When is National Sangria Day in 2022? Before answering this, it is vital to describe the origin of the event. First, the name of a drink (Sangria) comes from the Spanish word โ€œsangreโ€, which means blood. Consequently, this alcohol drink first appeared in Spain.

Nowadays there are lots of people, who visit Spain. Such often visits are paid to this country due to the great food and drinks it offers to the tourists. What is the history of wine called Sangria, which was born in Spain? Around two thousand years ago, Romans visited Spain and were quite sure that water there was dangerous for drinking because of multiple bacteria in it. That is why they decided to disinfect this water with alcohol.

The first alcoholic beverage of this kind was introduced by mixing spices, herbs, water, and wine. It was called blood because of its dark color. The Romans pretty much added into the water anything that was able to smite bacteria. This way we can conclude that spiced wine is a very old tradition, which is enjoyed by people all over the world.

When did the drink come to the US? It happened at the World Fair in 1964, which took place in New York. After this event there appeared National Sangria Day, which became loved by many people. Earlier something similar to the drink was made in France and England.

Sangria Ingredients

Meaning of the holiday

What does Sangria Day mean? People are interested what day Sangria Day in 2022 is. Before talking about specifics, it is necessary to tell what the holiday is about. People try to devote this day to this alcoholic beverage. Actually, it is curious that the holiday is celebrated in winter, though this drink is classically considered to be a summer alcohol drink.

Sangria is wine, into which chopped frit, a bit of sweetener and a little of brandy are normally added. The kind of fruit is decided on by the people, who enjoy this delicious and refreshing drink. It may be citruses, berries, melon, grapes, kiwi, apple, pineapple, mango and anything you can imagine. Honey, sugar, orange juice and various syrups can be used as sweeteners.

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Definition of the holiday

When is International Sangria Day 2022? This year it is December 20th. How to define the holiday, devoted to this alcoholic beverage? It is a holiday, which unites friends and people, who get pleasure from drinking wine, this drink particularly. It is quite an excuse to put off everything that makes you busy and just to relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

Why do people love the holiday despite the fact that alcohol can bring harm to the body? The thing is that red wine is able to stabilize the functioning of our heart due to the antioxidants. Moreover, the heart actually fills up with joy and pleasure when drinking such alcoholic beverage. So, the choice is evident โ€“ let us celebrate the holiday!

Traditions of the holiday

What is the date of Sangria Day? After having answered this question, it is logical to move on to the ways of holding the holiday. They are actually multiple. The way the person is going to celebrate depends on his temper and creativeness. So, what is possible to do on this holiday?

  • Add something unusual to your glass of traditional drink. It may be the fruit you have never tried before or the combination of fruit. The glass will look very attractive and creative, which will help in setting the appropriate mood for the holiday;
  • Host a drink tasting party. The invitations for the event have to be sent beforehand. The best guests for the occasion are relatives and friends. Ask everyone to bring the bottle of this kind of drink, made at home. Then it is possible to organize the tasting. People who attend the party will be able to share the recipes and try implementing them at home later;
  • Organize a white brunch. It is also probable to invite relatives and friends over, who will be able to taste the pleasure drink at the bar, adding the fruit they enjoy most;
  • If you wish to have bubbles in your wine, add some soda drink. It will create a better mood for the rest of the holiday;
  • If the person invited to the party does not enjoy drinking alcohol, he can get pleasure from drinking non-alcoholic beverage, which is made of ginger ale or fruit juice;
  • The fruit added to the wine cocktail can be grated or mashed in order to make the taste of wine more rich.
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The recommendations listed above will definitely help to make the holiday more memorable. But what if the person wishes to try some homemade alcohol? Below there are couple recipes that will be loved by everyone. Enjoy!

  • Sangria named Sauv Blanc Citrus. The ingredients for this drink include one bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, soda, the juice of one orange, one lemon and orange sliced, a quarter of a cup of orange or lemon liqueur, two tablespoons of superfine sugar. Liqueur, wine and sugar have to be first combined. After this, it is necessary to juice an orange into this mix. Sliced orange and lemon go next. The mixture we got has to be left in the fridge for ten hours. When serving, the wine has to be poured into the glass with ice and soda goes on top;
  • Cranberry Sangria. The ingredients needed are: half a cup of Brandy and the same amount of orange juice, one bottle of red wine, one cup of cranberry juice and one cup of cranberries, one cinnamon stick, two cut persimmons and one cut orange. The instruction is extremely simple: all of that has to be combined and left in the fridge for at least three hours or overnight before serving.

ย Sangria

National Sangria Day Facts

When is Sangria Day in 2022 (calendar)? This year it is celebrated on December 20th, which is Wednesday. The information about the traditions should not be enough for curious people. Let us look at some fun facts, connected with this alcoholic beverage:

  • There is a drink invented by a comedian Adam Carolla, which is called Mangria. Such drink consists of three parts of wine, one part of vodka and one part of orange juice;
  • To make Sangria at home it is possible to use any kind of red wine. Though, originally this kind of wine was made with Rioja wine;
  • The white wine can also be used, but the red one remains to be preferable;
  • Alberto Heras was the person who introduced that alcoholic beverage at the World Fair in the USA.
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Some people, when trying to invent interesting recipes, make popsicles from the alcoholic beverage. They surely contain fruit in them. There is also wine fruit salad, which is able to become one of the most favorite dishes for anyone. Minty Sangria can be a refreshing addition to the evening meal. Sangria cupcakes seem to be a great idea too, donโ€™t they?

What about the nutritious value of this drink? It is not harmful regarding diet but may add some extra calories on your waist due to the sugar. However, there is fruit that has a positive influence on health. It means thereโ€™s nothing to worry about. In one glass of this alcoholic beverage, there are approximately 173 calories.

Taking everything into consideration, it is vital to say that National Sangria Day can be celebrated in many ways. It depends on the peopleโ€™s imagination and approach to the holiday. Some of them prefer just to sit quietly with friends and relax at home, while others love noisy parties. The second ones will definitely get the most out of the holiday. Surely, it is a great opportunity to taste a delicious drink and bring something different into this habit.


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