?”, but we also recommend you to remember that accountant is considered to be a specific profession, like a doctor or a fashion designer, for example. This profession requires many features of character from a person, especially natural talent in a particular area. And without innate abilities and the work will resemble a hard work and the problems in the professional field will be really countless.

Let accountants around the world are engaged only in what they like!


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