In fact, the United Nations proclaimed a good share of the holidays among all of those we celebrate daily. This one is quite old and no less respected.

When is National Human Rights Day in 2022? Follow the lines!


The conception of the people having not only the duties but also the essential rights was born long ago. The first of the rulers that announced the equality of the races and freed the slaves from the pressure was Cyrus the Great. For the next two thousand and five hundred years, a lot of the countries tried to fix the natural freedoms in the legislation.

The World War II evidently demonstrated the need for the universal document on the freedoms of the people. In the 40’s, the 32nd President of the US called upon the community to support four necessary rights. This act gave a serious push to the further development of the worldwide important process. When the society saw the Nazi cruelty, it became obvious that the present regulation was not enough to live on the peaceful planet.

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The first meeting of the UN Commission happened in 1947 headed by the wife of the USA President. Because of the different views of eighteen members on the same issue, it was rather complicated to make up even the draft document. That’s why a bit later, it was decided that only three representatives would prepare the text while the others were to learn it during the second sitting.

Of course, there were many concerns, mainly about the right being brought to the most basic term such as the need for food, shelter, and opportunity to work and excluding the no less crucial ones such as the right to speak the opinion freely and defend the political rights. In a nutshell, the ones that distinguish the human from the animal.

The final version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the offspring of a great many hands and heads. The voting took place at the end of the 40’s adopting one of the most important documents in the life of every man and woman.

The holiday was proclaimed just two years later. So, doing some math, we’ll answer the question – when is International Human Rights Day 2022? – for the 67th time!


What does Human Rights Day mean? It means knowing and defending your inalienable freedoms!

All over the globe, the elections are often falsified; the peaceful protests are driven away; the minorities are deprived of the right to be heard. If we want to stand up for our right to do something, we need to know what this is and how to adhere to it.

What do we need the rights for? Probably, lots of us asked themselves this while learning the basic law classes at school. Usually, the word “right” means the freedom given to someone; the opportunity to act and harness something. It is obliged to be controlled by the government.

There are great numbers of the rights. Traditionally, they are divided into the civil, political, socio-economical, and cultural. It’s quite logical to examine them point by point.

The personal right is necessary for the protection of the man’s life, freedom, and dignity, inviolability of the personality. The life was bestowed on us by our parents and we should be thankful for that. Thus we implement our right to life by the means of the other freedoms, such as that to education, medical aid, and the like.

The political freedoms reflect the relationships between the citizen and the state. One of the main principles here is the right to elect and be elected; to be or not to be the member of the party or organization connected with the politics.

The socio-economical rights are applied to those crucial areas as the economical activity, property, labor. They include the freedom on the entrepreneurship, right to the private property, labor rights and etc. After the graduation, we can choose any profession we like and get the payment for what we do. If this would be the enterprising activity, we’d get the profit. If you’d be employed, then you’d get the salary. Making some savings, you’d be able to buy the apartments and the car that would be enlisted as your own private property that you have the right on.

Regardless of what day Human Rights Day in 2022 occurs on, always know your freedoms and duties.

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What is it – the right of the man?

Some reference books claim that it’s a privilege yet it’s something more important. Every human has the freedoms just because they are a human. And they can’t be taken from anyone at one’s whim. It is called right because it defines who we can be and what we can do and what we can have. They are meant to protect us from those people who’d cause us the damage or pain and to coexist peacefully with the billions of the fellows around.

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The lion’s share of the mankind knows at least the tad about their freedoms, after all. They know that they have the access to food and safe home. They are also aware of the right to payment of the work they do. But there are so many others of them!

When a man is unaware of his freedoms, it is a fertile soil for bringing up the discrimination, intolerance, injustice, and slavery. The official document protecting us from those evils is the UDHR that we’ve mentioned above. In fact, it’s compared to the porch of the Greek temple with the basement, ladders, four pillars, and the pediment.

What is the date of Human Rights Day? It’s set on the tenth day of December.

Well, you see, the problem is that hardly any of us have read the document issued by the UN, the international resolutions about the people’s freedoms or other popular articles written and promoted by the international associations. The history has it that in the countries of the third world, the majority of the locals have not the freedoms but the parody on them.

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Of course, we hear the loud and brave speeches about the poor humans’ conditions in Africa or in the Middle East suffering from the lack of the basic freedom because of the interventions. But at best, those conversations relate to guaranteeing of the political freedoms and the universal voting right. And this is taken by the poor people of Africa and the Middle East as another tool of the westernization. The policy of the double standards – characteristic of the North Atlantic states – poses a critical problem for promoting the UN rights of the humans in the not-Western countries.

Another one on the laundry list of the obstructions that are on the way of the all-embracing adoptions of the freedoms is the liberal and Christian canvas in their essence. Through that point, they are seen as the expansion product of the European lands.

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How can we influence the situation in the world? By celebrating the holiday!

And you should be extremely active in terms of the civil position to bring in the changes. Learn a bit deeper why they are so important and initiate your friends into that issue. You together can even set up the local community for struggling for the better protection of the rights in your neck of the wood. The voice of the youths is always heard!

Speak up for the eradication of the rights’ violation. You’ve noticed that black guy at your school suffering from the mockery from the classmates? Don’t close your eyes. Act! Step up and make a difference. Who else if not you?

Call upon the leaders of your neighborhood, province, and country to support and protect the freedoms of the human. How? Through the Internet. If there’s a burning issue that is thoroughly hushed up, don’t let it be silent. Make it loud in the social networks of your town.

National Human Rights Day Facts

  • Have you ever guessed that the second book, after the Bible, that is most translated in the world is… the UDHR?

Mark in the calendar, when is Human Rights Day in 2022, and appreciate the power that once was given us!


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