Every person in our world is an individual and can influence many things, which are happening around him. That is why there are some people, who do some things, which make a huge influence on the lives of others, in the country’s life or even the history of a huge area. There was more such kind of people earlier because there were hundreds of things unexplored and a person could have defined it suddenly, without even preparing to do this. That is why we have holidays nowadays, which are dedicated to some of these people. In this article, we would like to speak about when is Leif Erikson Day in 2019 and what does it mean.

History and background

So, let’s discuss everything one by one. We have mentioned the name – Leif Erikson. This is a person, who was a Scandinavian. That is why he became famous at earlier times. He was a person of that race, who first visited North America. By this action, he changed the history and showed people new edges, which had more limits earlier. It happened more than 1000 years ago and since that time annually people celebrate a holiday in his honor.

Leif Erikson Day

And now its is obviously time to speak about his life path, what he did and what he reached. His life was rather ordinary and the family had nothing special. He was one of four children in his family, when he grew up, he also got married and had one baby. His father and even grandfather were explorers, maybe that is why he followed their footsteps and became an explorer too and wanted to become more successful and do something even more significant and outstanding. That is why unlike his fathers, who explored just Scandinavian countries, wanted to know, what is there further, after the borders, and is there anything else at all.

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So, one day he took his boat and went to search new lands and areas. While traveling he discovered new earth, which was the land, which is now a part of Canada. When he came there, he settled at that place and stayed there to find out, what that place was like. Actually, the journeys, made by this person, awake a lot of questions, because different researchers and various archeological findings tell historians totally different versions on this topic. Some of them say that Erikson found other lands, some say that territory was different and there are a lot of other controversial opinions on that topic. Nevertheless, many people know, what day Leif Erikson Day in 2019 is.

What does the day mean and how do people celebrate it

So, as you could guess, this day is not such a great and widespread holiday in the whole country. That is why there no some special celebrations or events, which are organized at this day or dedicated to this event.

All the offices and organizations work as a usual, their schedule doesn’t change. The same situation is with the transport, which also works due to usual working schedule. Also, there are no parades, festive events or food on the streets and such like things. Actually, there is a usual day with its own ideology.

The only thing is that the country’s president during this day makes a special speech, concerning this particular person. In his speech, he usually pays much attention to the discoveries, to their importance for the country and for the development of the world. That is what Erikson made and that is why he became so famous and was left in the minds of people. Though till nowadays not totally all people remember properly, what is the date of Leif Erikson Day 2019.

As Erikson had his roots from Nordic people, nowadays at this holiday all the people with the same background and the same roots attract the attention of other people, who start to pay interest to their culture, their traditions, and history. The whole nation is observed through the prism of one person, who did a lot for their country and for the world on the whole.

Leif Erikson Day

There are monuments picturing the figure of this person, set in different parts of the country. They are made in different styles and made to remember people and make them not to forget this person and his deeds for the sake of the place, where they live. Many tourists want to see the monument while visiting the country while a trip or their journey.

Also, there is a funny fact. Leif Erikson Day has become one of the main topics in a children’s cartoon “SpongeBob Square Pants”. A whole episode of this funny picture has been dedicated to the celebration of this holidays by those, who live under the sea. Erikson was described as a huge Scandinavian man, associated with a beard and Viking helmet. As a usual, the episode turned out to be very funny and what is more important, informative and instructing for children. If children watch TV and spend a lot of time on it, then let them develop their minds during this time and not to waste it for nothing. Thanks to such programs a lot of modern children know, when is Leif Erikson Day 2019.

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All of all such kind of day are very important for the country and its inhabitants. We all must obligatory know about the country, we live in, about how it all began and developed, what was happening in these lands. Who except us would know it? Knowledge about the past life helps us in moving further, shows us, how people before nowadays survived, we can compare, what do we have and what those people had and many other things. That is why the country must know their so-called heroes. As to the holiday, this year it is celebrated on October 9th, which will go on Monday. But as we have already mentioned, it will not be a day off, but just a usual day.


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