Many holidays and charities have been established due to the marvelous and brave people who once in their lives managed to survive the worst thing that can ever happen to a human being – the cancer. So the people all around the world already ask and try to find out – when is Terry Fox Day in 2019? Before answering this question people are maybe interested in its history and the history of its name. Well, this day has appeared quite recently in 20th century but has very deep and touchable base.

How did it all begin? First of all, the person who started and established this tradition was sportsman and doer from Canada. He is not so rich in biography and wasn’t born in well-famous family but did become well-known by himself. Terrance Stanley Fox, better known as Terry, was born in Canada in 1958. His mother later became a founder of her son’s establishment and played the main role there until 2011 when she passed away.

Terry Fox Day

Terry loved sport activities especially basketball and this passion was a reason of his desire to create his own school team. However, his teacher had the opposite thought about that – according to his opinion Terry was an excellent distance runner but not the basketball player. In order to respect his teacher, future hero made running across the country but after it had finished he continued playing basketball in school. For the first time he wasn’t the best player because he wasn’t that tall and used to be just a substitute for the team. His desire and passion for this game were huge so Terry dedicated all the summer holidays to improving his skills – he succeeded and manage to play big games as a good player and even won the award in grade twelve.

What day Terry Fox Day in 2019? In Manitoba, the place where the running hero was born in July, this holiday is statutory and is being celebrated and supported on Mondays. In 2019 it is the 5th of August and is a perfect time for running.

Car accident – the birth of the marathon

In the beginning of November in 1976 Terry was driving to his parents and wasn’t lucky enough to avoid the car accident. He was distracted by the construction of the local bridge and got into the back of the small truck driving ahead. After this his car wasn’t able to be driven and was left. Terry got the trauma that later will the main reason of the cancer – his right knee was the only injured thing in that accident. He felt the big pain right before Christmas time but decided to ignore it.

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In March the pain was unbearable so Fox had to visit the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with osteosarcoma, or, easy way to say, the cancer that destroys the bones, and told him the leg must be amputated in order to avoid the infections and cancer increase. The chemotherapy was also necessary treatment. Right after the surgery Terry managed to get artificial leg that was helping and supporting him whilst walking. Even if the amputation is a trauma that doesn’t allow some activities afterwards, he continued playing different sports such as golf and even basketball.

While having the chemotherapy during sixteen months Terry was terrified by the situation at the place he was recovering from the surgery. He saw plenty of people who were hardly trying to survive the cancer but the disease was too strong so he saw many his new friends dying. That was the reason he changed his mind about the life – he had a wish to have the opportunity to help such people. Then he remembered about the idea that was born right before the amputation of his knee.

When is Terry Fox Day 2019 and even any other years people respect the man who found the power to make such achievements. He managed to start the special training program that lasted for more than a year. Terry had a strong wish to dedicate this future running to all the people whith any type of cancers to raise funds for increasing researching and the opportunities to avoid it in medicine by certain therapies.

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Terry Fox Day

Running across Canada – the final stage

After preparing for the marathon for a long time it finally started in spring 1980.  Terry’s first thing to do was putting his right prosthetic appliance in the Atlantic Ocean having strong aspiration to repeat this procedure with it but already in the Pacific Ocean. Also he got two large containers with the water took from Atlantic Ocean. His intention was to keep one of them for remembrance and another should wait until the marathon is over. After finishing the marathon event the water from the container should be poured to the Pacific Ocean.

What is the date of Terry Fox Day 2019? The August 5th will be a big unforgettable symbol of Terry’s marathon in 1980.

The future hero was accompanied by his best friend with whom he won the award after the successful basketball play – Douglas Alward – whose task was to drive the van and cook something to eat for Terry. Even if the marathon wasn’t happily accepted by local people in the town he was running, later on people started giving money – Terry said that at least one dollar would be enough to collect if the whole country united. Despite the fact the famous runner was exhausted he continued running until the first of September when he had to stop because of the intense coughing. But the pain in the chest wasn’t able to stop him and after the small rest he kept running until he felt very bad and his assistant had to drive him to the closest hospital.

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Terry Fox

When is Terry Fox Day in 2019, calendar shows the beginning of the August – the time when the marathon still lasted. Afterwards, the runner made an announcement that the cancer had returned and was quickly spreading to his lungs what caused the constantly coughing. He had to stop his run right after 143 days of crossing Canadian cities. Terry died on June in 1981 after falling into a coma – a month before his 23rd birthday.

Worth to know facts:

  • After the surgery Terry was invited to become a player of wheelchair basketball team. He agreed and was improving his basketball skills to impress the team. They won three national awards at those times together.
  • Isadore Sharp, the person who was able to contact with the famous runner by sending the letter right to the hospital, was the founder of Terry Fox Run event.
  • Terry was impressed by Isadore’s history because his own son had died because of melanoma.
  • Sharp was the person who was supporting Terry from the very beginning of the marathon.
  • Sharp was Terry’s supporter from the initial stage of the marathon.
  • In 2005 there was a biographical book about Terry’s life published by Douglas Coupland.
  • The story of this runner inspired Canadian director to film a movie and release it in 1983 – two years after the runner’s death.


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