It is always interesting to know, how has this or that holiday originated in this or that country. All of them has its history and background. Many holidays’ celebrations began after very interesting events, which influenced the life of society and history of the world on the whole. It is really interesting and there are such events, about which every citizen must know obligatory. About one of such events, we would like to speak in the following article because it really influenced world history and is worth speaking about.

So, we will speak about the Independence Day in the USA. It is a huge holiday, extremely important for every citizen of the States. Actually, many countries introduced and celebrate such a holiday. And it is great, because, for every country, which became independent some day, such an event is treated greatly and is important for the history. Such events change people’s lives and such days mustn’t be forgotten. So, let’s speak about this holiday and know, when is Independence Day in 2019.

 Independence Day

How and when it became a holiday

Well, it all began about 250 years ago. Actually, this time may seem not so long, but nevertheless. At that time the USA announced their independence from the Congress. From that time thirteen colonies united and created a new empire and were no longer under somebody’s rule. It was the beginning of the life of the new country, which now earner and reached a great level of development in all spheres of life and grew much.

As we all know, what day Independence Day in 2019 is, many people like to visit the country to this day. Actually, the celebration of the holiday has similar traits in other countries. We all associate it with happiness, loud parades and festivals and, certainly, fireworks. Concerning this country, it is all about the same. All the citizens enjoy this holiday very much and celebrate it widely. And it is not only because of an extra day off. An important moment is that all Americans extremely love their country, they are all proud of it and proud to be the resident of such a country. And it is right because this country became very powerful through these years from the beginning of its unification and made a great progress.

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Due to all these reasons, people and the country, on the whole, every its corner, get ready to the celebrations beforehand for a long time. They all want this holiday to be unusual and to remember every of it. Once a year people forget about all their problems and deep into the atmosphere of great loud festivals throughout the country.

Celebrations and customs

So, we have already mentioned, when is Independence Day 2019. As it is celebrated in summer, it gives the country more opportunities for the entertaining programs and having rest. That is why it is usual that all possible performances and other events are held outdoors. At such a day nobody stays at home and every person tries to something outdoors. It is really great to see so many people everywhere, celebrating, dancing, singing and doing everything possible. Practically all the companies and institutions of all the sort do not work at this day. Transport also works on a different schedule.

 Independence Day

Everything, which is possible is decorated – transport, houses, etc. Usually, decorations are made in three main colors – white, red and blue, as you may have guessed. They symbolize the flag of the United States. In big cities different bright and loud festivals are held, where people have great fun. Also, streets are full of concerts of all sorts, food courts and such like things. Also, people enjoy singing patriotic songs at this day, which sound everywhere.

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The end of this day traditionally ends up with a huge firework. It is a really fascinating spectacle, which is worth seeing. Moreover, fireworks are organized not only by the government, but people can buy them and do by themselves. So, the whole day long sounds and colors of all possible fireworks are seen and heard, so it is all is really great. So, what is the date of Independence Day 2019, every person in the country and even abroad must know and remember?

Besides all this, many people with their families prefer to go out of their cities and go somewhere to the country or go on picnics or just spend time somewhere in the fresh air. It is also a god opportunity to have a rest and enjoy their free time and have fun together. All people find their ways do celebrate the holiday, but the main thing is that everybody just has his or her own good time and is not sad during this day. As to the question, when is Independence Day in 2019, calendar will answer it. As a usual, year by year, people celebrate it on July, 4th.


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