Frankly speaking it is quite difficult to answer the question “When is World Turtle Day in 2022?” immediately. Unfortunately, some people don’t even know about its existence, and it is not a good thing for the 21st century. Why? – The matter is that nowadays these creatures need our close attention and urgent protection.

But letโ€™s discover the matter in details and from the very beginning.


On May 23, 2000 according to the initiative of the American Turtle Rescue Society that deals with the preserving the populations of these amphibians in the world, especially in those areas where the turtles live or have an important symbolic value, the planet began to celebrate the unusual holiday – the Day of the Turtle. Before that very moment we havenโ€™t even heard about it.

But the history of the animal is much longer that it may seem from the first sight. According to the specialists’ point of view, perhaps they have survived and now exist thanks to its durable, strong and unique shell that protects them against the elements, predators and allows the animals to hide inside in dangerous situations.

World Turtle Day


What does Turtle Day mean? And why do we need it now? For a long time people believed that it was a turtle that was holding the universe. And that was the reason why ancient men and women associated this animal with the beginning of the world creation. And even to this day the turtle is considered to be a symbol of longevity and wisdom.

Not everybody knows that the water types are able to cut through the waves at a speed of 35 km / h.
When is National Turtle Day in 2022, calendar will tell you without any problems. But we would like to mention that in the contemporary world there are of course a lot of people, who are rather sceptical about this day. The celebration and even the existence of the holiday itself can cause many a laugh or seem completely unnecessary and absurd.

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But nevertheless we shouldn’t forget that every, even the most insignificant part of our nature, is very important for the overall biological background and the microclimate of each separate latitude. Therefore, such a holiday, even it seems ridiculous sometimes, is necessary to draw attention of the contemporary people to the problems which have never been noticed before.


The festival organizers want to attract public attention to the problem of survival of these animals, which are increasingly suffering due to increased world population. The leaders require to enter legally protected status of the coastal areas where turtles lay their eggs.

They are also seeking to companies engaged in construction of roads in the areas of turtle migration. What for? – Because it is necessary to create special underpasses beneath the highways. Perhaps, that is the reason why the answer to the question “When is Worlds Turtle Day 2022?” is considered to be so important.

Unfortunately, hundreds of animals are killed in the nets of fishermen and poachers. Countless amounts of turtles are illegally sold in the pet stores or delivered to exotic Asian restaurants.


On this day people give each other different cards with turtle images. – You can always choose something really special to your own taste. Some people even prefer to create the card by themselves.

In some cities you can visitor even take an active part in carnival processions, wearing the turtle costumes, singing and dancing. For children there are many drawing contests and street theatrical performances. If you remember what day National Turtle Day in 2022 is, you will know for sure the date, when the contemporary restaurants don’t serve dishes with turtle meat.

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And also it is not recommended to use the things made from the shells of these animals.

By the way it is rather interesting to mention that these reptiles are found on all continents except Antarctica. So in fact you can celebrate this special day in any corner of the world whatever you live in. You can even create your special way to think about these creatures. Some people prefer to watch documentary films, to draw or to paint together with children, to visit national parks or city aquariums. As a rule, this holiday can be interesting both for adults and for children.

If the weather is good, you can organize a picnic in the open air near the places where the turtles usually live. If you are lucky enough, you can see one or even some and discover their life in wild nature.

World Turtle Day Facts

Although the turtle is considered to be a symbol of longevity, in fact, its life expectancy is on average from 30 to 180 years. And this factor depends much on the comfortable environment of the turtle’s habitat. It prefers internal peace and security.

Since ancient times, turtle has been considered a symbol of wisdom. Have you ever thought why it is so? – We will explain you. – The matter is that the images on its shell were taken by our ancestors as ancient writings that carried special knowledge.

World Turtle Day

There is also a belief according to which a person, who is keeping the turtle at home, will have a long and healthy life. Belief you or not, but the turtle is sure to bring their owners the improvement and stability, wealth and health, and success in all things.

The figure of the turtle or even its picture is considered a lucky talisman that will protect the owner against all sorts of troubles and misfortunes.

A turtle slow movements, usually described in tales and anecdotes, symbolize the perseverance and resilience. It is an ability to move forward in order to achieve the set goals. It may be slowly, of course, but for sure.

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In India, the turtle, which is hiding in the shell, is a symbol of concentration and meditation.

By the way there is one reason to remember the answer to the question “What is the date of International Turtle Day 2022?” – Have you ever heard that these wonderful, unique beings are of the same age as the dinosaurs. They are also a real prototype of the Universe.

The turtle “house” consists of 60 bones and it is able to form forms the annual rings like trees. Unfortunately, this feature attracts fashionistas and shamans, who want to have a shell in their personal collection and for quite different purposes. The first ones love tortoiseshell combs, jewelry and boxes, the second claim, that the person, who is able to understand the tortoiseshell signs, will discover the owl soul. If we think carefully, we can understand that both reasons sound silly to kill the animals.

It has been already discovered that the largest ancient turtle is called archelon. This was a creature, which lived in the Cretaceous period. It grew up to 5 meters and weighed about 2 tons.

The largest modern turtle is leatherback. It lives in all seas and oceans, with the exception of the coldest ones. The largest leatherback turtle, that was caught by people, weighed 916 kg and had a size of about 3 m. But the average individuals have a body length of 1.5-2 m and weigh about half a ton.

The largest typical tortoise is the Galapagos one. The representatives of this type usually reach 1.8 m in length and weigh more than 400 kg.

The smallest turtle in the world is speckled. Its body length is 8-10 cm.

By the way, to move a snail’s pace is not always meant to be slow as we are accustomed to think.


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