Omelyana winter

January 21 is celebrated according to the national calendar Omelyan’s Winter Day. Another name is Best man’s day. On this day, the weather is often very cold and windy. Because of the weather, in the evening, noisy companies gather at the home of one of their relatives or friends, have fun, tell stories, fables.

On this day, believers remember and pray for Reverend Omelyan – Bishop Kizytskyi. There is little information about the life of the monk, he lived in the 9th century during the reign of Leo the Armenian and was a bishop. The emperor opposed the worship of icons, so Omelyan also fell under his wrath. Omelyan was imprisoned and stripped of his rank, but he did not renounce the teachings of the saints and died in captivity.

Traditions and folk omens on Omelyan Winter’s Day or Godfather’s Day

This date is special for best men. Another tradition of the holiday is that the godfathers come to visit, treat them to delicious dishes, and give goodies to the godchildren. There is a belief: if on this day you treat the godfathers well, then their godchildren will be healthy for the whole year. In return, in addition to treats, the godparents give soap and a towel.

  • If on Omelyana Zimovy there are severe frosts and strong blizzards, then the arrival of spring will be very fast.
  • If today the cloudless evening sky is abundantly covered with stars, then in the near future there will be severe frosts.
  • It is believed that heavy snowfall on this day portends a good harvest and prosperity throughout the year for farmers.
  • There is also such a belief that if on this day the godfathers are generously treated, then the godson will have good health throughout the year and will be protected from the machinations of evil forces.
  • Also on this day, various rites are performed to protect one’s home from evil spirits, while in the evening it is necessary to go around one’s house three times clockwise and read a talisman prayer.
  • And who will get sick in Best man’s day – he will recover quickly.

In general, this is a rather colorful, fun, humorous and original holiday, so the preparation and holding of it should be treated accordingly.

Omelyana winter
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