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When is Swiss National Day 2022

August 1 is considered the date of establishment of the Swiss Confederation. On this day, all cities will be decorated with flags, the Swiss will be held in the evening through the streets with traditional colored lanterns, and colorful fireworks will light up the sky over the country. In the whole of Switzerland will hold performances with dances, music, and songs, complemented by a solemn performance of the national anthem. Besides, Switzerland celebrates its holiday with already in the 4 official languages of the country: in the German language it is  Bundesfeiertag; in French – Jour de la fête national; in Italian – Giorno Della Festa Nazionale; in Romansh – Di da la fiesta national.

The tradition to celebrate it on the first day of August goes into the distant 1291, when, as legend has it, the Alpine republic was founded. However, not all historians agree with this interpretation. When is Swiss National Day in 2022? Which activities can you join on this day?

Swiss National Day

What is the history of Swiss land?

If there is any area in the world of stability, it is Switzerland – a symbol of prestige, prosperity, the country with the reliable banks, spectacular ski resorts, delicious food and the best watch in the world!

The name is received from Switzerland Schwyz – one of the 3 cantons which together form a confederacy. The base of the Swiss government refers to 1291 when representatives from the cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden met on the shores of Lake Lucerne to conclude a protective union against to the powerful House of Habsburg. Soon other cities and regions joined him in order to maintain their independence. Since 1891, 1 August throughout the country is celebrated the anniversary of the creating of the state.

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According to legend, on the first day of August, a sacred oath (Rütlischwur) of three was given: Urkantonov Schwyz, Uri, and Unterwalden, in which each promised each other to come to the aid in the fight against external enemies. Urkanton Schwyz (Schwyz) gave later the name of the whole country – Switzerland (Schweiz). A Unterwalden is currently divided into 2 “half-cantons” – Obwalden and Nidwalden. The Rütlischwur dated “Year of the Lord (BC – Ed.) In 1291 to the start of the August». By the way, the word “oath” in German is Eid, and the full name of the Alpine republic is the Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft. Thus, the region’s most accurate name sounds like “Swiss Union oath”. However, not all historians share this interpretation. Instead, the contested Bundesbrief value itself is a document, which was sealed by a sacred oath. The fact is that since 1251 by 1386’s many documents formed military alliances with the participation of the different cantons. According to this logic, the most appropriate base year in Switzerland is to be considered in 1315, when Bund zu Brunnen was imprisoned.

According to some historians, the idea to celebrate the national holiday of Switzerland on August 1 was lobbied in 1891 by Bern, which then marked 700 years since its inception.During the 20th century in the minds of the Swiss, the August 1st is strengthened as a national holiday in Switzerland. What day is Swiss National Day in 2022? Every year it’s held in August.

Do I need to work on a national holiday in Switzerland?

The Swiss are hardworking. In addition, oddly enough, for a long time, a national holiday in Switzerland was a working day. Only since 1994, when the Swiss in a referendum in 1993 (and otherwise – in Switzerland, the last word is always for the people) spoke “for”, August 1 officially became a non-working day in the whole of the Alpine republic. So we understood now when is Swiss National Day 2022. Now, let’s look how people celebrate this day.

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How does country celebrate?

Although Switzerland is one country, in each canton there are strong local traditions. Therefore, even the way of celebration on August 1 differs from canton to canton. A common feature is still a lot of flags of Switzerland, the cantons and municipalities in public buildings and in private homes. On the day of the holiday, many people decorate their homes with federal and municipal flags, in most cantons decoration of streets, squares, and public buildings is a legal requirement. Don’t forget what is the date of Swiss National Day 2022!

Swiss National Day

In addition, on August 1 you can often hear the official anthem of Switzerland (Schweizerpsalm), as well as the speech of members of the Federal Council (Swiss government). Incidentally, in the building of Swiss Parliament in Bern on August 1, there is the Day of open doors. In the evening, the wonderful firework can be seen all over Switzerland.

Interesting fact: fireworks in the Rhine in Basel are not held on 1 August and 31 July.

The official part of the feast includes the President’s speech with a solemn speech on the Rütli meadow. In the evening, people usually kindle bonfires. Swiss National Day is the only day of the year when the Rhine Falls near the town of Schaffhausen is illuminated.

In celebration of this Day in the early morning starts and ends with fireworks over the lake of the same name in 22.30. All day visitors and residents can visit concerts, costume parades, solemn speeches of officials, as well as festive lunches and dinners with traditional Swiss dishes. Enjoy folk festivals and fireworks over Lake Lugano and can be in the old town of Ascona, according to the tourist office of the Canton of Ticino.

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In addition, August 1 in honor of the national holiday will be highlighted in the famous Reynfal («Rhine Falls”) in the eastern part of the country, according to Micheloud & Co. A 25-meter waterfall is located in the canton of Schaffhausen, famous buildings preserved late Gothic period.

When is Swiss National Day in 2022, calendar? August 1, 2022, is an official holiday.

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